Cura Romana Update – One Month After The Program Finished

Thursday, March 3, 2011 by Amanda

Over the month, I followed my plan to slowly continue introducing foods one at a time. However, I was more relaxed about it than I had been on the program. I haven’t discovered anything else which my body reacts to as severely as the Brie but I have found that:

  • Sugar affects my mood. It makes me grumpy within 1 hour of consuming it.
  • Eating too much of a variety of foods together causes temporary weight gain.
  • Eating simple proteins, vegetables and fruit for a day or so counteracts excesses and my weight returns to normal.
  • I can eat large quantities of the foods my body likes and still lose weight.
  • It is rare that I get hungry.
  • Fruit for breakfast is what suits my body best.
  • I am still doing some emotional eating but it doesn’t seem to cause weight gain.

Since completing the program, my weight has fluctuated from day to day. However, it has remained within a kilo of my weight at the end of the program.

I am still very hopeful that this is a permanent change.

What successes have you had lately and what are you optimistic about?

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