Cura Romana Revisited … 6 Months After Consolidation

Wednesday, April 25, 2012 by Amanda

The last 3 months have been an interesting journey as I have attempted to return to my ideal weight.

During this time I noticed that I had a bit of a pattern going on. I would react to a food and then for the next 3-4 days eat things which I normally wouldn’t. I’d also be quite tired from the reaction and so I would eat more chocolate than normal. As the reactions piled one on top of each other, I found my weight going up until I decided “that’s enough”. Then for a few days I would stick to simple proteins, vegetables and fruit. Control became an issue whereas previously I hadn’t needed control to eat the things I know are healthy for my body. I also noticed that if I don’t drink enough water, even if I am eating well, I put weight on.

I have found my weight to be very dependent on what is happening to me emotionally and it is not always because the emotions influence the way I eat. I could lose weight one day when I was happy and eating exactly the same things on another day when I am unhappy, I put on weight! Upon doing some clearing work on my second chakra, I discovered an instant weight loss. I realised that my second chakra was so shut down that I didn’t feel hungry. Great you might think! However, the flip side is that I never feel full either. Except at Christmas time when I am absolutely stuffed. Then I feel uncomfortable so I know I’m full! Generally I eat on a schedule and if there happens to be some eating in between that doesn’t get factored in. Recently, I have started to notice the pangs of hunger and the feeling of fullness before I have overeaten. Yahooo!

Before writing this blog I thought I would contact Leslie Kenton and see what her opinion was on what was going on with my weight. She said that the binge eating I had done over Christmas had unstabilised my diencephalon. I was concerned that maybe it had been reset to the higher weight but she said this wasn’t the case. In her experience the only way to re-establish the balance hormonally, biologically and energetically is to do another round of Cura Romana. Right now I am not ready to do that so I will experiment a bit more with the idea that it is emotionally based.

I will let you know how I get on and would love to hear from anyone who has an opinion on the linkage between weight and emotions.

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  1. My opinion is that there is a direct connection between weight and emotions, between eating habits and emotions. It’s not just about comfort eating of foods that we have made that connection with when younger. It is a lot ot do with the beliefs and conditioning that we grew up with. Beliefs about having to eat all on our plate, not wasting food, being scared that there will be nothing to eat later so need to fill up. There could be all sorts of hidden beliefs inside you. The other question to explore is who’s permission do you need to eat heathily, or less, or differently – mother’s, father’s, own. Permission is a strong factor is all our behaviour. A Journey process can get to the real emotional cause of any eating habit. When feeling at one with one’s being then it is effortless to eat just what your body requires and for the body to process it perfectly.

  2. Amanda says:

    Mmmm! Food for thought! Ha Ha.

  3. Fifi says:

    Amanda I have read your Cura blogs with interest.
    I am using the book and have just started week three. I’m feeling just fantastic andI plan to do another three weeks before moving on to consolidation. I see you did six weeks on the spray.

    My question is, do you change your food or vitamin regime at all for the second three weeks? I can’t find anything in the book about this.
    And I’m wondering how consolidation is going for you?
    Commiserations on the earthquake the other day, it has got my Chch whanau a bit jittery.
    best regards

  4. Amanda says:

    Hi Fifi. No, there is no change to the food or vitamin regime. The only thing that changes is if you reach your ideal weight, you will start to get hungry. This is then a sign to go on to consolidation. However, if you are still in the first 3 weeks and reach your ideal weight then the procedure is different and I think is explained in the book.

    I am about to embark on another round of Cura Romana as I have been eating foods that my body doesn’t like consistently. This came about because in Christmas 2011, “I destabilised my diencehpalon by overeating and eating the wrong foods” according to Leslie Kenton. I was convinced that my weight was influenced by my emotional state and was monitoring this. However, in the last 3 months I have been extremely happy and have put on 5 kgs. I am now accepting of Leslie’s conclusion and am keen to reset my body again and get back to a healthy way of living.

    All the best on your journey.


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