Do You Like Being Rocked To Sleep Like A Baby?

Monday, November 8, 2010 by Amanda

I was offered a free taster of Holistic Pulsing and as I had never even heard of it before, I decided to give it a go. I went along for a foot bath and a ten minute Pulsing session and was immediately hooked. I had been thinking for the past few weeks that I was in need of a massage and realised that I would much rather try a full session of this. I have always felt peaceful and slept well on trains and boats with their gentle rocking motion so my body loved the Holistic Pulsing.

After booking in for a full session plus a bit (1 ½ hours) of bliss, I waited impatiently and excitedly for the day. When I arrived I was offered a footbath again but I declined as I was impatient to get on the table. After a brief discussion of what I would like from the session, mainly being relaxation and a little balancing of the second chakra. In particular, my relationship with myself and, therefore, my husband. At last I was allowed on the table. So, up I climbed fully clothed and lay on my back (my choice) and then the pulsing began … Mmmm … that gentle, and sometimes not so gentle, rocking of my body … heaven on earth.

At one stage, I couldn’t feel my right arm at all and when I opened my eyes, I discovered that it was sticking straight up in the air. Weird – I’ve never felt that level of relaxation before. Then I was impatient to get to the other arm to see if it felt the same. Of course it didn’t and I was back to anticipating which finger was needed next and offering it. Never quite letting go enough to put aside my need to help and to not be a burden – that was a good insight for me! Along the way, I was guided to direct my attention to specific areas of pain or tension and asked questions to draw out the insights which were waiting there for me. What a powerful, yet gentle, physical and emotional experience.

Apparently some people’s bodies resist the rocking movements and it can be an unpleasant experience for them – my heart goes out to those people because this was fantastic. Everyone’s experience is different so give it a go sometime and see if it is for you. Personally, I am awaiting my next session eagerly.

What puts you into that blissful state?

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