July 25th, 2012 by Annette Burrell from Emotional Therapy

Do you think that feelings are a waste of time? Do you think that they are a nuisance? Trouble is, they run our lives. We can’t get away from them. They are there even when we think we have them under control. They arise at unexpected and odd times. They won’t stay away and up they pop. They make us react in ways we don’t want to. Anyone grumpy and irritated since the earthquakes? We just want some control of our lives and the basic foundation of life, the earth, has shifted and shaken us. How does having no control really make you feel?

Emotions make our decisions. Research has shown that the part of the brain responsible for feeling emotions lights up first in any decision making situation -then we rationalize and come up with the reasons for the decision. Interesting! More reason to respect our emotions and clear out the old stuck ones.

Fear can stop us from speaking up and saying what we really think. Fear stops us from trying a new activity. Fear creates that tight knot in our stomach and we think “I can’t”. Fear stops us from being confident. Fear and other negative emotions get in the way of us being our best.

Emotions that are not released, are stored in our bodies and they arise when triggered, or someone pushes our buttons. They block and limit our real selves from shining and reduce our potential for growth and development – whatever age we are.

Maybe we need to think differently about feelings. Try allowing yourself to feel, really feel. Try relaxing into the feeling. You might be surprised at the result. You might find other feelings underneath – allow these also.

Honour yourself by understanding that the feelings you have are valid and real. Allow yourself to really feel them. Magic can happen then – when you really bring your awareness to the feeling itself, and relax into it, you will find that it disperses naturally.

To be strong and adaptable and resilient are useful qualities. Being patient and kind are also valuable. These go out the window when we are stressed and tired. So, how to build resilience and grow? Allow yourself to feel. Give yourself some time on your own, rather then being busy in order to avoid what you need to face. Be kind to yourself. Accept your feelings – understand and love yourself. Talk about your feelings honestly (without making them into a story or blaming), draw them, write about them, sing them, move your body to them. Give yourself a gift – a walk in the park, a thing of beauty, a massage, music, time for you. Live in awareness of what is here right now.



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