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Are you Resilient, Healthy, Flourishing, Confident, Cheerful, Growing, Strong, Creative, Energetic, Adaptable, Self-healing like a dandelion? Make an appointment now and let go of whatever is stopping you from being your real self. Be emotionally healthy and live your life with joy.

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Annette Burrell
B.Soc.Sci, Dip. Tchg (ECE), Dip. E.I.Accredited Journey Practitioner, Cert. Nutritional Healthcare


Emotional Therapy can get to the real cause of practically any issue. If you would like to improve your life, sessions of Emotional Therapy can help.

If you have a physical health issue, Emotional Therapy can help you release the stored emotions and then your physical body is better able to work on healing itself. Therapy can help with:Anxiety, Fear, Stress, Depression, Low self-esteem, Grief, Anger, Past trauma, Unhappiness, Sleep issues, Chronic fatigue, Eating issues, Addictions, Phobias, Relationships issues, Infertility, Divorce, Past abuse, Nail biting, Bullying, and Physical illnesses.

I look forward to supporting your physical and emotional well-being, by facilitating an opening into your own truth.


Emotional Therapy is a different form of counselling where you learn to feel emotions and to let go of them.

I use the Journey method. It was developed by Brandon Bays who healed naturally from a large tumour in 6 1/2 weeks. She was able to access the emotions that were stored in the cells of her body and release them.

It’s like a journey inside yourself – a guided introspection. It is safe and natural. Emotions such as fear, anger, grief, hopelessness, worthlessness can govern our lives and behaviour, and stop us from being ourselves. Find out how these started and be free of them. Feel real joy and happiness. Live your life with confidence.


What better time to create emotionally healthy and resilient people than when they are young. Children respond openly to this therapy and can use their imagination within the guided introspection to help reveal the real issues. They can have fun while learning how to feel emotions and how to express emotions, at the same time developing skills leading to confidence and a healthy self-esteem.


My partner, Paul, and I, run weekend and one day retreats at our home. The setting is of natural surroundings with birdsong, pond, babbling brook, tree ferns and bush. Paul and I work in different ways to support you to clarify your life and let go of blockages. There will be meditation, Guided Insights and Journeywork. For more information, click here


Please check the website for the next dates for weekend and one day retreats.


We live in Mangaroa Valley, near Wellington. I can have an individual appointment with you via Skype. We do airport pickups for the weekend retreats.




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