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Channelled Mentoring,Teaching Guidance and Inspiration. Dellaina and Almora, of Almora Unlimited, counsel individuals by coaching their spiritual growth with non-invasive, effective techniques. Almora is a channelled consciousness who is now working with unique methods of healing and empowerment through spiritual education.

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Earthquake Update: We want to do what we can to support you over this time, so we have decided to hold a weekly community support evening in Sumner. Please see our website for further details.

Almora is an expanded consciousness who is now working in spirit to assist humanity to realise its potential. He identifies very closely with our Sun, as the subtle solar presence is the most essential aspect of life.

If you are looking to simply receive answers to your questions then this is not for you. Almora is not a psychic, however he has the ability to see things from a much broader perspective which will enable you to fully understand the motivations behind your questions. This will allow you to answer them through your spiritual learning process.

The unique counselling methods we use are entirely non-invasive – the experience assists participants to see the choices which are available to them.

Almora & Dellaina teach that all form of dis-easement can be transformed, and invite individuals to really listen to their intuition in a safe and supportive environment. This experience will empower you to see the choices which are available, and why they are available to you.

Almora Unlimited’s web site contains video and audio clips, transcipts, upcoming events and freuently asked questions. No registration is required.

About Dellaina:

Dellaina hails from a small island off the coast of France (Jersey) and has been in New Zealand since 1994. She grew up in a haunted house in St Helier, and this experience presented her with many questions at a young age. These questions motivated her search for the meaning of life, death and beyond.

Even then she realised that the basic scientific or religious explanations of these experiences were insufficient, and even more questions arose from the answers she received. She realised that something was amiss and so began Dellaina’s quest to find out more.

Early in her travels, Dellaina had a life transforming experience in Egypt in a tomb in 1988 where Almora appeared to her as Neb Het Aat (an Egyptian high priest from his previous incarnation) and her soul showed her a powerful vision of a past incarnation in Egypt, where she had made an agreement to be of service.

This opened her eyes and her life path unfolded before her.

“I had a decsion to make, and I chose a committment to make this my life work.”

Although Dellaina works as a facilitator and therapist using the many modalities that she has to draw from, her main work is now being the channel and co-facilitator for Almora and his sacred work.

Almora’s love and guidance has assisted Dellaina to dedicate her life and works to this cause.




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