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Are You Missing That Vital Bit Of Information That Will Eliminate Your Back Pain Completely? If you are serious about ending your back pain and being able to once again enjoy life, then we can help.

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Dr Graeme Teague

I’m Dr Graeme Teague and this is just a brief overview of why the Back Pain Advisor started and my background. After all, you need to know my experience so you can trust my advice.

I have been in practice since 1991, in Christchurch New Zealand. I am a qualified Chiropractor with a bit of difference. The main difference is that I use more than one modality to help my patients.

The reason is simple …

In my first years of practice, patients improved … generally speaking. However they kept returning with the same aches and pains over time. As they aged the aches increased in severity and frequency.

The same old tired response was … “well you are getting older aren’t you?”

But then I realized that I was getting older also. I didn’t expect to have aches and pains as I aged. So why should my patients. I also noticed that many others reached their elder years without those same aches and pains.

So why did they have a good functioning spine and others not?

This burning question led me to question the effectiveness of Chiropractic as a long term benefit. I didn’t believe it couldn’t help, but I realized it was missing some vital ingredients.

So I started researching. I looked into many different techniques to see what worked and which didn’t. The biggest discovery was also the simplest.

I realized that all health relates to the body’s natural laws. The body is actually based upon three simple natural laws. One of the most important is the ‘Law of Habit’. What you do repeatedly becomes a habit … good and bad.

So to change anything you need to change your habits. This frightened me, as I am the last to do anything habitually, especially if it is boring or time consuming.

However, the only way to make permanent change was to change your ‘body’s habits’. This led me to using techniques that can be taught to my patients. Most of all techniques that take minimal time, are easy to do and can be done in the comfort of your own home … or office.

There are adjustive techniques that Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Physio etc use to keep their spines in good working order. It is just that they don’t teach these to their patients, they keep these to themselves (me included for years). Yes, you can actually learn to adjust your own spine … painlessly, without noise and effectively.

There are Acupressure exercises that will literally straighten your spine, reduce muscle tension, remove inflammation … and stop it returning. There are stretches that only a few know about and worst of all, most do them at the wrong time (timing is essential).

So with my new knowledge I changed my practice. Now I only deal in difficult conditions, those other Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Physio’s and Medics fail to help. I have done so now for over a decade.

It is through this knowledge (and a few patients who encouraged me to write it all down) that I started my website.

The Back Pain Advisor was created to pass on this knowledge. My website will give you plenty of free valuable advice, tips and information on back pain and how you can eliminate it.

Advice on who to see and why, what exercises are best and when to do them, techniques to help yourself and those around you. The Back Pain Advisor will keep developing as I keep writing my knowledge down for you to read.

As always if you have any questions, advice or areas of concern … just contact me and I will endeavor to get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

So visit my website and enjoy all the knowledge it will give to you.




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