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Faye is an Internationally Recognised Animal Communicator living in New Zealand - Animal Communication is Telepathically Communicating with Animal's to assist Owners and Animals to reach a deeper understanding. Faye has published several articles, been a guest speaker on Spirit talk radio and interviewed on Close Up.

Business Description

I am deeply honoured to be able to share animals thoughts, feelings on every situation they face in their lives.

My clients are based Worldwide – due to word of mouth referrals I have communicated with animals in New Zealand, Australia, USA, Europe, UK and South Africa. Majority of my work is working distance and logistics is unimportant due to animals are able to connect with us but in return I am connecting with them – I see myself as the vessel to capture their words, thoughts and complete conveyed statements but I also receive emotions, visual pictures, smells and tastes. Written transcripts will be either emailed, faxed or snail posted to the owner.

Do you speak to all species? Definitely.
Can you help my animal with…………..behaviour issues, competition, health issues, animals in spirit………….yes to all of the above and occasionally I will work with lost animals – with lost animals I tend to only take on one lost animal at a time – lost animals can be very time consuming so please inquire before sending any lost animals through. Also general question communications which will give insight and harmony.

What to expect
I will present your questions/messages & record your animal’s answers / messages / emotions / visual pictures received but also if a Healing Session will assist your animal I will send distance healing. Distance Healing will involve maybe Distance Energy Healing, EFT and maybe checking for minerals imbalance or a Flower Essence that can assist you or your animal.

How long does it take to communicate or heal or both?
Depending on the number of questions you have for your animal and messages received – maybe 3 questions would take at least 10 minutes this of course depends on the length of message your animal has for you (animals do have very insightful thoughts and don’t generally give a Yes or No answer they will give a detailed answer to the question, they love sharing their thoughts). Depending on messages received I will be asking further questions to build a complete picture. A healing session varies in length depending on species and condition of animal – 20 minutes to 40 minutes (healing sessions are not a replacement for veterinary treatment). Generally an hour’s communication session would involve maybe 3 questions that the owner has and a healing session – though there is no set time as such due to every individual animal is different, I will work with time restraints if the owner indicates a set budget for communicating or healing session.

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Address Christchurch
Phone03 349 2872

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