3-Minute Dao Practices for Everyday

May 21st, 2012 by Gabrielle Euteneuer from Tao Motion

A short inner Qigong practice is an effective antidote to stress, anxiety and exhaustion. It can help you to relax, recharge your energy and focus on the essentials – always and everywhere. Having to wait is a friendly invitation to a little practice. (A.Koenig)

Here is a detoxifying one for everyday life:
The first practice will help you in just three minutes to get a clear mind or come to rest:

1.- Recharge your batteries:
Sit down relaxed and close your eyes. Imagine, as you breathe in, every pore of your body opening and absorbing new fresh energy, and when exhaling, it emits consumed energy. Breathe deeply into your belly.

Invest 3 minutes and feel the difference.

The second practice helps to stay centered in our daily challenges:

2.- Warm up your centre:
Sit down relaxed and close your eyes. Cover your navel with your left palm. Make a fist with the other hand and place it on the spine opposite of the navel. Imagine golden light spirals right through your abdomen from your navel to your fist when you breathe out. Relax, when you breathe in. Next time, when you breathe out send the golden light spiraling to your navel and again relax when you breathe in. Do this a few times. Feel the warmth in your tummy and smile down to your navel.

This is a start of a series, which started in May 2012. You will find more under this link:



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