Changing The World

Thursday, June 23, 2011 by Amanda

When I was young I decided to change the world,
but the world would not be changed.

So I decided to change my country,
but the country would not allow change.

So I decided to change my community,
but the community was set in their ways.

So I decided to change my family,
but my family would have nothing to do with it.

So I decided to just change myself.

Then I found that when I changed myself,
my family changed.

And when my family changed,
they changed the community.

And when the community changed,
they changed the country.

And when the country changed,
then the world changed with it.


Amanda’s Comments:
Change really does start within. An easy way to test this is to smile. Smile at everyone who crosses your path for a day and just notice whether they smile back. You will find that most do and some will also smile at someone else as a result of your smile. You may not see this but believe me, it will happen. Something so simple as a smile can brighten people’s day and it’s yours to give any time you choose!

I would love to hear your smile stories or any other change experiences you have.

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