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Wednesday, April 25, 2012 by Amanda

The last 3 months have been an interesting journey as I have attempted to return to my ideal weight.

During this time I noticed that I had a bit of a pattern going on. I would react to a food and then for the next 3-4 days eat things which I normally wouldn’t. I’d also be quite tired from the reaction and so I would eat more chocolate than normal. As the reactions piled one on top of each other, I found my weight going up until I decided “that’s enough”. Then for a few days I would stick to simple proteins, vegetables and fruit. Control became an issue whereas previously I hadn’t needed control to eat the things I know are healthy for my body. I also noticed that if I don’t drink enough water, even if I am eating well, I put weight on.

I have found my weight to be very dependent on what is happening to me emotionally and it is not always because the emotions influence the way I eat. I could lose weight one day when I was happy and eating exactly the same things on another day when I am unhappy, I put on weight! Upon doing some clearing work on my second chakra, I discovered an instant weight loss. I realised that my second chakra was so shut down that I didn’t feel hungry. Great you might think! However, the flip side is that I never feel full either. Except at Christmas time when I am absolutely stuffed. Then I feel uncomfortable so I know I’m full! Generally I eat on a schedule and if there happens to be some eating in between that doesn’t get factored in. Recently, I have started to notice the pangs of hunger and the feeling of fullness before I have overeaten. Yahooo!

Before writing this blog I thought I would contact Leslie Kenton and see what her opinion was on what was going on with my weight. She said that the binge eating I had done over Christmas had unstabilised my diencephalon. I was concerned that maybe it had been reset to the higher weight but she said this wasn’t the case. In her experience the only way to re-establish the balance hormonally, biologically and energetically is to do another round of Cura Romana. Right now I am not ready to do that so I will experiment a bit more with the idea that it is emotionally based.

I will let you know how I get on and would love to hear from anyone who has an opinion on the linkage between weight and emotions.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012 by Amanda

For the 2 months following Consolidation I remained within 1 kilo of my ideal weight. Any time that my weight rose above that, I completed a “steak day” and immediately bought it back down. Then came Christmas Day and 3 weeks away from home. During the time away I was staying with other people and/or eating out for meals and it wasn’t so easy to maintain a strict control on the foods I was consuming. I found my body reacting to foods, gradually putting on weight and I was unable to do a “steak” day.

What I have found most interesting is my attitude towards it. I am not at all concerned with the weight gain. I see it as a temporary thing due to the excesses of Christmas and holidaying. I have no doubt that I will return to my ideal weight over the next few weeks. Now that I am back home, I will return to my decision to complete a “steak day” whenever my weight raises by more than 900g from my current lowest weight. As my weight tends to fluctuate up and down on a daily basis, I will take this increase to be from the lowest point and in this way, slowly reduce my weight back to it’s ideal.

This time around I have discovered more foods which my body reacts to including some that I used to love such as salmon. However, I don’t feel deprived in any way as there are other foods that I am able to eat and maintain my ideal weight. Bacon and chocolate are 2 favourites which I enjoy in moderation and it astounds my friends that they don’t cause me to put on weight. Yet a mouthful or two of a food my body doesn’t like and I can easily gain 3 – 800 grams in a day!

Lately I have been noticing others reactions when I say that I can’t eat something and have come to the conclusion that they would be more accepting if I said I didn’t like it. Weird … it’s OK to dislike something but not to be allergic/intolerant to it … a sign of our times or maybe just that I have been around people without known allergies. It’s definitely not a very scientific study so I will continue to observe.

Do you have allergies/intolerances? How do people react to it when you are eating at their place or eating out?

Thursday, October 27, 2011 by Amanda

Consolidation was a real challenge initially. This wasn’t helped by the fact that I didn’t read the book properly and so I started introducing new foods from Day 1 of Consolidation instead of waiting for Day 4 or 5. I was also a bit lax when introducing foods that I had previously tested and would do a couple at a time. In hindsight, I think both of these things overloaded my system and caused reactions.

This time around, I avoided red meat during the Food Plan as I suspected that I might be intolerant to it. I have since tested lamb and definitely reacted. I haven’t tested beef or venison yet. As I ate all 3 during the Food Plan and Consolidation last time, I wonder whether having these in my system masked some of my reactions to other foods. They may have also assisted the gradual weight gain I experienced.

My understanding about cravings was refined this time around. I really got that any food that I crave is caused by a reaction to that food. Also, general cravings are also caused by a reaction to a food. For example, when I ate a food in the morning that I reacted to, later in the day I found myself searching the supermarket shelves for a treat. And I found many that would do (in my mind)!

I found that the reaction to a food can be subtle and often explained away by other circumstances. One morning I found myself tired, irritable, wanting food I shouldn’t and 300 grams heavier. I had picked up a cold from my girls and had been getting better – I thought “I’m getting worse again” hence being tired and irritable. My bowels not moving explained away the 300 grams and emotional eating the craving! Not so – too many factors I decided. I immediately apologised to my body, started drinking lots of water and ate simply and well for the rest of the day. After lunch, my energy picked up.

My next reaction was much more obvious. 700 grams weight gain, smelly perspiration (which I had experienced last time with a reaction), eating when I was not hungry and doing it in an almost compulsive way. I also had cravings for all sorts of things.

I realise now that I missed some of the subtle signs of a reaction last time and pushed through them. Therefore, I was eating foods that my body didn’t love and it was telling me by the gradual weight gain I experienced and the lack of energy.

Although I have officially finished Consolidation, I have decided to continue as though I am still on it. Keeping records, reintroducing foods every couple of days, doing a “steak” (omelette) day whenever my weight goes 900 grams above my ideal, and really noticing what is going on with my body. How empowering it feels to be at my ideal weight and know that I can maintain it for the rest of my life if I choose.

What have you done recently that you have found empowering?

Thursday, September 15, 2011 by Amanda

What surprised me most on the program this time was how closely it followed the same pattern as last time – quick weight loss in the first 2-3 weeks, levelling off for 2 -3 weeks and then rapid loss again in the last 10 days or so. At several points during the program, I checked my weight loss and it was exactly the same as at that point last time and even more once. This totally blew out a few more beliefs I had about weight loss – ie. the more you have to lose, the faster it comes off! At the end of the 6 weeks, I had lost 10.2 kgs and 56 cms compared to 11.5 kgs and 89 cms last time.

The hardest part for me this time was that I found myself wanting other foods. It was not hunger as such but a desire to eat things that were not a part of the plan. I felt a bit deprived and noticed that this is as an issue I have touched on before to do with “missing out” and “not fitting in”. It feels good to be consciously aware of it and I am ready to let it go now.

Last time I went down the baby shampoo route and my biggest desire on finishing the program was to wash my hair and condition the straw it had become. It was a pleasure this time to be able to use conditioner in my hair and was definitely worth buying the John Frieda products (Farmers had them).

This time around I have experimented with some of the recipes in Leslie’s book and have loved the soups. So easy and so tasty. Last time, and for the first 2 weeks this time, I was very boring having grilled protein, steamed veg and fruit. Occasionally with salt and pepper. I found it easier than thinking about another meal after sorting out the rest of the family.

I felt like doing an apple day around the beginning of my third week and decided that the best timing would be on a Wednesday (4 days later). My weight stalled for those 4 days. In hindsight, I probably should have done it the day I first thought about it. However, later on my weight stalled again and on the day I was going to do an apple day, I started losing weight again. I did the apple day anyway because they are so easy and I like apples now. I had forgotten I didn’t like them before until I listened to one of the voicemails Leslie sent me when I was on the program last time.

My biggest hope from this program was that I would discover my ideal weight. As I have never maintained any weight, let alone a healthy weight, I had no idea what my ideal weight was. I am very sceptical of the doctor’s charts and the ideal weight they propose so my biggest wish was that in week 6 of the program, preferably in the last 3 days, I would get hungry and then know that I had reached my ideal weight. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen although I did use muscle testing (kinesiology) in the last week and on Day 45 I was at the ideal weight that I had been given.

I am now back to the weight I was before I got pregnant with my first daughter and I feel fantastic and so does my body. I had a great day sorting through my wardrobe – throwing out clothes that are too big and enjoying the ones that now fit (after almost 6 years on the shelf!). I love my body – really and truly – even the little flabby bits that are still there after 2 children! This is a first for me – loving my body not the flabby bits!

What “firsts” have you experienced lately?

Thursday, August 18, 2011 by Amanda

My first week back on Cura Romana went very well considering that I started the week with a head cold and a hangover … a last minute attempt to revert to my old lifestyle. This time I am doing the program without coaching and so am making sure that I take notice of all the little changes so I can pick up any difficulties early.

The main thing I found different from the first week last time is that rather than focussing on the weight and how much I was losing, I found myself completely accepting that my body would lose weight at whatever rate it chose. This let me use the amount lost as an indicator of what was going on for my body. For example, when I only lost 100g one day, I checked my records carefully and discovered that my bowels hadn’t moved for 2 days. An extra dose of Senna Tea moved them along! On Day 6 I was surprisingly tired in the afternoon and when I checked, I discovered that I hadn’t had much water that morning. Needless to say, I started to drink more and my fatigue lifted.

Probably the most unusual thing I have found this time around was that after 2 weeks on the program, I had lost exactly the same amount of weight as I had last time after 2 weeks. This throws out all my beliefs from previous diets. Ideas like – the heavier you are, the more you will lose at the start – obviously not with this program. What a pleasant surprise.

What weight loss “facts” have you proved to be myths?

Thursday, August 4, 2011 by Amanda

After being pleasantly surprised that my body had handled a few excesses while on holiday, I found myself back in a daily routine although away from home still as we temporarily relocated to Wellington after the February earthquake. I proceeded to push the boundaries. It was like an old habit or mindset clicked in me and said it was OK to continue with the excesses.

After 3 weeks of this, I started to remember that it’s not only about the weight. My energy and inspiration were being hindered by my food and wine choices. Helped along by an earache, I realised that I wasn’t really listening to what my body needed. I was back in my ego saying “I can do whatever I want. Just watch me.”

Although I didn’t like what was happening, I seemed powerless to stop it. For about 8 weeks, I went through fits and starts of sticking to the foods my body likes and NOT. I started eating foods without testing them first and I found myself gradually putting on weight (almost 4kgs). During this time, I was very tired and grumpy. Eventually, I stopped to think and realised it was probably the wheat. I immediately went back to only eating foods I knew were OK and I lost 2 kgs in 2 days.

I have decided to do another program of Cura Romana to get down to my ideal weight and to really cement into place the benefits I received first time around. I also look forward to the cleansing, simplicity of the meals and clarity I experienced last time.

How do you notice when you are off track? What do you do to get back on track?

Thursday, April 28, 2011 by Amanda

I had an amazing, inspiring and very promising result recently. My children and I went on a 2 week holiday up north where we were staying with several different friends. As it was only 2 weeks, and I was trying to pack as lightly as possible, I decided not to take my scales with me. However, during the second week of our holiday Christchurch was hit by the 6.3 earthquake which devastated the city. I feel very blessed that our children missed this event.

My husband and I decided that it was best to keep the girls away from the city so we spent another week with friends. I was overwhelmed by the support and offers from friends for accommodation and transport but I do digress. From there we flew to Wellington to reunite our family. My husband was lucky enough to secure a short term contract there so that we were able to be together.

So that’s the background on how I came to spend 3 weeks drinking 1 or 2 glasses of wine each night – everyone we stayed with was either in holiday or visitor mode – and eating a lot of food I wouldn’t normally. Sometimes the only food presented at a meal was things I would prefer not to eat. Consequently, when I arrived in Wellington I was rather concerned as to what the scales might say …

You can imagine my surprise when I discovered that I was only 500 grams heavier than at the end of consolidation and on the next day only 100 grams. In the past, I would easily have put on 5kgs in the same situation.

Over the past 3 months, I have found the following:

  • My weight fluctuates from day to day but stays within 1-2 kilos of my weight at the end of the program.
  • If I have indulged, I find it very easy to restore my health and vitality by eating simple proteins, veges and fruit for a day or so.
  • I am more diligent in keeping track of my weight and so am much quicker to make adjustments if necessary.
  • My weight loss appears to be permanent although I will need to go on the program again to further reduce my weight.

Have you recently completed a weight loss or any other personal change program? What differences are you noticing in yourself?

Thursday, March 3, 2011 by Amanda

Over the month, I followed my plan to slowly continue introducing foods one at a time. However, I was more relaxed about it than I had been on the program. I haven’t discovered anything else which my body reacts to as severely as the Brie but I have found that:

  • Sugar affects my mood. It makes me grumpy within 1 hour of consuming it.
  • Eating too much of a variety of foods together causes temporary weight gain.
  • Eating simple proteins, vegetables and fruit for a day or so counteracts excesses and my weight returns to normal.
  • I can eat large quantities of the foods my body likes and still lose weight.
  • It is rare that I get hungry.
  • Fruit for breakfast is what suits my body best.
  • I am still doing some emotional eating but it doesn’t seem to cause weight gain.

Since completing the program, my weight has fluctuated from day to day. However, it has remained within a kilo of my weight at the end of the program.

I am still very hopeful that this is a permanent change.

What successes have you had lately and what are you optimistic about?

Thursday, February 3, 2011 by Amanda

Cura Romana officially finished half way through this week and the main change for me is that I am no longer recording everything that I eat and drink. I am still mentally keeping track of how much water I have had in a day, writing down new foods as I introduce them, noticing my energy levels and weighing myself regularly. I intend to continue introducing one food every few days until I have tested all the foods I want to. I haven’t introduced many grains yet as I suspect that many of them will react with my body.

Since I started my 6 weeks of consolidation, I have lost a further 1.2 kgs and 6 cms. I am hopeful that the weight will continue to drop gradually over the next few weeks. I believe that my body still has approximately 7 – 10 kgs to lose to achieve its’ ideal weight. This will be a rather slow process at the current rate so I suspect that I will be tempted to complete another program, in a couple of months, to shed the remainder in one go and then consolidate it again. The lure of that rapid weight loss is very strong and it was so easy!

Thank you to Leslie for supporting me on my Cura Romana journey. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and love my new body and new way of doing things. Thank you also to all my readers – I think that writing these blogs has really helped me to recognise the huge changes that I have made and the new understandings that I have come to.

I will continue to update you periodically on my progress and particularly my ability to maintain my weight and make this a permanent change in my life. This to me is the value of this program – the promise that it is permanent weight loss provided I only consume food that my body loves.

Where have you made permanent changes in your life and how did you do it?

Thursday, January 27, 2011 by Amanda

As I have mentioned before, several times probably, I love good wine. My favourite is aged wine particularly oaked Chardonnay. However, this week I tasted a wine that was a bit past it. Not quite corked but close. I surprised myself immensely by choosing not to drink it. My taste buds seem to be more refined now and I don’t choose to eat or drink anything I don’t like.

I came to the realisation this week that although my body may not be intolerant to certain foods (particularly sugars) that they are still not necessarily good choices for my overall health. I had noticed that I was having several ‘treats’ and decided to reduce these. I think part of it is conditioning from the past of how to act during a holiday period. Also, I have noticed that my body reacts a bit when I overeat – weight gain, lower energy and feeling a bit uncomfortable.

Leslie confirmed my thoughts after reviewing my report for the week. However, I just had to try it out one more time to make sure and so I ate raw cake mixture when I was doing some baking and regretted it an hour later. I started snapping at my children and was very irritable and tired. It lasted for about 4 hours even though I managed to have a rest. I learnt my lesson and am in no hurry to repeat those feelings.

It amazes me how quick my body is to respond. I can see now that feelings I regularly had in the past were caused by the food I was eating. Ironically, I often tried to pep myself up with more of these foods which just exasperated the problem. I am forever grateful for my new understandings and how in tune I am to my body and what it needs.

What do you and your body need right now?

Thursday, January 20, 2011 by Amanda

This week started off with Christmas day and if you hadn’t realised it before now, there is a delay in me posting these blogs which gives me time to write and review them. In general, I was happy with my eating pattern on the day as it was a huge improvement over previous Christmases. However, at the end of the day, I felt like I had eaten too much. I apologised to my body several times and asked for guidance to counteract it. I also did some tapping (EFT) on my issues regarding the day – particularly the speed at which I ate, feeling like I was missing out and doing what others did so that I fitted in.

My body certainly let me know that it didn’t like the excesses I had consumed and I gained 2kgs in one day. This meant I had to take immediate corrective action which was a very restricted diet for Boxing Day. I had to do some writing on this as I was very resistant to it and particularly to having other people know what I was doing. After writing for approximately 30 minutes, I was at peace with it and so able to do what I needed to. My body responded well by dropping 1.2kgs in a day and I felt much happier.

I was able to start introducing grains and sugars last week but I wasn’t in any hurry. There are still so many proteins that I want to try so I waited until this week to introduce sugars. Possibly an unusual choice but I started with icing sugar on boysenberries and raspberries. Mmmm!

After celebrating Christmas Day and New Years Eve with a glass of Moet, I am pleased to say that my body likes good wine. What a relief! At the moment, I have my ideal regarding alcohol … I can have one glass of wine, enjoy it and then have no desire for more. I found on the occasion that I tried a second glass that it didn’t taste at all nice from about half way through.

I come from a family that habitually overeats at Christmas – it is quite usual to have more desserts on the table than there are people! It is also quite normal for the roast veges to be forgotten in the oven because the table is full. Next year will be a challenge for me to introduce some healthier options to our festivities.

What do you have at Christmas or other special occasions that is yummy yet healthy?

Thursday, January 13, 2011 by Amanda

Leslie noticed this week that I seemed to be drawn to fats and she asked about my breast feeding history. In her experience, if you don’t sufficiently receive the essential fats that are only in breast milk as a baby then you crave fats as an adult. This has certainly been the case for me and I was only breastfed for 2 weeks and then mum ended up in hospital and I had to stay home. After a few days of attempting to express and send me the milk on the mail bus, it turned out that the postal service wasn’t equipped for this! And that was the end of breastfeeding for me.

A few interesting things have happened this week:

  • I actually enjoyed doing housework and it has been a long time since I could say that. I think it’s because I am meeting my needs/desires first and so I am enjoying everything.
  • We went to stay at my in-laws and I hadn’t thought to mention that I wasn’t eating grains or sugars. Dinner the first night was meatloaf with breadcrumbs in it and I ate it to be polite. I apologised to my body immediately and either there was not enough to cause a reaction, I don’t react to wheat (very unlikely) or my body accepted the apology. Whichever one, I was very pleased to maintain my weight and energy.
  • I realised that even though I was allowed to drink wine after the first few days of Consolidation, I have had no desire to even try it. This is despite the fact that I was an avid wine drinker before Cura Romana.

What have you found interesting this week?

Thursday, January 6, 2011 by Amanda

After starting to doubt whether I was missing the signs that my body didn’t like a food, I reacted. I had Double Cream Brie for lunch and the next morning I couldn’t make myself get out of bed. Luckily school had finished for the girls and so I stayed in bed until 9am, while they played around me. I put on 1 kg in less than a day and was lethargic all day until about 7pm. I have no desire to repeat this experience.

Part way through the day, I realized that prior to Cura Romana this was a normal experience for me and I would feel like this several days a week if not every day. This was confirmation for me on how good I had been feeling – the joy, the peace, the clarity of mind, the energy, …

As putting on a kilo had pushed me over the maximum weight gain, I immediately undertook the protocol to counteract the effects of my reaction to the Brie. This worked very well and the next morning I woke feeling energized and 1.2kgs lighter. What a relief!

Since then, I have decided to muscle test (kinesiology) new foods before I try them. I want to avoid those feelings at all cost – even if they only last a day. To me right now, no food is worth that feeling for a whole day. I really like this new thinking that I have adopted.

What new ways of thinking have you come up with recently and how have they benefited you?

Thursday, December 30, 2010 by Amanda

This week has gone very smoothly introducing a new food every couple of days. So far I have had macadamias, mozzarella and eggs. I really felt like an omelette so introduced the mozzarella first so that I could have it with cheese.

I have been taking careful notice of my mood, energy and body for any adverse reactions and have been pleased that I have responded well to these new foods.

Interestingly enough about 2 years ago I saw a kineseologist about weight. She muscle tested my body and said it wanted to be 72kgs and that is what I should aim for initially. What a coincidence that this is my weight now – I think not!

What interesting coincidences have been happening in your life?

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Thursday, December 23, 2010 by Amanda

This week was a big turning point with moving from the strict food plan and homeopathics into the consolidation phase. As it was suggested that I ease myself into new foods, all it really meant was that I was able to eat more simple proteins, add some fats and mix vegetables at a meal. This freedom has been wonderful and my body has responded well. My favourite meal was steak with garlic butter prawns and scallops. Mmmmm! Of course, with a great big salad.

I think it would be useful to summarise the last 7 weeks and what has changed for my body in that time:

  • I have lost a total of 89 cms over 14 measurements.
  • I have lost 12.1 kgs
  • I like the look of my body both clothed and not – even though I haven’t reached my goal weight.
  • The cellulite has completely disappeared from my thighs.
  • My regular stream of pimples has become infrequent.
  • I can fit into some of my top shelf clothes – let me explain.

In my wardrobe I have 3 shelves – the first shelf is clothes I currently wear, the second shelf is clothes that will fit next (the next size down), and the top shelf is the shelf I have aspired to get back in to since I was pregnant with my first daughter (who is now 5). AND on Monday I got the inspiration to try on a pair of jeans from the top shelf and I wore them that day!!!! Ooooh, did I feel good. I then proceeded to go through the rest of my clothes and removed a huge bag that are now too big and moved a lot of clothes down the shelves. I still have several top shelf clothes that don’t fit yet as I am still approximately 7kgs heavier than I was when I purchased them but I am confident that I will get back into them.

I look forward to next week when I get to start introducing other proteins.

What exciting things have been happening for you lately?

Thursday, December 16, 2010 by Amanda

What a wonderful week! A huge thank you goes to my body for the way it has supported me so far on my Cura Romana journey and for the lessons it is teaching me. This week I lost the least weight of any week so far (1 kg) and yet I lost a whopping 21.5 cms overall. This included 3 cms off my chest and 4 cms off my waist! This is the same overall amount I lost in the first week when I also lost 3.3 kgs. To all of you out there trying to lose weight, please make sure you are taking your measurements and tracking other things such as your energy and well being. This week has really taught me at a deep level that it is not only about the weight. The reduction in size is great as well but more important than that, is my health. This is often an overlooked area, especially by me, and in the past I have chosen not to think about the long term health effects of many of my choices. I am pleased to say that my thinking has completely changed, sometime in the last 6 weeks, and I now intend to make my choices while considering my future health.

I realised this week that I am feeling very different about food. In the past, I couldn’t wait to get to my goal weight so that I could stop depriving myself. This time, I am excited about creating new meals and especially the one-meal salads suggested. In the past, I would feel ripped off if all I had for a meal was a salad. For example, if I was to eat out and have a Caesar salad, I would always order chips to go with it. Now, I look forward to all the wonderful creations I can make using proteins, nuts and seeds.

I am finding it easier to stay in the present moment and to follow my intuition as to what to do next. Although I am still very busy, everything seems to fit into place and I don’t seem to forget anything. I no longer desire a sleep after lunch and I am sleeping well at night. I find it easier to fall back to sleep if I am woken in the night as my head doesn’t seemed to be whirring so much with everything I need to do – yesterday! I am also enjoying life more and taking the time to do this.

What changes have you made that have really influenced your health in a positive way?

Thursday, December 9, 2010 by Amanda

The Apple Day I did at the end of last week had me losing 1.3kgs in 3 days but then my cells seemed to fill up again fairly quickly as my weight returned to it’s yo-yo-ing. Roll on another Apple Day which I am more than happy about as it is so easy and causes rapid weight loss over the few days after it. This week I had a total weight loss of 1.8kgs and 6 cms overall.

In a random conversation with a friend this week, I finally found out where to buy a natural fibre dry body brush (The Body Shop) and I have one now. I will start brushing each day to improve my lymphatic function. I will also try to remember to get out onto the trampoline – with or without the children.

We went to Lake Tekapo for a long weekend and I really enjoyed it. The weather was great, the lake was a gorgeous turquoise colour and there was snow on the surrounding mountains – absolutely stunning! We relaxed in the hot pools and I took a few strolls around the lake. I just wandered and didn’t feel my usual need to achieve something on my walks. Eg. Get to the top of the hill, preferably faster than last time.

I bought some Stevia this week. It’s a calorie free natural sweetener and I used it on a grapefruit. What a huge improvement as the last one was soooo sour. In contrast, the stevia is sickly sweet and you only need to use a very small amount. I licked a bit off my finger – yuk – too sweet and I didn’t think I would ever say that.

This week I have started to get a bit bored with the food choices but that it mostly due to my lethargy around preparing interesting meals for myself. By the time I have decided what to feed the rest of the family and got it ready, I only have a few minutes left for me so I just throw my meal together. I am looking forward to consolidation when I can introduce more foods and, hopefully, new meals to the family.

Overall, I am finding this program very easy because the homeopathic means that I don’t get hungry. Things that would normally tempt me don’t because I don’t have any desire to eat. Even when I mentally decide that something would be nice, my body doesn’t have any desire for it and, therefore, I have no problem passing it by. It’s just so easy.

What are you doing that you find really easy? Is it work or pleasure or both combined?

Sunday, December 5, 2010 by Amanda

Well, the weight has started to drop off again … and people are starting to notice. After years of defending my dieting as ‘a healthy eating plan’ or ‘cutting back’, I am quite enjoying saying ‘I am on a diet’. I have a quiet confidence that this is the last diet I will ever need and so I am happy to call it what it is.

It appears that not only do I have an intolerance to gluten but I also have slow lymphatic function and therefore a slow metabolism. Leslie gave me 2 suggestions to energise my body and encourage lymphatic drainage – one, brushing my body with a natural fibre dry skin brush and, two, rebounding. I went straight out to the trampoline and had a bounce around with my girls. Normally, I would go on the trampoline but sit down as soon as I could get away with it. After my first spurt of enthusiasm for rebounding, I realise as I write this that I completely forgot about it and haven’t done it since. I don’t have a brush yet either as I have no idea where to buy one.

This week I managed to survive a night camping in the snow in an attempt for my husband to ride in the Molesworth Muster Mountain Bike Adventure. It wasn’t a great reintroduction to camping which I haven’t done for 10 years. I did manage to stay warm though by sleeping with 2 layers of clothing (including thermals), a hat, and my sleeping bag over my head all night!

Another first this week was an evening out with friends. It was really strange that mentally I wanted to drink and eat but not physically. I tapped discreetly and was comfortable to sip water for the rest of the evening. Leslie tells me that the lack of physical need to eat and drink is due to the deep connection that I now have with my body and what its’ needs are. Great, I will have to ensure that this continues.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, I wasn’t able to fit into the dress I had planned to wear to Cup Day so the day before I went shopping. The universe was definitely acting in my favour as I found the most gorgeous dress, borrowed a great hat, and managed to get a last minute spray tan (ignorance is bliss right now as to the effects of this). I had a wonderful day sipping my soda water and vanilla while everyone else got progressively drunker as the day went on. I also had great fun dancing until midnight. I did get a few surprised looks from guys who asked to buy me a drink and then found out that I was sober. Lots of inner laughs for me!

My weight this week has been a bit yo-yo and so Leslie has suggested an Apple Day which is how you get your body to let go off all the water that it is storing in the cells where the fat has already burnt away. How easy is this, all I had to do today was eat an apple whenever I felt like one – and keep taking my homeopathics of course. I will let you know about the outcome of it next week.

Has anyone else tried something new this week? What was the outcome or how did you find it?

Thursday, November 25, 2010 by Amanda

I have really accepted now that it is OK for my body to lose weight at whatever rate it chooses and in whatever way it decides. To give it the chance to do this fully, I have decided to extend the program to the maximum of 45 days. I feel that this will allow my body to really clear itself out so that I can start from a clean slate when I start to reintroduce foods. Besides, I have been conditioned over the years to feel that I must suffer and I’m not doing that yet.

It turns out I am probably intolerant to gluten and hence the cravings last week. I have stopped having the breadstick and find it easier in now there are only 3 things to remember for each meal. This makes more of a difference when I am eating away from home which I have been doing a bit lately. I have taken my own food with me as it is just easier at this stage. Family and friends have had lots of questions but are generally Ok with it.

I tried out Liberty Market this weekend and was not at all impressed with the range or quality of veges. I later learned that their produce all arrives on a Tuesday. At least now I have a place I can buy stuff during the week if I happen to be away for the weekend. I am slowly getting the mechanics of my new eating sorted out.

My weight hit a plateau for most of this week and then I lost 1.1 kgs in the last 2 days. Apparently this is quite normal because the fat has been burned out of the cell but the cell hasn’t yet had time to shrink and so it fills up with water. This plateau is common in people who lose weight rapidly at the start as I have been. I was very surprised that I accepted the explanation and trusted that my body would start to lose weight again when it was ready. I didn’t feel any need to kick start the weight loss again which I could have done (with a special process). I was also told that even though I wasn’t losing weight on a plateau, I would be losing inches (or cms) and this was certainly the case with 16 cm overall disappearing without a trace. Yahoo!

Towards the end of the week I found myself smiling a lot for no apparent reason. I also found that I was very centered and unswayed by other peoples’ moods. I find myself focussing on the present moment more each day and am managing to follow my intuition as to what to do next. In the past, I would push push push to get through my list of jobs for the day which was never achievable.

What makes you smile? What makes you happy? Do you think about this often and make sure that you do things each day to make you happy?

Thursday, November 18, 2010 by Amanda

What a week. It started with a major meltdown. I was really emotional for no particular reason. I tapped (EFT) and tapped and tapped and wasn’t getting anywhere so I decided to stop and ask myself “What do I need right now?” The answer I got was ‘cry’ and so I did. I found that once I acknowledged the feeling, I was able to let it go. I then went to bed early and woke up at 4.30am, fully awake and inspired. I wrote for 2 hours solid – downloading ideas for the Directory and my next venture. What a wonderfully unplanned productive time.

Two days later, I had another meltdown – just a mini one. This is apparently a normal part of the program and designed to help (or make) me slow down. I was prepared this time though so I left everything that urgently needed doing and took some time out. I had an epsom salts bath and listened to a guided visualisation on General Wellness – both of these were recommended by Leslie after my last meltdown. It’s great to have the regular mentoring.

If you like guided visualisations or affirmations, I can highly recommend the Health Journeys series by Belleruth Naparstek. Go to www.healthjourneys.com to buy them online. I found the mp3 option really easy as I could download the files straight away. Try tapping while you listen to the affirmations – extremely powerful – be ready for the accelerated results. For a free manual on how to tap, go to www.eftuniverse.com.

Even with the bath and visualisation, I was still a bit low and it was the first time that I really felt like having something bad to eat. I didn’t succumb as that was not an option I gave myself – unlike when I have been on other programs. It has been made very clear by all the program materials that you have to follow the program to the letter and I am not about to sabotage my success. It is also for a relatively short period of time and I am already seeing huge shifts in my weight and energy levels so I didn’t want to halt this.

Apparently my weight loss to date has been exceptional which tells Leslie 2 things – my body was ready to let go of the excess weight and I have been carrying a lot of waste that my body has wanted to get rid of. This week I have lost a further 1.9 kgs and 13.5 cms overall. I am very slowly starting to accept that my body will do whatever it needs to do and am trying to let go of the need to lose weight in a huge hurry.

What I learnt this week?

  • There is only 160 grams of tuna in a 180g tin so we pay for 20 grams of water!
  • I realised that I had a very outdated view of organic fruit and veges being wilted and expensive. I think this must have come from supermarkets many years ago where they had the tiny organic section which no-one bought anything from.
  • On Saturday, I discovered the Organics market next to Vics Café in Victoria Street and was pleasantly surprised at the range, quality and price of the goods.
  • A friend reminded me, after my meltdowns, that a few months ago I was saying that I really wanted to be able to feel emotions more rather than blocking them. And voila! Now I am really feeling them. Moral: Be careful what you wish for or at least be very specific!
  • Exercise is only beneficial if you enjoy it. I have read some studies in the past that touch on this concept but it has never been so clearly identified as the enjoyment as being what makes the difference in your results. Basically, if you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it as you will be harming your body.

What do you think about the exercise idea? I would also love to hear about any success you have had with visualisations or affirmations.

Thursday, November 11, 2010 by Amanda

Week one is over and already I am 3.3 kilos lighter (than before I started my feast days), my clothes are feeling looser (due to losing 21.5cm over 14 measurements) and I am feeling great. The quickest I have ever lost weight before is 7 kgs in 3 ½ weeks.

The first 2 days – feast days – were fantastic and not much of a change from the 3-4 feast weeks I had prior to starting the program except that they were completely guilt free. With the help of a 40th birthday party and staying out dancing and drinking until 4am, I managed to put on almost a kilo in 1 day. I am a bit sad that wine may disagree with my body and cause me to eliminate it from my diet but I know I will not be able to knowingly harm my body any longer. Ignorance can be bliss in the short term!

The next 5 days were easy in their simplicity especially since I didn’t have much energy to be creative. It is helpful that I haven’t got bored with the choices, yet. What I have found hard is not being able to use food as a crutch or pick me up when I’m tired or emotional. I have found myself regularly looking in the pantry or fridge and thinking “in the past, I would have had this or that and I would have felt good”. Instead I breathed (as suggested) – a useful life skill but not quite as satisfying.

I experienced a few things during the week:

  • Itching of the skin around my eyes due to my liver detoxing – no surprise there being the wine lover that I was and potentially still am. Only time will tell.
  • Extreme exhaustion for the first 3 days on the food plan (day 3 to 5). I tried to take it as easy as I could with 2 young children. Epsom salt baths were recommended and I managed one. By day 6 I had more energy than I have had for a long time.
  • Several audios and voicemails to increase my knowledge of the program and answer my many questions.
  • A couple of mornings where I was a bit hungry but it was nothing major and completely understandable due to my excesses on my feast days. Again, I breathed and got on with it.
  • Several realisations about destructive patterns from the past which I was still unknowingly running in the present. By being consciously aware of these, I was able to start to change my behaviour.
  • An immense sense of calm and contentedness.

So, I end the first week 3.3 kilos lighter, 21.5 cm smaller overall, with a calm and contented countenance. Thank you Leslie and Cura Romana.

Anyone else spring cleaning or starting something new?

Thursday, November 4, 2010 by Amanda

Some time ago I contacted Leslie Kenton about her Cura Romana weight loss program and really liked what I read about it. However, the cost made me think twice and while I was still deliberating her book “The X Factor Diet” was recommended to me. I got it out of the library and devoured it one morning in bed (with 2 children playing around me). I was fired up to go the high protein way and I was hungry so off I headed to the supermarket for a roast chicken. Mmmm. Of course I had to get the one with the stuffing because they taste so much better. And I got the loaf of low GI bread for my recently diagnosed type 2 diabetes husband. So I sat down to one of many last suppers – thick sliced bread, stuffing, chicken (with the skin on of course) and to make myself feel a little less guilty I had some celery and tomato on the side.

Over the next few weeks, I proceeded to empty my cupboards and fridge, ready for my new eating habits, as suggested. At least almost as suggested, I proceeded to EAT my way through all the items in the fridge and pantry that will no longer be a part of my healthy eating lifestyle. All the time I kept wondering about the differences between The X Factor Diet and Cura Romana and eventually I contacted Leslie and talked about it. She had me convinced within minutes that Cura Romana would be worth every cent and is a much simpler program. After all it was going to be permanent change.

It’s probably useful for you to have a bit of background on me and my dieting history. My first memory of dieting is going home from boarding school for the holidays and mum suggesting we went on a diet together. I remember feeling a bit ripped off since hostel food wasn’t that great and now that I was at home I was on rations. That was the start of my yo-yo dieting which, true to statistics, I put on a bit more each time I regained weight. Even after the healthy eating plan (not a diet) I followed in my mid-twenties, where I lost 20kgs, looked great, still wanted to lose more and managed to put it all back on plus some.

Roll on my early thirties and more great lifestyle changes, helped along by NLP and life coaching, had me looking great, feeling great, still wanting to lose a little bit more … Then I became pregnant with my first daughter and I was fat again and I had no control over it. And I was so tired. I just had to have coke and chocolate every afternoon at work to stay awake in the meetings – at least for the last 3 months of my pregnancy. Welcome to 20+ kilos again. I effortlessly managed to hold on to most of these until I conceived with my second daughter a year later. I then made a concerted effort not to put on another 20 kilos as my brain couldn’t handle that thought. I succeeded to a degree.

Once I had got over the shock of having a new baby, a toddler, no sleep, … I discovered tapping (EFT) and I tapped off 15 kgs with hardly anyone noticing including myself. Ten kilos were gone before I realised that my clothes were hanging off me and when I went to buy some more I had dropped two sizes. However, people started to notice and I started to relax and guess what … you got it … I started to welcome those kilos back again. Arghh! The story of my life. Soon to be changed forever (permanently) if the claims of Cura Romana are correct and right now I am hopeful that they are. I would truly like to believe that I am not unmotivated, undisciplined and all the other nasty things people say about those of us who are overweight and that, in actual fact, there is a centre within our brain that needs resetting.

In short, the Cura Romana program involves taking homeopathic HCG while on a very strict food plan. This is where the bulk of the weight loss happens and then you go on to ‘consolidation’ where you test the reaction of your body to particular foods and determine a personalised plan for life. Specifically, avoid these foods and you will never put on weight again. Yipee! I can’t wait – finally a light at the end of the tunnel. And the cherry on top of the icecream is that you start with 2 feast days. Probably the first 2 guilt free feast days I will ever have.

I paid my money and I am so excited. Finally – permanent weight loss is a possibility and hopefully an inevitability. The emails, audios and voicemails started arriving from Leslie and with each one I got more excited as I learnt more about the program and what I needed to do to be ready to start. I learned that things absorbed through our skin can cause us to put on weight; it is hard to find a good range of organic fruit and veges in Christchurch; Marshalls Health in New Brighton has great prices; the organic butcher thinks I am absolutely deprived only being allowed 100g of meat at a meal; and much much more.

Is there anyone out there who can relate to this? What has worked for you before?