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I am a New Zealand Registered Nurse with educational, management and advanced nursing practice qualifications. I have worked in numerous countries of the world in areas ranging from operating theatres, disaster work both in the field and in the planning phases, to oncology/bone marrow transplant. I now have a full time practice in Bio-Energetic Healing of which Healing Touch is a part. This has a human, an animal (both domestic and zoo) and a teaching section. I have now been practicing full time since 1997.

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Annis Parker
Healing Touch Practitioner


I am a New Zealand Registered nurse who has practised in many parts of the world specializing in High Tech surgery: oncology; bone marrow transplant; disaster medicine; teaching and management. Living outside of NZ for 20 years, working in private enterprise for 5 years, multicultural living, producing a family, racing motor cars, and milking snakes for venom, has enhanced my world knowledge. I set up a full time practice in Christchurch as a Certified Healing Touch practitioner and Instructor over twelve years ago, with the objective of introducing this work to as many people as possible, both inside and outside the health professions. I established a people practice, an animal practice, a teaching branch and a lecturing component. I also facilitate practical people management skills in some sectors of the diary industry.

My people practice includes all aspects of dis-ease, as well as, well person maintenance. I have a home based clinic but work in hospitals, other peoples’ homes, in fact anywhere the work is. I work in a health clinic in Nelson as well as a new clinic in Gore. My animal practice has large numbers of horses, cats and dogs as well as all other domestic animals. I do regular work with a Game Park which breeds endangered species. Zoo animals of all kinds and those coming through quarantine are of particular interest as these animals often have energy problems which then cause the breeding programmes to be put in jeopardy. Big cats and monkeys are another fun part of my practice. This work involves assessing the energy field then rebalancing it to enhance health, healing at all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual); reduce stress; speed recovery from injury or surgery as well as injury prevention. This work is complementary to all classical medical and veterinary services.

Enhancing awareness of the knowledge within all animals and the teaching of the inter relationship between all beings is something I feel passionate about. I have been part of the formation of Healing Touch NZ. I completed the first three years as president of that new organization then delegated that role. I spent six years as international liaison person for the Healing Touch International Board of Directors, Denver, USA. In this role I facilitated the infusion of information from other parts of the world.


The work of Bio-energetic Healing is a generic term for many forms of energy healing.

The theory is that all energy arising from living form comprises of many different sized molecules and frequencies. These are very complex structures where all the molecules spin clockwise in health. Each cell should be doing this (amongst other things) to facilitate maximum health.

It doesn’t matter where you are on the planet. Aligning and balancing the energetic structures comprising of the auric fields, chakras and other complex systems, activates, enhances and facilitates the body’s own healing capacity, reduces stress throughout the whole body, increases the speed of healing.

Activation is achieved with the use of the hands either on or off the body. The modality of Healing Touch which arises from the nursing profession is one of the systems I use. e.g. if a person’s field structure is inactive for any reason there is a tendency for them to feel more tired, be injury prone and stressed.

As a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor I must abide by the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. I teach Healing Touch to people working within the structured curriculum. This can lead people to Certification by an autonomous USA Board. I have to continue to learn and work as it is necessary for me to re Certify every five years.

There is extensive research data which is being continuously added to. This can be accessed on the

The animal work I teach has a Healing Touch base but draws on my extensive knowledge from other sources, as well as being particularly structured for New Zealand and is therefore called Bio-Energetic Healing.


I teach Levels 1 to 3 Healing Touch. For details see

I was part of the formative part of the teaching Faculty for The Healing Energies Foundation, a comprehensive 4 year course taught out of Christchurch and continue to teach in this programme.

I also teach specific information to trainee Yoga teachers in Wellington.

I have been doing some specific practical teaching of people management skills with dairy farmers and workers to facilitate stress reduction for people and animals as well as more efficient communication.

Public Speaking:

I am available to speak to any groups interested in this work. Groups numbering from a few people to conference size have been presented to over the last few years. In January 2006 I co-presented a large pre Conference workshop for nurses in Bangkok. This focused on Post Graduate Palliative Care Nursing.

A workshop paper was presented to the International Healing Touch Conference in 2007 at Hilton Head in South Carolina U.S.A. The topic was vaguely called “Animals 101”. A hilarious time was had by all for a few hours! In 2010 I was a keynote speaker at a Conference in Australia and it appears there are plans for me to more of this next year.

Many talks are given to a variety of people, about many subjects, animals are often the key.


I have a home based practice. However I travel to people in hospital, the very sick, very old, very young and all animals.

I currently have clinics in Christchurch, Nelson, Gore and Wellington where I have contact people who fill the appointments.

Christchurch and Nelson: Annis Parker on 03 942 4388 or 021 607 584
Gore: Pam Norman on 03 208 4685
Wellington: Hot Yoga of New Zealand on 04 801 9642

Please visit my website or any of the other sites shown for more information.




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