Emily Wilson Therapies

Personal support sessions; Energy Channeling courses; Crystal Therapy courses; Star Connections courses

Business Description

The intention of Emily’s work is to facilitate a remembrance and reconnection with our true selves. Through personal sessions and workshops, the most appropriate vibrational frequencies are channelled through in order for the individual to energetically communicate with the multi-dimensional aspects of self. This is sometimes assisted with the use of crystals which provide great support for our physical bodies and energy system. The focus is on the perfection and wholeness of the individual. This enables the cellular structure to remember its divine patterning so that it may transform to match the energy of that which we have always been – divine love. This provides the encouragement to stand strong in the light of our own unique expression of divine source energy within the group oneness.

Services provided in Nelson, Motueka and Takaka.




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Phone021 154 2466

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