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Whether you want to ease physical pain, learn to cope with the stress of a busy lifestyle, or simply want to increase your inner awareness in a fun and relaxing environment. Holistic Pulsing can help you. We can all benefit from balancing and relaxing our bodies, and achieving greater awareness of our inner self. Corinne would love to assist you on your Holistic Pulsing journey, so call her today to begin this fantastic revitalising and therapeutic experience.

Business Description

Corinne Murray

I’ve been interested in Health & Nutrition, Bodywork and complimentary/alternative therapies since I was a teenager. I travelled and worked in a variety of places until I connected with Holistic Pulsing in 1990. This Body/Mind therapy seemed to flow into my life with a will of its own, bringing a level of passion and healing that I’d never experienced before.

I went on to gain my H.P Diploma in 1994 and teacher accreditation in 1995. I have continued to hold an Annual Practising Certificate (full integrative practitioner) since its conception and am an active member of the H.P Guild.

I have continued to study and up skill as time goes on including supervision training, psychology, NZQA Adult Education & Training certificate etc.

I’m proud to offer my Holistic Pulsing Centre close to the city, developing a place of peace, awareness & healing within the busy-ness of life. Here you can experience individual sessions, see talks & demonstrations, and partake in small group work. I can also travel to people by special request.

For those wanting to learn some Holistic Pulsing I offer a variety of training to meet individual requirements.

Holistic Pulsing has brought a deepening sense of joy and connection to my life and part of that pleasure is sharing it with other people. If you want to be part of the H.P journey I look forward to hearing from you.

The gentle therapy

Holistic Pulsing is a complementary natural therapy, and can be used in conjunction with most other body therapies and medicines. It is fun and safe for most people. It has been effective and beneficial for newborn babies, injured and elderly people.

Holistic Pulsing promotes healing through pleasure instead of pain, and is non-invasive, as you remain fully clothed throughout the session in a gentle, relaxing and nurturing environment.

Some benefits are:
• Releases stress and tension.
• Freedom from backache.
• Increases joint mobility.
• Improves circulation.
• Detoxifying.
• Deep body and mind relaxation.
• Connect with our inner sense of peace and joy.
• Overall sense of wellbeing.

The Pulsing Centre

The Pulsing Centre offers a range of workshops, courses and facilities including:
• Holistic Pulsing sessions for individuals and couples.
• Holistic Pulsing workshops for those interested in exploring their inner selves further.
• Supervision.
• Parenting courses.
• Talks and open evenings.
• Demonstrations and workshops.
• Equipment hire – massage tables and/or room hire.
• Library.
• Room hire for small groups.

A wide range of organic and natural products are also available, including Living Nature Skin Care, Essential Oils, Books and Relaxation CD’s.




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Address 36 England St
Christchurch 8011
Phone03 389 9931
Mobile021 0228 0908

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