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April Loses It

February 11th, 2013 by Elly McGuinness from Natural Balance Health and Fitness


April Leremia

Author/Book Website


After years of eating like the (in her words) “hungry caterpillar”, former Silver fern netballer April Ieremia decided that enough was enough and it was time to do something about the gradual but significant weight gain that now saw the scales sitting at 100.6kg. Never a woman to do things by halves, April set the ambitious goal of losing a kilo per week over a 30 week period whilst at the same time giving herself the added challenge of doing so in the public spotlight – one of the best forms of accountability!

April enlists the help of NZ Special Forces trainer Scott Cottier to work towards her goal and together they embark on the rollercoaster ride of emotional, mental and physical challenges that comprise April’s journey. As Scott’s style focuses on the physical aspect of whipping April into shape, she largely worked through the mental barriers herself. Every time she ‘fell off the wagon’, she had to remind herself of the ‘prize’ at the end of it, so that she didn’t completely derail!

April’s barriers to success will resonate with many others on their own weight loss journey. She’s a real woman, with many of the same challenges readers will be facing – how to say no to wine and sweet treats, or how to avoid ruining all their hard work over the festive season, or whilst on holiday. Realising that an ex-athlete finds it hard not to tuck into a daily mocha and muffin and battles to get out the door to exercise should inspire readers to find that motivation, stick with a plan (even though there will be slight deviations along the way) and see their goals through to completion and maintenance thereafter.

As April says: “the reality is, no one else can do our push ups, go for a run for us, or monitor what we eat. We must do it ourselves”. So if you have a big goal to reach and know it’s time to stop making excuses, pick up this book and rest assured that others have been through the same battles as you have. With dedication, intelligent eating and regular exercise, you too can transform your body – starting today.



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