Energy Therapist

Energy kinesiology tests and resets the energy meridians that run through your body. When these are balanced many forms of "disease" are eased back towards "normality". The combination of energy (or vibrational) work plus massage encourages the bodies natural healing abilities to function more quickly. The gentle stress release technique takes 10 to 15 minutes and rebalances stressed bodies and emotions.

Business Description

From my relaxed, country home based healing room near Rolleston, I offer the following:
Energy Kinesiology (testing and resetting energy meridians)
Stress Release (10min powerful release of body stresses, which leaves you feeling relaxed and focused)
Massage and Reflexology (massage for whole body and/or feet)
Spiritual counselling (an understanding of why things happen)
Animal Communication (speak with your animals to answer your questions)
Languages of Love (understanding these can help your relationships, with children, adults and partners)




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Address 156 Two Chain Road
Christchurch 7677
Phone03 347 1047
Mobile022 045 9511

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