Conscious Co Creators

Tools, Guidance, Workshops, Energy healing and one on one sessions all designed and delivered from the heart to you, to help you Remember Who you are and shed the layers off of who you 'think' you might be. Step into your own power now and reclaim your natural divine state of being. Happiness, Love and Joy!

Business Description

  • Breath work to release Trauma and bring new life force energy back into the body
  • Crystal/Energy Healing sessions working with the bodies chakras to Re-balance, Restore and Re-harmonize different aspects of the self
  • Intuitive one on one spiritual guidance sessions
  • Certified teacher for the School of RememberingTM and Drunvalo Melchizedeks teachings/workshop ‘Awakening the Illuminated Heart’TM. Reactive your living Merkaba light field and propel you into consciousness into higher realms of knowing, truth and understanding.




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Address Christchurch
Phone027 957 8335

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