Cura Romana Revisited … 3 Months After Consolidation

Wednesday, January 25, 2012 by Amanda

For the 2 months following Consolidation I remained within 1 kilo of my ideal weight. Any time that my weight rose above that, I completed a “steak day” and immediately bought it back down. Then came Christmas Day and 3 weeks away from home. During the time away I was staying with other people and/or eating out for meals and it wasn’t so easy to maintain a strict control on the foods I was consuming. I found my body reacting to foods, gradually putting on weight and I was unable to do a “steak” day.

What I have found most interesting is my attitude towards it. I am not at all concerned with the weight gain. I see it as a temporary thing due to the excesses of Christmas and holidaying. I have no doubt that I will return to my ideal weight over the next few weeks. Now that I am back home, I will return to my decision to complete a “steak day” whenever my weight raises by more than 900g from my current lowest weight. As my weight tends to fluctuate up and down on a daily basis, I will take this increase to be from the lowest point and in this way, slowly reduce my weight back to it’s ideal.

This time around I have discovered more foods which my body reacts to including some that I used to love such as salmon. However, I don’t feel deprived in any way as there are other foods that I am able to eat and maintain my ideal weight. Bacon and chocolate are 2 favourites which I enjoy in moderation and it astounds my friends that they don’t cause me to put on weight. Yet a mouthful or two of a food my body doesn’t like and I can easily gain 3 – 800 grams in a day!

Lately I have been noticing others reactions when I say that I can’t eat something and have come to the conclusion that they would be more accepting if I said I didn’t like it. Weird … it’s OK to dislike something but not to be allergic/intolerant to it … a sign of our times or maybe just that I have been around people without known allergies. It’s definitely not a very scientific study so I will continue to observe.

Do you have allergies/intolerances? How do people react to it when you are eating at their place or eating out?

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