Cura Romana Revisited … Weeks 1 & 2

Thursday, August 18, 2011 by Amanda

My first week back on Cura Romana went very well considering that I started the week with a head cold and a hangover … a last minute attempt to revert to my old lifestyle. This time I am doing the program without coaching and so am making sure that I take notice of all the little changes so I can pick up any difficulties early.

The main thing I found different from the first week last time is that rather than focussing on the weight and how much I was losing, I found myself completely accepting that my body would lose weight at whatever rate it chose. This let me use the amount lost as an indicator of what was going on for my body. For example, when I only lost 100g one day, I checked my records carefully and discovered that my bowels hadn’t moved for 2 days. An extra dose of Senna Tea moved them along! On Day 6 I was surprisingly tired in the afternoon and when I checked, I discovered that I hadn’t had much water that morning. Needless to say, I started to drink more and my fatigue lifted.

Probably the most unusual thing I have found this time around was that after 2 weeks on the program, I had lost exactly the same amount of weight as I had last time after 2 weeks. This throws out all my beliefs from previous diets. Ideas like – the heavier you are, the more you will lose at the start – obviously not with this program. What a pleasant surprise.

What weight loss “facts” have you proved to be myths?

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  1. Wendy says:

    Hi Amanda, I have just read your blog with great interest! I’m about to start the Cura Romana programme, just using Leslie’s book for guidance as I imagine the cost of having her mentorship would be prohibitive, although extremely useful I’m sure. It has been so helpful to read about your success and your very honest and open thoughts and feelings about the process. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on your blogs and see how you’re doing this time round while I set out on the process for myself. By the way, I’m Scottish and live in the Scottish Highlands but lived in NZ (in Wellington) from 2004-2007 and it’s lovely to find this programme re-connecting me with the place I loved and still miss. Wendy

  2. Amanda says:

    Hi Wendy. Lovely to hear from you. I found the coaching great but as you say it does cost a bit. My best advice for you doing it on your own is “follow the program exactly” – Leslie says it many times in the book and it’s what I did to get such great results. Also, if you can, don’t focus on the weight so much. Know that you will lose between 0.5 – 0.6 pounds per day on average and try to use any stalls or gains in weight as an indicator of what is going on. Eg. bowels not moving, period started, in my case sleepless nights with children tend to cause weight gain – no idea why but once I catch up on the sleep I get a big loss. It is the most fantastic program I have ever undertaken for weight loss and I love that you get all the benefits of the weight loss at the start. This makes it easy to follow through on consolidation because you already have the results. I would love to hear how you go. Amanda

  3. Wendy says:

    Hi again, Amanda! Thanks for your reply. I haven’t started the programme yet, although I had planned to do my feast days yesterday and today, because I suddenly realised that the Essential Spray is not the homeopathic hCG but a new ‘vibrational essence’ formula. I’ve been in touch with Leslie Kenton by email and she has assured me that the Essential Spray ‘does work’, but I would really appreciate your thoughts about this too as someone who has used the product once (I assume you used the newer spray and not the homeopathic. Thanks! Wendy

  4. Amanda says:

    Hi Wendy. I have just had a look at my bottles and last time I did the program it was with HCG 6X-12X-30X-60X-200C (Leslie Kenton’s Cura Romana). It was made by Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy and has no ingredients listed. This time it’s called Cura Romana Essential Spray and is produced by Cura Romana Ltd. The contents are: Essences of Gold, Lapis, Tourmaline, Pearl and Glycoprotein, purified water, pure ethanol 25%. My experience on the program has been very similar both times even though the sprays are different. Hope this helps. Amanda

  5. Wendy says:

    That does help, thanks. I have the very same Essential Spray that you’re using this time round. Interesting to hear that your experience has been very similar both times. You must be near or at the end of the three weeks now. Are you doing the spray+food plan for longer again or just the three weeks this time? Have you had the same level of weight and inches loss? Thanks for being in touch. Wendy 🙂

  6. Amanda says:

    I am doing longer again this time as I am hoping to achieve my ideal weight. I am looking forward to that hunger arriving, while I am still on the HCG, which will signal that I have achieved my ideal weight. Having had a weight issue all my life, I have no idea what my ideal weight is. I haven’t checked the inches loss but the weight loss has been similar at a few points during the program. When I compared it today, I have actually lost more than last time at the same point in the program.

  7. Betsy says:

    Hi Amanda
    I have been on Leslie Kenton homeopathic spray as well started hcg + diet on the 24th August so am on day 11 and still very hungry. Its been a massive struggle (I have lost weight so no probs there!!) but I have been disappointed to still feel hungry and have wanted to give up several times as I am worried that the spray isnt working and I am essentially just going very hungry!! I emailed Leslie and she thought I may have candida that was causing the hunger and I have scoured internet sites searching for any other info on hunger but most people say it only lasts at the most a week…. I have increased the spray to 3 sprays 3 times and 2 sprays once a day as of yesterday and I did feel a bit less hungry today?? any thoughts would be much apprecitated! (I have followed the program to the letter and drink between 3-5 litres a day) Thanks for any thoughts you have!!! Betsy 🙂

  8. Amanda says:

    Hi Betsy. I am glad that at least you are getting the weight loss with the hunger but I can imagine that it must be very difficult being hungry. I have not experienced hunger at all on the program but what I have found this time is a lot of desire for other food. It is not hunger as such but a wanting for other things. This is a huge issue for me to do with “missing out” and “not fitting in”. I feel like I am on the verge of a breakthrough with it though as I am consciously aware of it now. I am no expert on this but I do wonder whether you are drinking too much water when you are up near the 5 litres. Having always drunk a lot of water – and listened to people say that more is the key to weight loss – I found myself at one stage drink about 5 litres a day too. However, I wasn’t very well and when I had it checked out by a natural health professional, they suggested that the large quantity of water I was consuming was probably hindering my absorption of the nutrients from what I was eating. As I say, I am not a professional – this is just my experience. There is an article recently posted that you may find interesting to read. I would think that on a weight loss / detox program you would be best to consume slightly above their recommended amount. I hope this helps. Amanda

  9. Betsy says:

    Thanks Amanda – i really appreciate hearing from someone whos in the process! Its seems like everyday I think “thats it” then I feel better and think “I will give it another day” ha! If I wasnt dealing with hunger I WOULD BE SHOUTING from the rooftops how great this is!!! There are times each day that I feel fantastic and thankfully these are coming a bit more! Today I only really had about an hour of fatigue and hunger so thats positive – Interesting what you say about the water – I will read the article! I am feeling pretty good about the fact that I have pushed through some pretty big obstacles in this as in the past I would have given up long ago!!! Its more pushing past my fears and the feeling of being uncomfortable (hungry or tired) and knowing that they will indeed pass. Sounds like for you that little voice that says “I am missing out” is about to be shown that, in fact, you are a powerful clever woman who can move beyond lifes difficulties with ease and grace!!! GO YOU!!!! Thanks for your message – it helped heaps 🙂 Betsy

  10. Amanda says:

    It sounds like you are making good progress and in the difficult times, I think it is best to just focus on the weight loss because frankly, where else can you lose so much in such a short period of time and without compromising your health. The spiritual transformation is an additional benefit. I am so looking forward to my last few days on the food plan and am still hopeful that I will achieve my ideal weight this time around. My feeling is another 1 to 1.5 kilos. Woo Hoo! My body feels fantastic and so do I. I love my body – really and truely – even the little flabby bits that are still there after 2 children! This is a first for me. All the best. Amanda

  11. Betsy says:

    Thanks Amanda – All the best to you!!!

  12. Helen says:

    Hi, I am 27 years old and suffer from PCOS and I am thinking of trying this program. Is there any advice you can give me?

    Also I can see that the last post was in september and it is now November, can you guys tell me how well are you doing and if its worth it?

    thanks 🙂

  13. Amanda says:

    Unfortunately I am not familiar enough with PCOS to comment. I would suggest emailing Leslie directly at to see if she has any advice. I posted a blog on my experience with consolidation at the end of October and you can view that on the home page. I don’t really have anything to update since then – just more of the same fantastic results! Amanda

  14. Cece says:

    Hi all, about to start the programme I am on day one of feast & spray, I think i need to loose about one stone, so my question is can I stop the protocol once i have achieved that weight as i dont want to loose too much? the book dosnt really explain what to to if you reach what you believe is an ideal weight if it happens before the 24 days are up, any advice much appreciated thanks Cece

  15. Amanda says:

    Hi Cece. My understanding is that if you reach your body’s ideal weight while on the program, you will start to get hungry. If this is during the first 24 days of the program, you stay on the program but increase the amount of protein. I would suggest that if you get here, you email Leslie to check exactly how much protein to add and if there is anything else to do. If you end up doing the extended program (45 days) then when you start to experience the hunger, you skip to the last few days of the program where you continue on the food plan without the HCG. I don’t know that it is possible to lose too much weight with this program but I would be interested to hear how you get on. Best of luck. Amanda

  16. Dodie says:

    I’ve just started Cura Romana and I’m on Day 6. All going well I thought but today woke up to find I’ve gained 2.2 lbs and I still feel hungry… feeling rather disheartened and wondered if any of you old-timers might be able to offer me some advice or reassurance. I have stuck faithfully to the protocol! Thanks so much. Dodie

  17. Amanda says:

    The only thing that comes to mind for me is Leslie’s story about the baby. The lady was putting cream onto the babies bottom without using gloves and that was causing her weight gain. All I can suggest is be mindful of everything that comes into contact with your skin. For feeling hungry, make sure you are drinking enough water and do the breathing she suggests when you are actually feeling the hunger. I have found that the mind can often be confused into feeling what it expects to feel even when it’s actually something else (eg. thirsty). It seems that everyone’s experience is completely different in the details yet at the end of the program the results are still there the same for everyone. All the best. Amanda

  18. Apsara says:

    Hi Amanda, I definitely rave about Curaromana after losing 11kgs on the 45day plan – seemingly effortlessly.
    However this round – round two – has been immeasurably different.
    I’ve stalled for 11xdays now and after each of the 2xapple days I have done, I simply put the apple day weight loss back on.

    I’m completely bewildered. I haven’t done the mentoring program this time because I felt confident enough to do it alone. My first week was great – I lost 4kgs (incl loading weight) but it’s been stagnant since then.
    I am using an unopened bottle of spray left over from my Jan 2012 (expires Jan 2015) program, so wondered if this was the problem? I have got my new bottles now.

    Other than this there is not one thing I can think of to explain this.
    My period finished yesterday so this could have something to do with it, but it in no way interrupted my weightloss during the last program.
    I’m not hungry and I haven’t reached my goal weight.

    How did you go during round two?

  19. Amanda says:

    From memory, round 2 was very similar to round 1 which I remember finding unusual as my past experience was that the lighter you are the less you lose. Have a look at my “Cura Romana Revisited” blogs under Weight Loss on the left hand side of the web page. Unfortunately the only advice I would have is re-read all the material/the book as there is possibly something that you are missing. I went a bit from memory and ended up introducing foods too early on consolidation.

    All the best.


  20. Christine says:

    Hi, I am on week 4 as I carried on taking spray instead of going in to consolidation,my question is :- is it ok to continue until I reach my goal I still have another 3 stone to lose…it’s hard but I’m managing ok,any help would be much appreciated,I’ve read the book over and over and can’t find an answer.

  21. Amanda says:

    Hi Christine. Yes, it’s definitely OK to continue taking the HCG longer than 3 weeks. The maximum that Leslie recommends is 42 days on the HCG and food plan with an extra 3 days only on the food plan at the end and then you go into consolidation. I did this 45 day program both times. Then you need to go all the way through consolidation before embarking on the program again. All the best. Amanda

  22. Fionn Rogerson says:

    I’ve had ER positive breast cancer and am taking an aromatise inhibitor for the next five years. Might the use of the essential spray interfere with this treatment and is the hCG spray a hormonal product? What exactly is the content of the essential spray?

  23. Amanda says:

    Hi Fionn. Unfortunately I am not qualified to answer your specific questions. I suggest you contact Leslie Kenton at Cura Romana. All the best. Amanda

  24. Shaza says:

    a note on the HcG in the spray or not – there was apparently an ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) complaint about her site “promoted an unlicensed medical product” (although I’m going to bet that the people who complained will also turn around and say that homeopathy is a nonsense anyways). So I’m guessing they had to remove the HcG from the formula or at least stop promoting it actively.

    I won’t post the links to those bits here as I don’t want to promote their sites even further through search engines (as cross posting links can do).

    but you can google it yourself if you want to know.

  25. Amanda says:

    Leslie Kenton’s (Cura Romanas) spray no longer includes HCG. I did hear about the complaint and understand that it was from a competitor who was challenged by her market share – but that is gossip – I cannot substantiate that.

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