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My mission statement is to live your OWN Best Life.

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I, Nanny A. van den Oever, started Best Life Ltd in 2006. I’m a life coach, numerologist and tarot reader. Numerology is the science of numbers and will give you direction in your life. Your name at birth and date of birth represents your biography of your life. I give numerology and tarot readings, which includes direction for 2012 and do personal numerology charts. I can do this by telephone, email, my office or at your home. I’m a professional speaker on self-empowerment and numerology. I give workshops and seminars. I’m publishing my book “Best of Life” in 2012. The book is: Compact. Beautiful illustrated. Short chapters, but sharp. Start with new years resolutions, new goals, dreams and visions for the year to come. Look back at the year, celebrate how far you have come and how you can look forward again to a new year with new anticipation to make it your best yet. Focus on whole of life, health, finances, career, relationship, leisure, family, personal growth, spirituality, continuing education. Empower you to live your OWN Best Life.

Inspirational quotes and poems. Answers any dilemma, when you open the book randomly. You can write your own personal and important others information in it. It introduces you to Numerology. History of the Science of Numbers known as Numerology. Interesting analysis about numbers. Characteristics of each single number and the master numbers 11 and 22.

Personal and Universal direction for the year, month and day. Opens up conversation with others, where you stand in regard to Numerology.

Gives your lucky days for actioning your plans. Lucky colours and stones to wear relating to your own birth number.




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Address 74 Southampton Street
Christchurch 8023
Phone03 337 3870
Mobile027 573 3446

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