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Tuesday, August 20, 2013 by Amanda

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Lao Tzu

Did you know …

There are 5 love languages and we all have one we prefer. We tend to use our primary love language to show others that we love them. However, if their love language is not the same as ours, they may not feel loved by us.

Have you ever …

  • told someone how wonderful they are and had them dismiss you?
  • bust a gut doing things to help someone and they didn’t appreciate it at all?
  • given someone a gift and found it in the bin or pushed in the back of a cupboard?
  • spent quality time with someone and had them turn around right after and say “you don’t love me”?
  • hugged someone and felt like they couldn’t get away fast enough?

Chances are they had a different love language than you. The 5 Love Languages, as defined by Gary Chapman, include: Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch.

If my primary love language is Physical touch then I will tend to hug and touch others to show them that I love them. If their primary love language is any of the other 4, they will not feel loved by my hugs and touching. In fact, they may even try to avoid it. The meaning I then put on it is that they don’t love me because they don’t want to hug. However, this is not true. Whew! From the other side, I will need them to hug and touch me so that I can feel their love.

Sounds difficult … not really. Just think, what does the other person need to feel loved? Then give it to them. Also, tell them, for me to feel loved, I need you to do this.

For more information, check out the Official Website or Buy a Book.

If you are looking for the love of your life, a good friend of mine, Stefan Gonick has a fantastic program that may help.

I would love to hear about your experience with love languages. Please make a comment below.

Amanda Cartridge

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Monday, May 21, 2012 by Amanda

Over the years I have eased my way in to natural health and personal development. While at university, I completed a weekend massage course, bought myself a portable massage table and practiced on friends. However, over time people’s enthusiasm waned.

In my early 20’s I was introduced to personal development through a weight loss program I undertook. It was based on healthy eating principles, food combining and self-hypnosis which was a huge departure from the fad diets I had been on since the age of 12. Hypnosis interested me and I was invited to undertake Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Hypnotherapy trainings which I really enjoyed and consequently excelled at. But use this as a profession – no way – that wasn’t even on the radar. I organised conferences for a living and loved it. I dabbled a bit with friends and a lot with myself over the next few years and then my enthusiasm petered out a bit.

It was also around this time that I started to travel and work overseas and that took precedence. For the next 6 years, my main focus on my health was an exercise regime. This worked relatively well while I was working and not at all when travelling. I did see a fantastic reflexologist in London a couple of times and tried to learn reflexology from a book while travelling through Africa. I didn’t get too far as conditions weren’t ideal and there were many distractions. For work I fell back in to providing IT Software Training due to the demand for those skills leading up to the year 2000.

By the time I arrived in Australia in 2003, I was searching for something else. I ran into an extensive Life Coach training program and experienced immense personal growth. This lead into a year (part-time) of NLP training where I completed a full range of courses up to Trainers level. I also assisted on several courses to help integrate what I had learnt.

While I got huge benefit from the NLP processes, it was the principles that attracted me most. I developed a 12 session coaching program based on the NLP principles and started my own coaching and training business. This was rather short-lived as I became pregnant with my first daughter, Kayla, and decided that as I had waited so long to have children, I was going to be a full-time mum. This was not a hard decision to make but it was a very hard one to live by. I really enjoy the challenge of work and found life at home with a young baby exhausting and mind numbing. Somehow the challenges weren’t as invigorating as they are in an office environment. However, it was often very satisfying and I enjoyed every new phase my daughter went through – well, most of the phases!

Roll on my youngest daughter, Talia; a move back to New Zealand after 10 years away; and discovery of a new city, Christchurch, which has become our home. I was very focussed on preventative health by this time and during the final stages of my pregnancy worked with an Osteopath and Kinesiologist. I later went on to learn basic TFH Kinesiology.

By this time I had a strong desire to feel better about and within myself and embarked on a steep curve of personal development. Along the way, I have experienced Massage for relaxation and general body conditioning, Remedial Massage for specific problems and prevention, Chiropractic for lower back issues, Holistic Pulsing for relaxation and growth, EFT for both physical and emotional issues, Reiki for deep healing, Counselling and Pascha Therapy for relationship issues, Sound Therapy for daily balancing of the chakras, Intuitive Healing for achieving clarity, and maybe a few more that are escaping me right now … During this time I have also undertaken EFT Video Training and Level 1 Reiki which I use daily on myself.

Along the way, I have enjoyed the journey, even with the ups and downs it has bought. I have seen the progress in my thinking and the way I view life. The skills I require to live a conscious life are in my toolbag. Each day, I become more present and am starting to live in the moment more often. I am making good decisions in my life – decisions that are right for me! I feel better and better each year, month, week, day and moment. My future vocation will be in the natural health area and I am open to the route it may take. Is it perhaps time to specialise? Now that I have this strong foundation across the healing arts. Will my recent introduction to, and love of, numerology be the one? Watch this space.

I would love to hear about your journey. Your trials and tribulations. Your philosophy on life.

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Thursday, March 8, 2012 by Amanda

I recently had a Soul Necklace made for me by Margaret and Dan at Soul Design. Having seen the necklaces on a couple of people, the question was definitely ‘when’ not ‘if’. Then everything started to fall into place … and I ordered what I thought was just going to be a beautiful necklace specifically designed for me. How wrong was I? Not only was it beautiful and made just for me … but it was specifically designed to help me in my personal journey!

After wearing my necklace for a week, I had already noticed big changes. I had some things arise in my life that I was really resistant to accepting. This wasn’t unusual for me but what was new was how quickly they moved. Within a few hours of recognising the resistance, I felt completely different about it … completely accepting. I had gone from being absolutely freaked out that this might even be an issue of mine to “oh yes, of course that is the way it is”. Unbelievable and even that thought instantly becomes – not at all unbelievable, it’s just the way things are.

When I first saw my soul necklace I have to admit I was a bit disappointed. It was smaller than I expected and very uniform – the circles! My preference was for larger, eye catching, flowing pieces. Margaret explained to me that the piece was designed for what I needed spiritually, not what my ego would like to see. She mentioned that I didn’t need a large piece to act as armour and this resonated with me completely. I have bonded with my necklace and now love every inch of it.

Incidentally, I used money given to me many years ago from my grandmothers estate to purchase this necklace and today would have been her 100th Birthday! I love having the connection to her through wearing my necklace.

The stones – sphene, peridot, spessarite garnet and tanzanite – all have an individual part to play and as I read through the things they can provide support for, I realised that they were very well suited to me. I had most of the issues that were identified! The placement of the stones and the gold mixed with silver are also significant in providing exactly what I need. This necklace is really asking me to step up and be myself … something that I have been trying to do for a while. I look forward to the process and to being supported by this stunning necklace in achieving my true potential.

How do you support yourself in achieving your potential?

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Thursday, June 9, 2011 by Amanda

I was treated to a rare experience recently when a friend kindly let me know that the Dalai Lama was going to visit Christchurch. Having never been a groupie of any sort, I surprised even myself by my desire to be at the airport when he arrived. Thinking it might be an interesting experience for my daughters, I took them out of school/preschool for the afternoon. It certainly was an experience with my youngest (almost 4) walking around the airport saying “Where’s the Daddy Lama?” at the top of her voice.

The very low key reception at the airport surprised me – several photographers and maybe 50 people. However, it did mean that we got very close to the Dalai Lama and that was a highlight for me. I never in my life thought that I would be in his presence let alone be close enough to reach out and touch him (if I had been so uncouth as to do so).

Later in the day, we were talking about the Dalai Lama and Kayla (5) said “but he’s a builder”. When I asked for clarification, she said “he’s come to rebuild Christchurch”. I assume that they must have been discussing him at school and talking about how he’s come to help rebuild morale!

The next day a few friends and I felt very privileged to be able to attend his talk and blessing. We were there nice and early to get good seats. As we walked into the CBS Canterbury Arena, we stopped to soak in the wonderful peaceful energy that engulfed the room. I found my mind wandering back to other events I had attended there and the very different energy I had felt without identifying it as such.

The Dalai Lama captivated us with his love, compassion, and wonderful childlike humour. He was both respectful to those who had suffered and bought strong messages of obtaining perspective through looking at the bigger picture and moving on with life. His presence was so peaceful and he was a delight to listen to with his simplistic principles and obvious application of them in his own life.

Following his talk, the monks commenced chanting and it was both fascinating (having never heard it before) and deeply grounding. What a wonderful experience and one I am forever grateful to the universe for bring across my path. I never in my life thought that I would ever be in the presence of the Dalai Lama and certainly not that I would be close enough to touch him. My heart sings with the beauty of the experience and I have a renewed desire to achieve even a fraction of that peace in my life.

What wonderful experiences have you had lately and how did they affect you?

Thursday, March 31, 2011 by Amanda

Consciousness is a state of awareness where we choose how to act rather than react. It’s being aware of the consequences of our actions and making choices while considering all the people or things that might be influenced by our decisions.

In a global sense, consciousness is being aware of how what we do affects the environment, the political situation, and the rest of the world. On a personal level, consciousness involves being aware of your true purpose in life, staying connected to your inner self and living your life in the present moment. It’s important to be aware of how the past has influenced who you are now and choose to let go of the past, if necessary, to live in the present. Notice each moment as a new experience and recognise when you over-react to a situation based on your past.

If you find that you are having difficulty in putting the past behind you, there is help available. Most natural health practitioners work in some way with clearing the effects of your past conditioning whether on a physical, spiritual, emotional or mental level. The aim is usually to bring you in to the present moment.

When we act unconsciously, it is more of a reaction, in that we act automatically without considering whether this is the way we want to act or not. The starting point for living a conscious life is becoming aware of times when we have acted unconsciously (or reacted) to a situation and make a conscious decision to act differently next time.

For example, your male boss comes to your desk and says “I need you to do this right now!” Based on your upbringing, you may react in one of many ways. Say, you had an overbearing father who constantly told you what to do, you may cower at the tone of voice and meekly say ‘ok’ but as soon as your boss leaves, you feel resentful and finish what you were doing just to make him wait. If you were to stop and think about your reaction, you may notice the similarity between your boss and father and realise that in actual fact you are reacting to your father not your boss. The next time your boss makes a similar request, you may be able to notice the differences between the way he has asked and the way your father would have. This then gives you the power to choose how you will act.

I find the more conscious I become, the less excuses I make and the less blame I place for the things in my life. I choose to take full responsibility for everything in my life – the good and the bad. This choice gives me the power to make any changes I desire. Again and again I see things flow perfectly when I am following my desires as to what to do, or not to do, next. When I do things at a time that I want to do them, I accomplish things much faster and better than if I force it.

I attempt to focus on ‘being’, although being a master at ‘doing’, I only manage small periods of being. Living in the present moment has allowed me to know that the universe will take care of me so long as I stay connected to my inner guidance. I now allow myself “guilt-free” rest periods, knowing that it rejuvenates me and, in the long term, I get more of the right things done. It also helps me to focus on now. Not the past, not the future, just right now and what I am experiencing right now.

Consciousness gives you the power to connect with your inner guidance system, to act in line with your purpose and to live in the present moment as often as possible. The present moment is where you will find peace and so it is a worthy target.

What has been your experience towards living a conscious life?

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Monday, January 10, 2011 by Amanda

Often January 1st arrives with enthusiasm for what you will do this year – drink less, exercise more, be nice to the neighbours’ dog, find a new job, … However, often within a few days, or weeks, you realise that you have bitten off more than you can chew. This is what I see is happening:

You are in a joyful state as New Year’s Eve approaches. This is possibly due to some or all of the following: being on holiday, having had a festive Christmas, spending time with family and friends, anticipation for the New Year, celebrations on New Year’s Eve, …

In this joyful state, you are open to the messages coming from within you (or if you believe in it, coming from the Divine/God). These messages are to help the ‘real’ you become more of who you are and take another step towards fulfilling your life purpose. This is whether you know what your purpose is or not.

However, often these messages or the resolutions you make, push you out of your comfort zone. You actually don’t know how to make the changes that you desire in your life. Luckily for you, if you choose to seek assistance, there are a multitude of very talented people just waiting to help you. They know their life purpose and it is to help people like you. Whether the changes you require are physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, there are hundreds of trained natural health practitioners for you to choose from. The best Practitioner for you right now, is the one that you are most drawn to.

One key purpose of the Mind Body Spirit Directory was to provide you with a place where you can go to find the most appropriate person for you. I believe that there is no one modality that is better than any other and that it is merely what suits you at the time. So, if you have a New Year’s resolution, goal or intention that you suspect you may not achieve, please search the Directory (either by modality or speciality) for a Natural Health Practitioner to help you. Not only will it be the best money you ever spent, you will find yourself with new behaviours and feel better than you ever have before.

What will you do new this year? Who will you ask to help you along the way?

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Monday, January 3, 2011 by Amanda

I recently received an email from Margaret Lynch about a new teleclass on Miracles that starts in a few days time.

Margaret has spent the last couple of months soul searching and researching the subject of miracles. She has discovered some very interesting things. Most importantly is this: Your ability to ask for, receive, allow and even SEE miracles will take you light years beyond where you can go with your will power and hard work alone.

But this ability is limited by our programming!

In this special class you will find and clear your programming around infinite possibility, connection to the Divine, and your worthiness for miracles AT EACH CHAKRA! 7 classes clearing all 7 chakras.

Listen to what Margaret has discovered about Miracles and why this is so important.

As you may know, I got huge value out of Margaret’s last series of classes and so have already signed up for this one. I could certainly do with a few more miracles this year to realise a few more of my dreams. Would you like more miracles in your life?

Here are some of Margaret’s goals for you in this class:

  • Start experiencing miracles right now, REAL in your life, your business, your relationships.
  • Find a deeper and personal connection with the God of your understanding so you can finally TRUST yourself and your life purpose.
  • Know from the moment you wake up that you are worthy of miracles in the eyes of the universe and say yes to them!
  • Know that YOU are a miracle and your mission IS to bring your miracle to the world.
  • Start asking for and creating miracles fearlessly in your life, business, even your money.
  • Put in LESS effort and striving for money and success and experience unexpected miracles supporting you.

If the class has already started when you read this, it’s not too late to sign up as you will receive audios of all the classes. I listen to the recordings each time as I value my sleep and don’t choose to get up in the middle of the night to attend the live class. This has the added bonus that I can pause it, if necessary, which is often the case with 2 young children.

I would love for some of you to join me in doing this class so we can discuss the topics as we go and our experiences after the classes. Please email me when you decide to sign up and I will co-ordinate a discussion group.

If you already know about tapping and want Margaret’s tapping script for Miracles in 2011, please email me.

I look forward to chatting with you and sharing our miracles for 2011.

I am proud to be an affiliate of Margaret Lynch and The Secret of Intentional Wealth.

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Monday, December 27, 2010 by Amanda

Now that the excesses of Christmas are over, you may find that you have a little time and space on your hands to consider the upcoming year. What would you like to do different this year? What would you like to accomplish? Who would you like to spend more time with? What thinking would you like to change? What would you like more or less of this year? …

There are a hundred (or more) questions you could ask yourself but the real key is to think about what you would like for the coming year in each area of your life: Family; Work/Vocation; Finances; Relationships; Health and Fitness; Personal Growth/Spirituality. These categories are not static and you may define the areas of your life in a different way. Just make sure that you set your intentions for what you want in each area.

I used to think that there would always be at least one area in my life that needed working on but I have realised what a limiting belief this has been for me. It has meant that I was always striving in at least one area of my life. Now that I no longer believe this, I find that it is possible to experience peace and to be comfortable with my life just as it is. This has also allowed me to live in the present moment and enjoy life – moment by moment. It has also meant that things come easily to me because any actions I undertake are inspired actions and therefore working towards my life purpose. What a wonderful feeling!

What are the wonderful things you would like to attract into your life? Do you believe you can have them?

Monday, December 20, 2010 by Amanda

Dream what you want to dream.
Go where you want to go, be who you want to be …
And remember to enjoy every step of life’s journey,
For the essence of each day is unique and fleeting.

Minutes are grains of sand that slip all too quickly through our fingers,
Leaving only memories …
So follow your dream wherever it may lead you,
And remember to cherish each and every step along the way.

My comments:

We are quickly approaching the time of year where we start to review the past 12 months and think about what we want for the coming year.

This year has been one of massive personal growth for me. I have been focusing on following my intuition, being in the present moment and enjoying everything I choose to do (or choosing to do things that I enjoy). At the same time, I have launched a business and thoroughly enjoyed it. My children have grown a year older and I am blessed to have had lots of time with them. Before my first daughter was born, we decided that I would be a stay at home mum and although that hasn’t always been an easy decision, this year I enjoyed it – most of the time!

My biggest realisation this year has been about the importance of joy in my life. This will be at the forefront of my mind when I set my intentions for 2011.

What have been your biggest achievements this year? What are you most proud of? What has given you the most joy?

Monday, November 22, 2010 by Amanda

I recently undertook a 6 week e-course with Margaret Lynch entitled Wild Summer Spirit. The program was designed to help me really discover my passion, power and purpose and use this new awareness in my everyday life, business and relationships. It stepped through each of the Chakras (energy centres) using tapping (EFT) and crystal bowl meditations to clear past blockages and allow me to see and achieve my potential.

When I read the program outline, I thought – ooh, I need that. And that. And that. Very quickly I realised that I needed everything in the program: to really love my body, feel sexy, heal my shadow, heal my broken heart and refusal to love again, discover my life force energy, open my creativity and get in touch with my intuition. What more could I ask for and it was all in one program.

As a bonus, we were given an introduction to the Rhys Method Profiles which enabled me to understand clearly where I am coming from and also where others are at. Unlike many other profiling systems, in this one you are the same profile from birth. What changes over time is how much time you are spending in defence rather than in your power. What a real eye-opener on the benefits of operating from your power.

I didn’t know anything about Chakras but I didn’t let this stop me, I threw myself in to the program devouring each session several times. (We were given mp3’s of all the audio conferences.) Around the fourth chakra (the Heart), I started to experience real resistance in myself to clearing my blockages. I listened and tapped, and listened and tapped, very persistently until I finally broke through and was able to continue with the higher chakras. This is some of the most thorough and transformational healing work that I have undertaken. As I write this, I remember my intention to periodically revisit the audios and I feel that already different issues have surfaced regarding my Heart Chakra. You may have experienced that spiral before when you keep coming back to the same issue but at a different level. If this program interests you, click here to find out more about it.

If you would prefer to try out Margaret’s style first to see if it is for you, she is currently offering a FREE ‘Tapping for Money’ video course which is a unique approach to releasing the biggest blocks to money. I have already watched the first video and it’s a great way to start clearing your money issues. Click here to find out more. There are also several other free videos on her site, if you would prefer to review a different topic. These are accessed using the same link and then choosing “No, thanks” to the free video course.

I would love to hear about any work you have done stepping through the Chakras. Also, has anyone else experienced Margaret Lynch’s work and how did you found it?

I am proud to be an affiliate of Margaret Lynch and The Secret of Intentional Wealth.

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