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Jill is an inspitational person with gentle yet abundant energy and has been communicating with Spirit since a young age. Having grown through many traumatic events Jill has the ability to connect with many people from all walks of life. Her sincere ability to accept, nurture and empathise with all, allows those who seek her guidance to relax and form a trusting bond. Her positive and sincerity shines through with all that she chooses to do. Her ability to truly connect with your thoughts and energy allows a deeper journey to unfold.

Business Description

I offer help with inner hurt and trauma release, personally channeled meditation journeys, workshops and courses, channeled clairvoyant readings, self-empowerment through enlightenment. I am priviledged to connect with Spirit, Guides, Animal Guides, Nature Spirit and our Earthly Elementals which walk with each of us along our path.

Past hurt and trauma release – A sharing of techniques and guided exercises allows for help in releasing past trauma and hurts, while enabling you to heal through empowering and building self-worth, true inner acceptance and positive self-growth.

Meditation Journeys – meditation is a gentle, nurturing, soul energy journey which encourages inner peace, self-growth, trust and enlightenment.

Clairvoyant Readings- our Guides are very accurate in bringing guidance forward into your awareness helping to gain clarity around issues affecting your daily life. All information is received through your Guides and any questions are welcomed at the end of the reading.

Energy Healing – encourage balance and emotional well-being through energy healing. This energy transpires through my hands allowing insight into areas of your physical and emotional imbalance. Colour and sound energy may also be encompassed during this session.

Courses and Workshops – I have a passion and vision to offer courses and workshops that are practical, interactive, fun and enlightening allowing all those who are interested to explore their connections with the Universe. I offer Introduction Workshops for those who are interested in connecting with your Guides and becoming aware of the Energy around you. Enlightenment and Self-Growth Journeys which encourage you to learn how to love and accept all life’s lessons and walk confidently in positivity and abundance. And Journey Into The Realms Of The Universe which is an in-depth course connecting, sharing and feeling Energy and hearing Wisdom and Guidance from all the Elementals around us. Meditation journeys included with each session.




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Address Little River
Banks Peninsula 7591
Phone03 325 1343
Mobile027 602 0149

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