Cura Romana Revisited … Consolidation

Thursday, October 27, 2011 by Amanda

Consolidation was a real challenge initially. This wasn’t helped by the fact that I didn’t read the book properly and so I started introducing new foods from Day 1 of Consolidation instead of waiting for Day 4 or 5. I was also a bit lax when introducing foods that I had previously tested and would do a couple at a time. In hindsight, I think both of these things overloaded my system and caused reactions.

This time around, I avoided red meat during the Food Plan as I suspected that I might be intolerant to it. I have since tested lamb and definitely reacted. I haven’t tested beef or venison yet. As I ate all 3 during the Food Plan and Consolidation last time, I wonder whether having these in my system masked some of my reactions to other foods. They may have also assisted the gradual weight gain I experienced.

My understanding about cravings was refined this time around. I really got that any food that I crave is caused by a reaction to that food. Also, general cravings are also caused by a reaction to a food. For example, when I ate a food in the morning that I reacted to, later in the day I found myself searching the supermarket shelves for a treat. And I found many that would do (in my mind)!

I found that the reaction to a food can be subtle and often explained away by other circumstances. One morning I found myself tired, irritable, wanting food I shouldn’t and 300 grams heavier. I had picked up a cold from my girls and had been getting better – I thought “I’m getting worse again” hence being tired and irritable. My bowels not moving explained away the 300 grams and emotional eating the craving! Not so – too many factors I decided. I immediately apologised to my body, started drinking lots of water and ate simply and well for the rest of the day. After lunch, my energy picked up.

My next reaction was much more obvious. 700 grams weight gain, smelly perspiration (which I had experienced last time with a reaction), eating when I was not hungry and doing it in an almost compulsive way. I also had cravings for all sorts of things.

I realise now that I missed some of the subtle signs of a reaction last time and pushed through them. Therefore, I was eating foods that my body didn’t love and it was telling me by the gradual weight gain I experienced and the lack of energy.

Although I have officially finished Consolidation, I have decided to continue as though I am still on it. Keeping records, reintroducing foods every couple of days, doing a “steak” (omelette) day whenever my weight goes 900 grams above my ideal, and really noticing what is going on with my body. How empowering it feels to be at my ideal weight and know that I can maintain it for the rest of my life if I choose.

What have you done recently that you have found empowering?

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  1. Fiona says:

    Hi Amanda,

    I completed my first round of CR – HCG earlier this year and lost 22kg. It had started to creep back on over the last month and I decided to embark on another journey. I think I’ll only need to do 3 weeks this time, but I wonder if you know anything about what to do if you reach your goal before the 3 weeks is completed?

  2. Amanda says:

    My understanding is that if you reach your ideal weight during the first 3 weeks, you will become hungry while you are on HCG and the Food Plan. It is essential that you complete the 3 weeks on HCG and Food Plan so (from memory) you slowly increase the quantity of protein until you are no longer hungry. Please note that I say ‘ideal weight’ not ‘goal weight’ because your body’s ideal weight may be different from what you have decided it should be. I would suggest emailing Leslie directly from the Cura Romana website to get her advice on this as I haven’t experienced it first hand. Good luck. Amanda

  3. Fiona says:

    Thanks Amanda – I liked the idea of using kinesiology to test for my ideal weight too. Did you test yourself or go to someone?

  4. Amanda says:

    I tested myself as I have completed a course in Touch for Health Kinesiology and have used muscle testing on myself quite a bit.

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