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Thursday, October 6, 2011 by guest

Holistic treatments are becoming more and more widely accepted and utilized in the Western healing community, and in particular, with cancer treatment protocols. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Healing Touch and Intuitive Bodywork integrate very well with traditional cancer treatments, reducing side effects and emotional distress. They provide tremendous healing benefits and can greatly increase the patient’s quality of life throughout the cancer treatment experience.

Mesothelioma is a form of cancer that affects the lungs and is caused by exposure to asbestos. Mesothelioma life expectancy is 4 to 18 months. Using the holistic approach, one could ask, “What might be the gift, lesson or benefit in my having this experience?” Although this question may initially be hard to answer, by considering it, patients can yield some valuable insights about themselves and how they might grow and develop spiritually from this challenging experience.

Sometimes a new approach from a different angle can spark progress, results and healing that may not have happened otherwise. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is one of a developing suite of tools called “energy medicine,” which taps into the body’s meridian and chakra system to catalyze healing at the root of an issue. One approach some practitioners use is to actually bring a welcoming energy to the disease, in this case, cancer. Since the cancer is appearing the body system, it must be serving some purpose. Yes, even cancer can have a positive intent for the patient; sometimes a very loud “wake-up call” is needed to inspire a person to clean up emotional traumas from the past, let go of grudges and resentments, and live a healthier lifestyle going forward.

Explains EFT practitioner Emma Roberts:

“In the holistic approach, we accept the cancer as a valuable part of ourselves which is using an inappropriate method of communicating something positive to us, the misunderstood teenager who goes on a destructive spree in order to command attention. Once understood, the need to behave in such a way is removed and healing can begin. Our constant thoughts create our reality. How much more useful is it to think positively about the cancer as a learning experience than to respond to it with fear and negativity? The aim is to accept the disease and work with it to heal the body and let it go… There are so many areas that EFT can effectively support the disease of cancer. These include clearing any negative beliefs, conscious or unconscious, connected with the disease itself, and the self. Beliefs are probably the most powerful mechanism in our lives. People die for their beliefs, they fight for them, religions are based on them, and governments are elected because of them. Do not underestimate the power of belief systems in the healing process.”

Melanie Bowen
Advocate for Natural Health and Cancer

Thursday, September 1, 2011 by Amanda

I recently visited Patricia Whitfield, a Medical Herbalist regarding my daughters’ behaviour. She was often explosive and partial to angry / frustrated outbursts. I described the behaviour as best I could and with the answers to a few very insightful questions from Trish, she recommended a formula of Australian Bush Flower Essences.

Kayla, my 5 year old daughter, loved taking the drops (as she called them) which were provided in a bottle with fairies and stars on the outside! She attends a Montessori preschool where the learning is self-directed and will move into the primary school when she turns 6. Two days after starting to take the drops, one of the teachers at stopped me after school and said “Kayla has really stepped into herself in the last 2 days. She has started choosing big project work, asking for resources and really expanding her scope. She’s even pulled the other kids into it too. She’s really ready for the Primary school now.” The teacher was as surprised as she was pleased. So, is it coincidence that she made this change within 24 hours of taking the first drops – I think not!

Unfortunately, the behaviour at home got more extreme, more explosive, over the next week. By the end of that week, another of the teachers had commented to me about the change in Kayla and how nice it was to see. This led me to reflect on what the differences were between school and home that may be influencing this. A big difference I determined was “choice”. Within the boundaries set at school, she was free to choose what to do. However, at home, the boundaries were different and had to take into account the whole family.

I felt that Kayla had become very focussed on what she wanted and when this didn’t fit in with the rest of the family, she became very frustrated. Just being aware of this has helped me to appreciate where she was coming from and within 2 – 3 days I started to notice a change in her. I am not aware that I even did anything different. I think that my attitude shifted a bit and this gave Kayla the space she needed. Instead of coming home asking for a movie straight away, she got out an activity book and started to make things out of it, asking for help or resources as she needed them. She had never done this before.

What a lovely change it has been and all it took was 2 weeks on Australia Bush Flower Essences and one session of reflection on my part. That has to be the best $15 I have spent in a while.

I would love to hear about your experience with Flower Essences. What have they helped you, or your family, with?

Thursday, June 9, 2011 by Amanda

I was treated to a rare experience recently when a friend kindly let me know that the Dalai Lama was going to visit Christchurch. Having never been a groupie of any sort, I surprised even myself by my desire to be at the airport when he arrived. Thinking it might be an interesting experience for my daughters, I took them out of school/preschool for the afternoon. It certainly was an experience with my youngest (almost 4) walking around the airport saying “Where’s the Daddy Lama?” at the top of her voice.

The very low key reception at the airport surprised me – several photographers and maybe 50 people. However, it did mean that we got very close to the Dalai Lama and that was a highlight for me. I never in my life thought that I would be in his presence let alone be close enough to reach out and touch him (if I had been so uncouth as to do so).

Later in the day, we were talking about the Dalai Lama and Kayla (5) said “but he’s a builder”. When I asked for clarification, she said “he’s come to rebuild Christchurch”. I assume that they must have been discussing him at school and talking about how he’s come to help rebuild morale!

The next day a few friends and I felt very privileged to be able to attend his talk and blessing. We were there nice and early to get good seats. As we walked into the CBS Canterbury Arena, we stopped to soak in the wonderful peaceful energy that engulfed the room. I found my mind wandering back to other events I had attended there and the very different energy I had felt without identifying it as such.

The Dalai Lama captivated us with his love, compassion, and wonderful childlike humour. He was both respectful to those who had suffered and bought strong messages of obtaining perspective through looking at the bigger picture and moving on with life. His presence was so peaceful and he was a delight to listen to with his simplistic principles and obvious application of them in his own life.

Following his talk, the monks commenced chanting and it was both fascinating (having never heard it before) and deeply grounding. What a wonderful experience and one I am forever grateful to the universe for bring across my path. I never in my life thought that I would ever be in the presence of the Dalai Lama and certainly not that I would be close enough to touch him. My heart sings with the beauty of the experience and I have a renewed desire to achieve even a fraction of that peace in my life.

What wonderful experiences have you had lately and how did they affect you?

Thursday, May 26, 2011 by Amanda

Hypnosis, Brain Gym, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Acupuncture, Time Line Therapy, Tapping (EFT), Massage (lots of different types), Reiki, Holistic Pulsing, Kinesiology, Meditation, …

These are some of the many modalities I have tried over the years. It seems to me that no one method is better than any other. They often work in different ways to achieve the same outcome – whether it be resolution to a physical problem, moving through an emotional issue or experiencing peace. As my life progresses, my favourite modalities change. Over time, I have found that my personal growth accelerates when starting something new and deepens as the modality becomes more familiar to me. It’s like a new commitment to the process.

As time has gone on, I have started to develop my own style of how to deal with a problem. A bit of this, a bit of that, stopping to smell the roses, … and now, I have a full appreciation for how new modalities are born.

Recently I noticed my preference for body or mind focussed modalities. Upon starting with spirit work, the realisation came that you can work with any one of the 3 elements and have results in any of the other ones. For example, body work can help your soul (spirit), spirit work can help with new mindsets and mind work can have physical results in your body. Fascinating stuff!

As my attraction towards particular modalities surfaces, I use this as my guidance on what to work with next. What a fantastic place we are in where there are so many options available to us.

What is your favourite modality and why?

Thursday, May 12, 2011 by Amanda

Upon returning to Christchurch, I realised that I needed to check out each of my suppliers of health products and services and see if they are still operating. I thought you might find it useful if I provided that update for you here.

Christchurch Farmers Market at Riccarton House: Open and operating normally.
The stall holders provide locally grown, reared and prepared fresh produce.

Herbal Dispensary: The building has been demolished although they hope to be able to reopen in the future on the existing or another site.
Their practitioners are available for consultations – phone 365 3117 for individual contact details. Trish Whitfield, Medical Herbalist, is able to provide some dispensary products and can be contacted on 021 171 6621 or boragecottage@yahoo.com.

Liberty Market: Open and operating normally.
They provide organic foods, natural foods and special dietary foods.

Marshall’s Health Shop in New Brighton: Open and operating normally.
For a comprehensive range of quality health products at very competitive prices. They will order products in if they are not in stock and are able to source some Practitioner only products.

Organic Fruit and Veg Market outside Vic’s Café, 132 Victoria Street on Saturday’s: Closed

Piko Wholefoods: The Kilmore Street building has been demolished but they have reopened at 248 Stanmore Road. The Lyttelton street store, Lyttel Piko, has reopened at 12 London Street and is best accessed from Oxford Street.
They are a vegetarian wholefood store, specialising in organic and gluten free foods.

The Herb Centre: Open and operating normally. Best reached via Barbadoes Street.
They provide a Dispensary / Health Store, Natural Health Clinic and Cafe.

Individual Practitioner listings are being updated as I receive the information.

Do you know the status of any other businesses which would help our readers?

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Thursday, April 14, 2011 by Amanda

In the wake of the earthquake(s), you might find yourself saying “I’ve got no choice” or “There are too many choices and I can’t choose because …” However, you do always have a choice and can make a good choice. That may seem a bit harsh to those of you who are struggling to cope in the aftermath. If this is you, please seek some help.

The recent events have made many people stop and evaluate their life and this is a good thing. In many cases, they have made new choices and decisions on where to go from here. You can do this too.

You can choose to focus on the devastation, inconveniences and financial strain OR you can choose to see the beauty that has come from the earthquake. The neighbours banding together, the relationships forming, the generosity of the whole country and people from overseas, … It is always our choice where to focus.

If you find yourself asking ‘why me?’ or ‘why us?’ or you notice that you are not your usual self, feeling jittery, stressed, irritable, fearful, … after the recent earthquakes, contact one of our Natural Health Practitioners to retain your equilibrium and sense of balance. Each person has their own style and range of modalities so search the database to find someone who is a match for you. Many practitioners are offering special deals to assist those needing help following the recent earthquake.

I wish you all a speedy recovery and a return to normality as soon as possible. Please remember, especially in these times, IT IS OK to ask for help!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011 by Amanda

Yet another large earthquake has rocked Christchurch (magnitude 6.3, 5km deep, epicentre Lyttelton – 10km south of Christchurch city centre.) The damage is much more widespread than the 7.1 quake in September last year.

Although we have considerable property damage, my immediate family and friends are lucky to all be safe. Our heart goes out to all those affected by the quake.

If you are able to offer assistance or require help, please post your details on our Notice Board.

Best wishes.

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Monday, December 13, 2010 by Amanda

Christmas – Silly Season, a Welcome Break or Something Else?

Christmas often brings with it a lot of stresses that reduce our enjoyment of what can be a magical time. These stresses can include what to buy everyone, what needs to be done before Christmas, functions to attend, and of course the forefront of the mind – family dynamics on Christmas Day!

It seems that Christmas is that time of year where we put huge stress on ourselves to complete all those projects “before Christmas”; to move house “before Christmas”; to finish the renovations or garden “before Christmas”; … Just STOP for a minute and ask yourself, is this all really necessary or can some things wait until the New Year when you have a bit more time and energy?

If Christmas Day is stressful for you, is there any way you can make it less so. If you can’t change the physical circumstances of it, can you change your thinking? Rather than thinking about how you HAVE to prepare a meal for everyone, try thinking about how much you enjoy cooking. Also, what jobs can others do to lighten your load a little? Pick a few things that can easily be done by others and then either ask someone or wait until they ask if they can do something.

If you always have disagreements with a particular family member, decide that this year will be different. You will be different. Instead of responding to their comments as you would have in the past, try sending them loving thoughts and watch what happens with interest. Better still, start sending them loving thoughts before you see them and notice if anything is different when you do meet.

A commonly used phrase is: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got.” Decide to choose a new strategy this Christmas and enjoy a different outcome.

It’s often said that “Children make Christmas” and I believe it is their enthusiasm and delight at everything around them that makes this true. So, why not join all the children at Christmas and take delight in the small things. Really notice what you like about Christmas in your family and focus on this. Think about what family traditions you have or would like to have. Do something new. Focus on quality not quantity. Embrace the Spirit of Christmas and enjoy it.

This Christmas I decided to really think about what each person would like for Christmas rather than what would “do” for them. It has meant I really enjoyed the shopping and the gifts that have caught my attention, I have known will be appreciated. I have decided that on Christmas Day, I will focus on each moment and fully enjoy my children’s delight and enthusiasm about their presents and everything else. I will choose love and joy as my focus for the day.

Having a young family, I am very interested in family traditions. What are the traditions you like best at Christmas?

I send my love and joy to you now and wish you all a little magic at Christmas time.

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Monday, November 1, 2010 by Amanda

My role models growing up weren’t exactly conducive to a healthy lifestyle. My fathers’ favourite meal, when he was on his own, was steak and chips followed by sultana pasties. My mum was very focussed on doing the best for her children and this involved providing whatever treats she could on a low income. As finances improved so did the treats and they were nearly always edible.

At primary school, being a little overweight, I was always chosen last for team sports and this did nothing for my confidence. Swimming was my only real saviour and because I already knew I wasn’t any good at sports, I was only ever average at swimming.

Roll on boarding school where the nutritional value of the food was questionable – not that I even knew to question it. Our most frequent discussions were on what delectables we would buy when our afternoon out came about. Mine were often savoury – potato fritters slathered in salt – followed by something sweet such as a spoon or 10 of raro or jelly crystals.

University just added alcohol to the mix and had me strolling across the road to the dairy the next morning for a pie and coke for breakfast. In my third year, in an attempt to lose weight, I very religiously went to the gym 5 mornings a week and put on weight!

I had an active social life and when I started working I even managed to introduce a social club at work. This meant drinks (cask wine) on a Friday afternoon at our meeting and then being allowed to leave work early to go to the pub if we bought our boss a jug (beer) at happy half prices.

In my mid twenties, I lost 20 kgs eating a vegetarian diet and not drinking for 8 months. If the program ever focussed on the health benefits of eating well, and it probably did, I didn’t hear this. It was all about weight for me until after I had our first daughter at 35. Then I started to discover that getting up off the floor wasn’t always easy.

I suddenly had a very powerful reason to become healthy – one, so that I could do everything I wanted to with my daughter and two, so that I didn’t pass my bad habits on to her. However, I had a lifetime of habits to break and progress was slow.

I started to see a remedial massage therapist come kinesiologist and she helped with some of my physical issues and the occasional emotional one. A chiropractor was next on my list when I put my back out getting my daughter into the carseat one day when she was about 1. When I became pregnant with our second daughter, I saw an osteopath regularly as a preventative measure. I also starting seeing a kinesiologist and later added tapping (EFT) to the mix. The more I tapped, the less I seemed to need the others, and as I peeled back the layers of my past conditioning, I became more and more committed to natural health care. Helped along by several visits to the doctor, only to be told “just keep an eye on it” or “try this”. My confidence in my past choices wavered and I had a great alternative waiting.

When my youngest daughter was about to start at a Montessori preschool, I started to think about how to best spend the few extra hours I might find myself with. After throwing around a few ideas that always seemed to come up with strong resistance in at least one area, a friend introduced me to a guided meditation on discovering your ideal product or service. During the process, I discovered that a directory listing of practitioners was the next step to fulfilling my life purpose. Once I decided to go with this insight, I realised that the other ideas I had were limiting for me in one way or another and hence the resistance.

Three months later, I was able to launch this website to the public with 100 practitioners already listed. Everything just seemed to fall into place. During the process of creating it, I made the commitment to myself to use solely natural health care for myself and my family. With the help of a naturopath friend, replaced the pamol and vicks with natural products and I haven’t looked back.

So there is my short, or not so short, version of how I became passionate about natural health and have started to implement this in my life. This blog will continue to detail the journey I take, and realisations I have along the way, in a way in which I hope you will find informative and easy to read. My next blog will start to explore my weight issues and what I plan to do about them. I will also intersperse this with other topics which I hope you will find interesting.

I would love to hear your stories on how you first got introduced to natural health or where you are on your journey.

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