An Evolutionary Movement

August 2nd, 2011 by Cassandra Eve from The Form Reality Practice

In these rapidly changing times many of us are endeavoring to live more meaningful lives, to return to sanity in a chaotic world where we are inundated with news about crisis after crisis – environmental, humanitarian and financial. It is easy to get lost, to fall victim to the belief that our dilemma on planet Earth is too big, too challenging to engage as an individual. In such times it is very natural that healing moves to the forefront of our consciousness. But have we really stopped to consider what true healing is? Is healing necessary? Perhaps awareness of a bigger picture could enlighten our current dilemma?

What we express and create is a demonstration of what we value and our purpose to exist. Clearly what we value currently on a global level is not good for us or for our planet. What we give value does not make us well; it makes us sick, on many levels. Is there a purpose to this current experience? If you believe or know that life has innate integrity then there must be. Then the question must be – what is that purpose? Maybe it is to discover what healing truly is; to shift our consciousness into another place entirely?

Healing and beyond

I recently looked up the word ‘heal’ in the English Thesaurus. In this word list to ‘heal’ means anything from ‘patch up’ or ‘repair’, to ‘cure’. There is one meaning however that struck me – to ‘make good’ or ‘well’; this suggestion revealed a new perception of healing.

What is it that makes us ‘good’ or ‘well’? Clearly a diversity of experience on an individual level; yet there must be something beyond our constantly changing personal experience – an innate wellness or goodness that cannot leave us? Surely this is where real healing needs to take us; to the changeless place of good or wellness. To a place that is genuinely free, no matter the body-mind experience.

Like many individuals, self-healing began in my life through crisis. I started to ask myself questions that turned my awareness inside. Despite years of diverse experience; through psychology, astrology, spontaneous ‘past life’ experience; profound spiritual awakening in India and initiation as a Reiki Master, I was drawn inexorably deeper. There was no place I could stop and say ‘This is it”. What was I discovering? The body-mind experience (and indeed life as a whole) expressed through energetic frequencies, constantly changing and moving on. This was my evolution from body-mind identity to a finer knowing. Something in me was always moving me on, deeper and higher. Finally I came to rest in a practice that encompasses evolution itself, embracing all frequencies from the grossest to the finest: The Form – Reality Practice.

An evolutionary movement

The Form – Reality Practice appears to the onlooker as an individual moving in a slow dance, either alone or around a seated recipient. To witness this movement often touches the observer deeply. The movement opens a knowing of beauty and grace; a recognition of being.

So what is The Form? It is meditation in both stillness and in movement. It opens the individual to the finest frequencies, revealing our true nature as pure consciousness and demonstrating how to live as that. Opening the knowing that there is no need to fix our humanness or the trauma of past experience, The Form shows us how to engage all experience from consciousness, to learn from it and uplift it to a higher, finer place; how to be and how to become – become an authentic living presence on the Earth.

Life is purposeful development and this movement practice shows us how to engage that consciously. The discovery is that life is about fully engaging the evolutionary process (the natural process of change) whatever it brings us. The Form shows us how to engage all experience fully, embracing all its aspects – ugly, painful, traumatic and joyous. Rather than trying deal with or fix ourselves we learn to accept and love ourselves, lifting our experience into a higher place.

Being free consciousness

The practice of The Form works because it reconnects you to what you are already – pure consciousness. Through the movements of The Form you learn how to be. It is very simple; too simple for the mind to grasp and that is its beauty. The Form demonstrates how to remain open in love, as completely free consciousness, revealing your innate power to transform old patterning from a place of being. Patterns are lifted to take a finer way of consciousness, light, power, and action. Through this transformation a new way of becoming arises; you discover a natural flow into new possibilities that is effortless, free and alive.

Through The Form you learn to live on the edge, where openness is the natural way of being. You learn to move beyond ‘my story’; to create a life that not only fulfils and nourishes but that serves the whole. From the place of being, solutions naturally arise as new consciousness is integrated; you meet other individuals whose hearts and souls are drawn to serve the bigger picture. We unite in conscious participation; our communities and culture change.

The Form literally makes you well for it returns you to the deep well of your being, your natural good or God connectedness. That is true healing. As we learn to live from that place of free consciousness the potential is healing for the whole of humanity. We learn to love the dance of evolution and discover our real purpose of having form.



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