December 2010

December 14th, 2010 by Amanda

“Nature, time and patience are three great physicians.”
– H.G. Bohn

Seasons Greetings!

Christmas – Silly Season, a Welcome Break or Something Else?

Christmas often brings with it a lot of stresses that reduce our enjoyment of what can be a magical time.  These stresses can include what to buy everyone, what needs to be done before Christmas, functions to attend, and of course the forefront of the mind – family dynamics on Christmas Day!

It seems that Christmas is that time of year where we put huge stress on ourselves to complete all those projects "before Christmas"; to move house "before Christmas"; to finish the renovations or garden "before Christmas"; …  Just STOP for a minute and ask yourself, is this all really necessary or can some things wait until the New Year when you have a bit more time and energy?

If Christmas Day is stressful for you, is there any way you can make it less so.  If you can't change the physical circumstances of it, can you change your thinking?  Rather than thinking about how you HAVE to prepare a meal for everyone, try thinking about how much you enjoy cooking.  Also, what jobs can others do to lighten your load a little?  Pick a few things that can easily be done by others and then either ask someone or wait until they ask if they can do something.  

If you always have disagreements with a particular family member, decide that this year will be different.  You will be different.  Instead of responding to their comments as you would have in the past, try sending them loving thoughts and watch what happens with interest.  Better still, start sending them loving thoughts before you see them and notice if anything is different when you do meet.

A commonly used phrase is: "If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always got."  Choose a new strategy this Christmas and enjoy a different outcome.

It's often said that "Children make Christmas" and I believe it is their enthusiasm and delight at everything around them that makes this true.  So, why not join all the children at Christmas and take delight in the small things.  Really notice what you like about Christmas in your family and focus on this.  Think about what family traditions you have or would like to have.  Do something new.  Focus on quality not quantity.  Embrace the Spirit of Christmas and enjoy it.

This Christmas I decided to really think about what each person would like for Christmas rather than what would "do" for them.  It has meant I really enjoyed the shopping and the gifts that have caught my attention, I have known will be appreciated.  I have decided that on Christmas Day, I will focus on each moment and fully enjoy my children's delight and enthusiasm about their presents and everything else.  I will choose love and joy as my focus for the day.

I send my love and joy to you now and wish you all a little magic at Christmas time.

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