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Ready to transform your weight, your health and your life permanently? Let world-famous health guru Leslie Kenton personally coach you on this powerhouse program for permanent weight loss.

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Leslie Kenton continues to personally mentor people all over the globe on Cura Romana — the world’s only, internet-based weightloss program for body, mind and spirit. You can lose from 15 to 30 pounds a month – in safety, without hunger. Shed resistant fat from thighs, hips and waist that slimming diets don’t budge. Restore your body’s natural shape permanently. Leslie Kenton will show you how and guide you through your process day-by-day as Cura Romana’s natural homeopathic protocol resets the fat-controlling center in the brain, transforms your body, increases your vitality and rejuvenates your life. Cura Romana has already changed the lives of thousands.

A double-barreled weight loss miracle, Cura Romana has two parts to it – a specific homeopathic derived from the only natural substance known which tells the body to turn inessential fat into usable energy, and a highly specific dietary protocol. Together they burn your inessential fat stores at a rate of 1,500 to 4,000 calories a day while resetting appetite and how your body handles food. Once your excess weight is lost, you can go back to eating normal, healthy food and not have to regain it. In short, your body can maintain its perfect size and shape permanently.

The revolutionary research and clinical procedures behind Cura Romana were developed more than half a century ago by a British physician, ATW Simeons and further developed by Leslie to make weight loss permanent. A brilliant researcher, clinician, and writer – much celebrated for his medical innovations – Simeons spent 30 years grappling with the challenge of obesity – its cause and cure. When he applied his discoveries to clinical work, and published the first of many papers on the treatment of obesity in The Lancet, doctors from all over the world flocked to his clinic in Rome, eager to learn how to use his techniques. By now, thousands of people – from kings, popes, celebrities and movie stars to others in the know – have already experienced this transformation at exclusive clinics in Europe and in the plush offices of discreet doctors from LA to Rio.

Leslie continues personally to mentor participants throughout the world on their Cura Romana Journeys. She says, “I have had the privilege of standing beside each and witnessing their unique transformations on a physical and spiritual level. Working with men and women from Europe to Africa, South America to Saudi Arabia has been, for me, like walking in a garden and coming upon flowers and plants, trees and rocks, never seen before. I am often dazzled by the beauty of it all.”

Recently we discovered that the homeopathic protocol is just as effective as Simeons’ injected protocol. So now, for the first time, the marvels of Cura Romana are available to everyone—safely, free of medical procedures, in your own home. The program began in Christchurch and spread worldwide.

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