A Day to Remember

Monday, October 21, 2013 by Amanda

Last weekend I attended a local Ted Talk event – TedxChristchurch – and was privileged to hear Matt Mulholland work his magic. With only his voice and a looping machine, he built up some amazing songs in a matter of minutes. It was hilarious to watch and listen – a real top class event.

In actual fact, the whole day was built up from one top class act after another. From the deeply moving and inspirational stories of Daniel Walker, whose mission it is to combat human trafficking around the world, and Verna McFelin who learnt from the deepest darkest period of her life that she was being called to support others who found themselves in the same position as her, with a family member in prison. Jen Turner also shared a little of her short life and the trials in her life that had inspired her to write the songs she shared with us. Slavko Martinvo talked about Propoganda and how he is now defending the lead actor in his movie, Eugene Chang, against the claims that he is a north korean spy. We were lucky enough to have Eugene in the audience. Ellis Emmett shared how he conquered his fear of heights by climbing to the top of mountains that most of us would never even entertain the idea of attempting.

Along the idea of entertaining, there was a great lineup of people who interweaved ideas worth sharing with a barrel of laughs. Dai Henwood started and ended the day with a laugh a minute or should I say a second. Ian Shaw had us laughing through a very serious subject of how the toxins in our environment are affecting our health and our ability to reproduce. Danny Syme wowed us with his acrobatic abilities. Ben Uffindell in his very low key way described how The Civilian came about and the misunderstandings that are out there about the satirical news website he founded and how that has affected his life and wellbeing.

Jessie Hillel needs to stand alone. This 12 year old singer wowed us with her opera, her poise, her beautiful smile and her vibrant energy. Wow, is all I have to say.

The list goes on of talent after talent …

The whole day was perfectly orchestrated with Kathryn Ryan as the MC and a team of volunteers working in the background. Thank you TedxChristchurch for an inspirational and entertaining event.

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