Coca Cola – How Bad Is It Really?

Thursday, February 10, 2011 by Amanda

As I was flicking through Elaine Hollingsworth’s book, thinking about what to write about next, Coca Cola caught my eye. This was a vice of mine before Cura Romana and I most definitely would have avoided reading this section before. Being a non-coffee and tea drinker, Coca Cola was my preferred pick me up. There are nutritional benefits of consuming Coca Cola … or at least it doesn’t do any harm to have the occasional one or 5 … as you can see I am still in denial.

Elaine is very brief and blunt in her summary of Coca Cola and soft drinks in general. She highlights that there are so many chemicals in soft drinks, it would take considerable effort to list them all. Diet soft drinks are even worse in that they use artificial sweeteners which can be extremely toxic. Soft drinks destroy our bones and teeth and if that’s not enough to convince you to banish them forever, she lists some experiments to try with Coca Cola.

In the past, I have heard about putting a coin in a glass of coke and how it dissolves in a couple of days. I always went with the adage “What you don’t know, can’t hurt you” and never tried it. How wrong was I? However, when I put the metal nails she suggested into a jar (I was scared what they might do to one of my good glasses) of coke, I found that it took the silver coating off the nails but left the rest of the nail intact – even after a week. As instructed, I tipped some coke on an oil stain in the driveway and it didn’t make any difference to the stain either. It would have been divorce in my household if I carried out the third experiment which was to pour it on the car and watch what happened to the paint.

So, have Coca Cola heard the rumours about what coke does to coins, nails, unmovable stains, … and changed the formula to provide a more healthful drink? Or did they just add a few more chemicals to protect the nails and stains from dissolving? You decide.

Elaine’s parting comments on this topic are “if you and your family persist in drinking soft drinks after these experiments, you need psychiatric help!” So, I tried Jack Daniels and soda water but it didn’t quite do the trick. I will have to stick to the odd glass of wine here and there instead. At least I know there is one natural ingredient included – grapes.

Have you tried these experiments before? Did they work for you?

Source: Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry (11th Edition) by Elaine Hollingsworth, page 75

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