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May 6th, 2013 by Grant from Healing Hands Auric/Magnetic Healing

Most would say that health is simply a measure of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness. Healing is thus a term we use when health is improved in some way.

There are many forms of treatment available in the modern arena. Though I would argue that some may be better than others, it is not my aim to promote or discredit other modalities over one another. In reality all may have some benefit depending on the ailment and the consciousness of the individual involved and it is up to each individual to find what works for them. However many feel that the more modern forms of treatment are generally used after something has gone wrong rather than be preventative and focus more on masking physical symptoms rather than attempting to find and solve the underlying cause.

While it is true that there have been great advancements in the last century in many scientific fields such as biochemistry, physiology and pathology, they have mostly been used to explain illness in physical terms. Under the traditional framework, even attempts to understand thought and emotion have focussed on the physical properties of cells, signalling molecules and electrical conductance. Likewise searches for cures of many problems including cancers and genetic diseases have in the Western world focussed on this physical approach seemingly ignoring all others. Disease in these cases is attributed to an outside cause such as being exposed to a certain virus, bacteria or electromagnetic radiation, ignoring the fact that any outlying data (usually considered insignificant because it does not fit the general trend), show that this is not entirely true. Examples include prostitutes in Africa not developing AIDS despite continually being exposed to the HIV virus, large numbers of people not getting food poisoning despite being exposed to pathological strains of E.coli, people not developing skin cancer despite being out in the sun for long periods every day etc. If you were to look at the raw statistical data into the causes of various diseases there is virtually always an outlying statistic and if totalled together they would highlight the need to question the generally accepted idea that diseases are caused by physical means. As we shall see later, the trend for thinking purely physically thankfully is changing.

It may surprise many that ‘incurable’ diseases such as cancer have in fact been successfully treated for hundreds of years. This is especially the case in the East with the use of Ba Gua, Chi Gung, Tai Chi, Yoga and various forms of meditation that do not just work on the physical but also on the emotional, mental and/or spiritual levels. For example, it is not uncommon for a Chinese male following the diagnosis of prostate cancer, to be prescribed and then cured with the use of the ‘Dragon & Tiger’ form of Chi Gung exercises.

If these modalities are so successful, why aren’t they used in a similar way in the West? Many will point to the influence of various corporations & drug companies. But is this really the only answer? Much can be learned by understanding how science started and it’s impact on Western thinking. After experimentation provided repeatably verifiable evidence for physical laws, people have tended to trust more what can be proven than not. The metaphysical & spiritual thus were initially shunned by science due to lack of evidence and were left to religion to explain – this trend has continued ever since. In stark contrast, Eastern understanding came from observation of nature and of the inner self through mediation, rather than breaking things down into parts for observation and experimentation. As a result Eastern views of existence have always included that outside of the physical. This is probably why Eastern arts such as Yoga and Tai Chi are often not fully understood or are ‘dumbed down’ in the West such that their true benefits are not achieved.

Fortunately, not only are Eastern arts and other esoteric teachings becoming more accessible and acceptable but more recent scientific research has allowed greater understanding that is bridging the gap and is showing that what once was thought incurable can in fact be cured. So lets have a brief look at recent scientific research and together with spiritual teachings (from traditions such as Taoism, Vedic scriptures, Jewish Kabbalah, Gnostic circles to name but a few) attempt to put together a model of health and healing that does not ignore the non-physical.

Quantum mechanics, the form of science that attempts to find out what makes up the particles found in atoms (protons, neutrons and electrons) was the main subject that started to draw comparisons to ancient tenets. Experiments involving the break down of atom components into smaller particles called quarks, showed that a different type of quark and no other type of quark (even ones found earlier) would be found each time the scientists looked for the possibility of others. Likewise when the scientists looked for the existence of energy rather than a particle in the same experiment no quark is found only light in the form of photons. In other words atomic structures are made of light energy that appear to the practitioner in whichever form they are looking for. These and further experiments pointed out that human consciousness had such an impact on the outcome of experiments that particles are only deemed to exists because of it. Even Einstein was quoted to say that he didn’t know if the moon existed if he was not looking at it! Others noticed the fact that if consciousness creates matter then the mind must exist outside of the physical body which is precisely what spiritual teachings indicate – the mind being part of the spirit on the mental plane of existence with the physical brain merely being a receiver of thought.

The observation that particles and therefore everything in physical existence is made from light is key here. When we use the term ‘light’ we are not talking necessarily about the light we can see but any part of the vibrational energies composing the electromagnetic spectrum that could potentially be used to create matter – we could use the term ‘cosmic energy’, ‘vibrational energy’ or even ‘sound energy’ depending on the perspective from which the practitioner examines/views it but lets stick to light energy for the moment. Scientists using post-quantum physics, such as implosion physics have shown that light twists in on itself to form particles. It appears that this light bends in on itself according to the ratio of a specific number called the golden mean (1.618 to 3 decimal places) in ‘sacred geometry’, an esoteric teaching of ancient Egypt. Mathematicians will note that the Fibonacci sequence progresses towards the golden mean if we divide two successive numbers. Fibonacci spirals and golden mean ratios can be found everywhere in nature including the shape of a tornado, shape of a sea shell and even the shape of the human body.

If the golden mean can be found in physical existence, what about the non-physical? The Heart Tuner, a device developed by the Heart Coherence Team which measures coherence between heart beats (ECG) and brainwaves (EEG), is the first known device that is able to measure the frequencies given off by various emotions. It was found that in patients experiencing love, the frequency of brainwaves and heart impulses beat at the same phase and pace and connected by the golden mean! Conversely other emotions did not have heart and brain synchronisation and lacked any connection with the golden mean – the feeling with the least connection being hate. This is by no means the only experimentation to connect love with the golden mean but it has convinced prominent researchers of post-quantum physics that love is the force that pulls light in at a ratio of the golden mean to create particles and hence all physical matter. In a nutshell, love creates and maintains the physical world using light as it’s building blocks.

If love is related to the golden mean it can be seen that maintaining thoughts and feelings other than love, especially hate, bring the body further away from this golden mean making it harder for the physical matter of the body to continue to exist. It is the opinion of many prominent researchers at this time that the various viruses, bacteria, electromagnetic frequencies and so on, usually attributed to be the cause of disease really are just taking advantage of the fact that the body is already degenerating and are merely accelerating the process! The fact that people most often get better after taking certain medications for example, despite such evidence being heavily swayed by large corporations, is not evidence enough to negate this theory. Yet again you can find outlying statistics that are often ignored which paint another picture. Other points include the fact that people often get better with placebo drugs and of course without medication at all, even for the supposedly incurable conditions. The key point that needs to be considered here is the fact that thoughts literally make physical matter – if you truly believe drugs, surgery, physical techniques, alternate diet etc will make you better, then the quantum mechanical effect will occur making you better. Unfortunately research typically ignores the mental/emotional state of patients that would elicit this truth in favour of highlighting a product or service.

The love/golden mean relationship however, ties in very nicely with other Western research in recent decades such as those investigating the cure of various cancers with the use of meditation that teaches you to just be, rather than allowing the wandering mind to create negative thoughts and emotions. Likewise Russian researchers have been able to cure genetic diseases with frequencies of energy related to the golden mean directed at patients. We also now have the basis for understanding Eastern practices such as Ba Gua and Tai Chi that are like meditation with the added involvement of encouraging the movement of bodily fluids to work on the physical plane as well as light energy (usually termed as prana, chi or ki in these systems) on the metaphysical planes to maintain the make-up of the body.

We can see now why the expression of love has been the main teaching found in all religions. Virtually all spiritual masters point out that the reason for disease (as well as all other problems in the world, but that’s a discussion for another time) is a lack of compassion in the world. Maybe now there is a scientific basis for explaining this that people will start to truly understand what they are on about.

Many at this point will ask questions such as, “I already love myself, how come I still have problems?”, “Do I have to express love, be love, be loved or all of these?”, “how do I love a physical/emotional/mental part of myself that I really don’t like?”, “how can I practice love if others have different ideas?” and “If I try to love something that I/others consider ‘bad’ is that wrong?”. There are many questions like these and to truly understand all the answers is beyond the scope of this article because many have different levels of understanding of the spiritual subjects and about themselves. However, I will try to point out some of the main esoteric/spiritual teachings in terms of healing.

The first point you need to understand that as well as your own consciousness dictating physical reality, other consciousnesses from other people and creatures etc are intertwined with and dictating your reality – some may largely have the same thoughts and feelings whereas others may want to go in a completely different direction! This is called ‘collective consciousness’ because everyone has an input into reality. You may well say, well what’s the point if so many people out there are being negative? Firstly by getting large groups of people to have a similar idea at the same time you can greatly influence others and the world around you in a positive way. There are some very interesting experiments that you can read about where for example, a noticeable drop in crime rates was observed for a period shortly after a large group of people sent love to a specific city, or groups of people sending love into lakes and a drop in the pungent smell, bacteria and algae levels being observed the next few weeks. Most importantly with regards your own health you must remember that you do have input to change your reality and though it may have only a minor effect globally, it has a greater effect on your immediate surroundings and especially so on yourself as these are under closer control by your own consciousness.

One of the spiritual laws that has gained a lot of recognition in recent years is the ‘Law of Attraction’ which is related to the quantum mechanical laws and states that whatever you think, feel or act attracts more of the same. This explains why it is so easy for healthy people to stay that way and those with health problems to get worse because people usually think and feel about how they are now rather than what they want to be. This is a great hurdle for many to get over and because our consciousness resides in the physical world and that the energy of the physical is very slow to change, it can take a great deal of time and effort for people to reverse their thinking and another period of time whilst maintaining this new way of thinking for things to alter for the better.

Channelled beings such as Bashar point out another way of thinking about reality. They state that from a higher level of understanding there are an infinite number of dimensions. Please note that the usual way most people use the term ‘dimension’ such as the 3rd dimension, 4th dimension etc really mean a set of dimensions that are closely related in energetic terms which are sometimes called ‘planes’ of existence to avoid confusion. Thus from a spiritual perspective at the time of writing, our consciousness exists in the 3rd plane of existence or if you like, the 3rd set of dimensions (though those in the know will understand that we are moving toward the 5th plane of existence!). From this viewpoint, nothing actually changes in each dimension which can be viewed as a holographic still image if you like. What we perceive as life in time and space is actually our consciousness moving through each holographic still in succession and the direction we move through the infinite numbers of stills is dictated by our vibratory rate of our thoughts and emotions. Therefore if we resonate with our thoughts and feelings the frequency of love we will move towards the dimensions closest to us where we are closer to love and thus health according to the law of attraction.

Spiritual/esoteric teachings agree with what science is now discovering in that a bodily ailment is caused by that part of the body having an impeded ability to receive light. They state that to eradicate disease completely we should love all of ourselves – unconditional love. That is, every single aspect of ourselves, our entire physical, emotional, mental and spiritual sides. Each of these levels of ourselves has a corresponding body so as well as a physical body we also have an emotional/astral body, mental body and so on which are superimposed over the physical body. It is the energy from these that are involved in forming the aura, or electromagnetic field of the body in scientific terms.

What esoteric sources are saying is that the greatest cause of disease and suffering to humanity is our denial, ignorance and/or suppression of (and so lack of love for) the Will. They teach that spirit is the source of light & all possibilities and that the Will is the magnetic polarity of spirit which, inspired by the spirit, draws light towards itself to manifest the physical, emotional and mental bodies as well as life experiences. The Will can thus be described as the desire of spirit and that desire expresses itself through feelings. These same sources state that many of the major religions had misrepresented the Will, judging that some desires are evil and so the Will must be at fault and be repressed. In doing so they caused further disease and suffering for humanity because of loving conditionally rather than unconditionally. Spiritual/esoteric sources state that it is not the Will but ignorance of the Will that allows disease and bad deeds to be.

It is taught that when the Will is not expressed the emotions are held inside our emotional body trapping the energy associated with it. As more and more feelings get stuck from not being expressed, the energy gets denser and the emotional body eventually cannot hold onto any more. Further energy from repressed feelings thus starts to build up in the physical body restricting physical functions (which people often experience as muscle tension, restricted joint movement and the various symptoms of illness for example), and when it cannot hold onto any more of this energy the body tries to act out this charge to release it (such as the odd movements and sounds some mental patients demonstrate) and/or the physical structure of the body degrades. Of course, stuck energy can build up for other reasons such as through direct injury of the physical body, but spiritual sources state that denial of the Will/emotions is currently by far the greatest cause. You can think of these energy build-ups like dams stopping the flow of light energy necessary to maintain the structures of the body.

It is this densely trapped energy (whether related to denial of the Will/emotions or otherwise) that may be removed with the Auric/Magnetic healing I perform, by working on the physical and emotional bodies via the aura/electromagnetic field (I can help with removal of trapped energy at the spiritual and mental levels also). The practices of acupuncture, Reiki, Ba Gua and Chi Gung to name but a few examples, all try to clear these blockages and improve the flow of light energy through the energy channels of the body (known by many names – the most well known being meridians). In comparison to auric/magnetic healing, in the main they don’t aim to pull out the densely trapped energy directly but rather clear the blockage by getting the energy to move. In all these practices, as the energy starts to move again, any excess energy is often released from the body being expressed as emotions and physical expressions such as jerking movements, pain, heat, cold, tingling and so on. Often an area of the body lacking light energy previous to a treatment has not been able to express illness and as it starts to receive it again, symptoms start to occur as that area heals. This is why in some cases things appear to get worse before they get better.

As a side note, more accepted physical therapies such as massage and osteopathy by comparison work more on the physical manifestations created by the trapped energies. They can give great relief to symptoms experienced from tight muscles and out of place joint alignments for example, as of course these techniques move physically trapped energy. Because they do not directly work on shifting any underlying energy blockages you could argue that symptoms are more likely to return again and indeed often they do, but there are other points to consider here. Firstly the great change in thoughts and feelings after being treated, especially when symptoms such as pain are reduced, means that patients are more positive and accepting of their bodies again. Thus they also obtain healing through the quantum mechanical/spiritual pathways discussed above anyway, whether they realise this or not. Secondly many still do not believe that spiritual/esoteric types of healing work and even if the healer has done good work on the patient, the quantum mechanical effect of their non-belief can be enough to completely undo what has been achieved (and often such patients will exclaim “See, I told you it was a bunch of mumbo jumbo!”). It is for this reason that I continue to practice as an osteopath on separate days as I can help more people this way. It is stressed again that you manifest what you think and feel and this is what I meant earlier when I said that all forms of treatment may have some benefit depending on the consciousness of the individual involved. Even surgery, as barbaric as it seems, can be beneficial if you were unaware of manifesting a cancer or accident that caused significant damage for example. After all I don’t know of anyone spiritually advanced enough yet to create a new bone or dissolve cancer within hours or minutes, do you? Spiritual texts say that if we learn to balance our Will, we will be able to do such things and more. Until then I am very grateful for surgery as it put my collar bone back together after being smashed into 5 pieces!

What the spiritual/esoteric teachings stress is that we cannot continue to deny and suppress our Will Though we may think we have more or less ’emotional baggage’ than others we are told that we all have much to clear and much to do to bring the use of Will back into balance with the spirit that supplies it. When this is achieved much higher levels of health than what we currently reach are said to occur.

We are told denial of Will is held in place with judgements and emotional control. It may sound simple to release judgements and the pent up energy surrounding them but societal conditioning has made this very difficult indeed. It is not advised to forgive yourself for the behaviour from this denial, rather they say to accept the behaviour and forgive yourself for not having accepted it before as part of you and your learning experience. If you don’t understand and accept your experiences, you judge them. Each time the judgement is repeated the emotional energy around it intensifies and if not released, builds up in the body causing ailments as already discussed. If for example you had a near drowning incident when you encountered water for the first time and judged that “water is frightening”, each time you encounter water afterwards with that same judgement you experience more of that frightening emotion. The actual truth to realise in this example is: “I almost drowned once. I was scared at the time and I have not yet released the fear I experienced.”

Judgements can be personal such as “I am not management material”, “You need luck to be rich” and “spiders are scary” and due to societal ideas & beliefs such as “It’s likely I will get breast cancer as my mother has it”, “I like foods with saturated fat in them but they are bad for me” or “I have to wear that uncomfortable skirt to fit in at work”. As you can start to appreciate, we live in a world full of judgement with negative emotions attached to them.

Looking back on your life at different situations and how you perceived them can highlight many judgements but how do you stop making new ones? Spiritual texts say to listen to your feelings as they will tell you when you are making a judgement. By looking at each one in turn and at those made in the past, learn to understand and accept the experience to release that judgement. In the case of the near drowning incident, realising that though the situation was fearful, you don’t need to express fear every time you are near water. You can also learn to swim in shallow calm water and progress further and further into deeper water before going into the sea again, if you cannot completely free your judgement and feelings in one go. It is also recommended to say out loud something that indicates that you no longer wish to associate with that belief such as “I forgive myself for believing….” or “I no longer judge ….”.

In addition, releasing emotions built up from years of judgement is also necessary. It is hard to release them in many cases due to years of built-up non-acceptance of them. Spiritual teachings say that you need to have unconditional acceptance of their expression and that if you fear upon hearing this that you would do harm to others, then you have very seriously denied your Will and should find a safe place away from others to discharge feelings such as rage. They state that you cannot force calmness as this again would be suppressing emotion. Calmness comes from the release of the rage. Once you reach a level of calmness around others then you can start to release harmlessly rather than feeling like you need to control violence. Once everything that needs to be cleared has done so, continuing to express feelings as they come up is then key to maintaining the free flow of light energy such that the body is maintained in a perfect state of health.

Some may think that I am doing myself out of a job writing this but I guess that those truly wanting to help others heal should be trying to do this! For the moment though there will be many people who cannot grasp what I have written, find hard to apply to their lives or would rather seek the help of a practitioner than do things on their own. It is for these people to whom I offer my services. I can help mainly by aiding clearing of the blocked energy in your body. I can give some help in trying to identify the root causes by identifying where the blockages are but it is up to you to listen to yourself and learn to feel what is right for you. It must be understood that sometimes it may not make sense why there is trapped energy in a certain location and what it means, because often we are not very good at listening to our own bodies. Also our reasoning mind cannot interpret the same information as emotions can, so can mislead us from the true cause. I had the very same happen to me when it was declared that I had stuck energy in my liver and that I was very angry inside. I thought “Me, angry? I’m one of the calmest people I know. I never get angry!” It wasn’t until a year later after learning to feel my emotions and notice when they occur that I realised, ok, I was quietly angry at governments and the state of the world and was not expressing it!

The information I have presented here is merely a summary to help put things into context such that greater understanding about health and your own ability to change it for the better can be initiated. It is by no means complete and I have purposefully left out specific references such that hopefully it will spark an interest in you to investigate further. I strongly urge you to question everything you come across in your search, after all do you believe everything you read, including even this article? I expect that your opinion like mine will continually change each time a new piece of information is found. Eventually maybe when you get to understand your feelings better you will find your own truths more easily. I have given some of the major sources for this article below if you wish to start on this journey. I especially recommend ‘Souls of Distortion’ which contains all of the scientific basis for this article in much more detail as well as other such research, and puts it into perspective with relation to the spiritual. A good start for those wishing to find the quantum mechanical, i.e. thought pattern causes of specific diseases is the book ‘Permanent Healing’. Lastly, for learning to heal the Will I recommend ‘Right Use of Will’

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