Cura Romana And The History Of My Weight Loss And Gain

Thursday, November 4, 2010 by Amanda

Some time ago I contacted Leslie Kenton about her Cura Romana weight loss program and really liked what I read about it. However, the cost made me think twice and while I was still deliberating her book “The X Factor Diet” was recommended to me. I got it out of the library and devoured it one morning in bed (with 2 children playing around me). I was fired up to go the high protein way and I was hungry so off I headed to the supermarket for a roast chicken. Mmmm. Of course I had to get the one with the stuffing because they taste so much better. And I got the loaf of low GI bread for my recently diagnosed type 2 diabetes husband. So I sat down to one of many last suppers – thick sliced bread, stuffing, chicken (with the skin on of course) and to make myself feel a little less guilty I had some celery and tomato on the side.

Over the next few weeks, I proceeded to empty my cupboards and fridge, ready for my new eating habits, as suggested. At least almost as suggested, I proceeded to EAT my way through all the items in the fridge and pantry that will no longer be a part of my healthy eating lifestyle. All the time I kept wondering about the differences between The X Factor Diet and Cura Romana and eventually I contacted Leslie and talked about it. She had me convinced within minutes that Cura Romana would be worth every cent and is a much simpler program. After all it was going to be permanent change.

It’s probably useful for you to have a bit of background on me and my dieting history. My first memory of dieting is going home from boarding school for the holidays and mum suggesting we went on a diet together. I remember feeling a bit ripped off since hostel food wasn’t that great and now that I was at home I was on rations. That was the start of my yo-yo dieting which, true to statistics, I put on a bit more each time I regained weight. Even after the healthy eating plan (not a diet) I followed in my mid-twenties, where I lost 20kgs, looked great, still wanted to lose more and managed to put it all back on plus some.

Roll on my early thirties and more great lifestyle changes, helped along by NLP and life coaching, had me looking great, feeling great, still wanting to lose a little bit more … Then I became pregnant with my first daughter and I was fat again and I had no control over it. And I was so tired. I just had to have coke and chocolate every afternoon at work to stay awake in the meetings – at least for the last 3 months of my pregnancy. Welcome to 20+ kilos again. I effortlessly managed to hold on to most of these until I conceived with my second daughter a year later. I then made a concerted effort not to put on another 20 kilos as my brain couldn’t handle that thought. I succeeded to a degree.

Once I had got over the shock of having a new baby, a toddler, no sleep, … I discovered tapping (EFT) and I tapped off 15 kgs with hardly anyone noticing including myself. Ten kilos were gone before I realised that my clothes were hanging off me and when I went to buy some more I had dropped two sizes. However, people started to notice and I started to relax and guess what … you got it … I started to welcome those kilos back again. Arghh! The story of my life. Soon to be changed forever (permanently) if the claims of Cura Romana are correct and right now I am hopeful that they are. I would truly like to believe that I am not unmotivated, undisciplined and all the other nasty things people say about those of us who are overweight and that, in actual fact, there is a centre within our brain that needs resetting.

In short, the Cura Romana program involves taking homeopathic HCG while on a very strict food plan. This is where the bulk of the weight loss happens and then you go on to ‘consolidation’ where you test the reaction of your body to particular foods and determine a personalised plan for life. Specifically, avoid these foods and you will never put on weight again. Yipee! I can’t wait – finally a light at the end of the tunnel. And the cherry on top of the icecream is that you start with 2 feast days. Probably the first 2 guilt free feast days I will ever have.

I paid my money and I am so excited. Finally – permanent weight loss is a possibility and hopefully an inevitability. The emails, audios and voicemails started arriving from Leslie and with each one I got more excited as I learnt more about the program and what I needed to do to be ready to start. I learned that things absorbed through our skin can cause us to put on weight; it is hard to find a good range of organic fruit and veges in Christchurch; Marshalls Health in New Brighton has great prices; the organic butcher thinks I am absolutely deprived only being allowed 100g of meat at a meal; and much much more.

Is there anyone out there who can relate to this? What has worked for you before?

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  1. NYC1998 says:


    Would love to know how you went with this. I have just ordered some drops, but am not doing the entire programme with Leslie as it’s out of budget.

    Can you tell me how much and how often you took the spray?

    Many thanks 🙂

  2. Amanda says:

    The program went great for me. Please read my other blogs for the details.

    Leslie has recently published a book on Cura Romana and I would suggest getting that so you are able to get the full benefit of the program.

    From memory, I think it was 2 sprays 4 times a day about 30 minutes before meals and I remember that it was important to get the quantity and timing correct otherwise you can put on weight.

    The key is in following the program exactly so I really would recommend the book if you are unable to do the coaching.

  3. Kelly says:

    What I cant work out is listen to your body during consildation and it will tell you what is good for it and is not.. But How?? Gaining weight? Upset Stomach? WHat tells me something is good or bad? I am just about to enter consolidation in 4 days time. I have read Cura Romana book and I cant find anything that describes a “Reaction”.

  4. Amanda says:

    Hi Kelly.

    On Consolidation and after, I watched for changes to my mood, energy and body. Some of the changes I noticed, that alerted me to problems with my food choices, were: immediate severe weight gain (1kg in 1 day); gradual weight gain over a few days; lacking in energy; fuzzy mind; smelly perspiration like I had in the first week of the program; irritation with my children or husband; constipation or diarrhea.

    My only major reaction was with Brie – read more here

    Basically look for anything out of the ordinary for you and after 3 or 6 weeks on the program you should now have an idea of what is normal for you. Are you happy with your weight loss to date? I would be please to hear more about how you get on.


  5. Sandi says:

    I have read the book (twice) and am about to order the spray. I am a mainly diet controlled diabetic, have 20 kilos to lose but keen. What do you do if you have to go away for a weekend (to family and friends or other) where you have no control over what food will be available (and taking your own would be considered rude)
    Would it be better to be in Consildation period ???

  6. Amanda says:

    Family and friends can be very judgemental of our choices. Sometimes I find it is easier to come up with a believable lie than it is to tell the truth. The truth is they don’t want to hear the truth because it makes them feel uncomfortable.

    It would certainly be easier to do the visit during consolidation and to take your own food. What I would do is tell them before hand that your doctor has put you on a very controlled diet to evaluate how it affects your diabetes and that you have to follow it exactly. If they ask more, tell them that it’s based on having a really restricted diet for 3 weeks to clean out your system and then slowly introducing foods to test whether your body reacts to them or not. If you get caught with having to wash dishes or something like that where oils might get on your skin, weasel your way out by saying that your doctor has said you have to be careful about what your skin comes into contact with because it can be absorbed through your skin and counteract the cleansing process that’s going on.

    If you get any questions you can’t answer or they question your answers, just say I don’t understand it all but as far as I’m concerned it’s worth a try to not have to deal with diabetes for the rest of my life.

    Hope this helps.


    PS. I suggest ordering the spray from the Cura Romana site as it is a different formulation from all the others and works in a slightly different way.

  7. Kathy Kilbey says:

    I was only moderately overweight in 2011(80kg as opposed to a norm of 70-72kg. age late sixties. did CR in Dec 2011 and lost regular 1kg-1.5kg every 1-3 daYS. Got rid of 10 kg in the 24 days with no probs (all from around the middle, upper legs etc (some of that was water retention (drink 8-10 glasses a day to get your body out of “water shortage mode, where it stores water). Xmas messed it all up a bit and I didn’t really study the consilidation bit properly, so over a year put about 5 kg back on. Did the process again in spring 2013 and lost the 6kg again in 24 days. Life got in the way and consilidation was a mess!! On 70th birthday Sept 2015 decided to do it again properly. started November 1st and by 24th Nov got back to base weight. Now doing a very conscientious consolidation and have maintained final weight for 2 months including Xmas. I should mention I am type one diabetic (25 years) and fed up with hearing the rubbish from the medical profession about fats making you fat!! Its CARBS that make you fat!!!!! I’m now full of energy, my correct weight and I’m intending to sail single-handed across the Atlantic in my 34 foot sailboat in 2017/2017 (mainly just to confound the medical “professionals”

  8. Amanda says:

    Good on you. Lovely to hear your story. I went to a nutritionist with my Diabetic husband (now ex-husband) and after listening for a while I said to her “do you mean to say that if he didn’t eat carbs, he wouldn’t need insulin?” and she said “yes, but we don’t expect people to do that because it’s a bit extreme!” They didn’t even give it as an option. My father did a lot of sailing around the south pacific in a 28ft yacht and had a lot of stories to tell from it. Enjoy! Would love to hear how you get on.

  9. Kathy Kilbey says:

    Yes – I like your website, I’ll keep in touch – you can see me at or This carb stuff gets right up my nose; in the Uk the NHS recommends 100-150gm of bread, potatoes/rice grain etc etc a day and avoid fats – go to London and they’re all 20stone and pear-shaped so that’s definately good advice!! (I nearly killed myself following that advice before I knew better). Leslie K’s Cura diet is seemingly very similar to the original Atkins diet or the modern Keto diets but with the spray to cause a kick-start to the fat burning ketosis. I read Simeon’s original book pounds and inches very thoroughly and it all makes perfect sense.

    However I’ve not met a NHS Doctor or GP in the UK who knows anything about diet – they are all still singing from the 1970’s low fat high carb hymnsheet, despite the fact that they amputated 70,000 limbs from type 2 diabetics last year!!

    Keep up the good work Kiwi’s I may well sail past your pretty little Islands in the next year or three in which case I’ll look you up.


  10. Jackie says:

    I need to loose 10kg again…having followed Cura Romana over the past three years I find that something happens after a period of about 7 months of maintaining a goal weight and it suddenly creeps up. Normally I will do a three week protocal followed by consolidation. This time it has piled on again more than before, hence the 10kgs. I wonder if it is ok for the body, especially kidneys, to undergo this regime again as the last time that I did this was the beginning of this year. Is there a limit to how many times you can do this? Can I safely do this on my own ( with the book) for longer than three weeks to shed the excess of 10 kgs? I would also like some advice about this 6-7 month blip that keeps happening.

  11. Amanda says:

    Sorry for the slow reply. I didn’t see this message come through. I can’t advise on whether it is good for your body or not but I have done longer than the 3 weeks using the book. I have also done it with the coaching with Leslie and I do find it more effective being coached through it. All the best.

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