Evolution NLP Coaching believes that when we commit to our own growth we can literally change the world. In enabling our fullest potential we raise our consciousness and collectively transform our own lives, the lives of our family, our community, workplace, environment and ultimately the world.

Business Description

NLP Coaching and Healing Energy

Coaching the unconscious mind for life change.
• Do you know you are capable of much more?
• Do you appear outwardly successful and inwardly doubt yourself?
• Does fear hold you back?
• Do you have invisible barriers preventing you from achieving your potential?
• Do you get anxious or nervous or experience unwanted emotions at crucial times?
• Are you stressed or trying to achieve too much?
• Do your beliefs limit you or empower you?
• Do you want an extra edge in life?

You can be the person you want to be!

What will you achieve when you overcome your fears and totally believe in yourself?
• Powerful Confidence
• Motivation
• Success
• Enriched Relationships
• Focus
• Results
• Clarity

Healing Energy – Evolve your Body

Energy healing is the science and the art of optimizing your energies to help your mind and body function at their best.
• Feel Energized and Empowered
• Revitalise, Refresh, Recharge and Rebalance your mind and body
• Optimize your bodies innate ability to Heal itself and stay healthy
• Renew stamina in a tired body
• Reduce and Effectively manage stress and anxiety
• Gain a new outlook on life – put a spring in your step
• Mobilise Inner forces that enhance your health
• Free yourself of many ailments
• Shift un-useful or harmful energy patterns that have grown out of 21st century living
• Work with the more subtle energies that give your body life and form the foundation of your health.

Your body contains a complex array of flowing energies powered by an intelligence that exceeds the understanding of your conscious mind. Invisible energies shape the way you feel, the way you think and the way you live. These subtle energies dwell within you and are around you and are the key to energy healing. When these energies are flowing well you feel alive, vibrant and full of the joys of life.

When stressed, either by work, emotions or in response to modern day toxins in the environment blocks may be created in the bodies energy field. Sustained blocks can create imbalances in health, affecting our vitality and wellbeing. It is beneficial to treat imbalance’s in the energy field before they progress into a symptom that is far more difficult to reverse.

In every culture and every medical tradition before ours healing was accomplished by moving energy. The Ancients knew what modern science now considers leading edge. The science of quantum physics explores the smallest particles of matter and how matter appears to be governed by intelligent organizing energy fields in us, surrounding us and connecting us.

Using specific techniques the human energy field can be enhanced, recharged and cleared to promote greater health and wellbeing. Charging your energy field, improves your health and wellbeing; uplifts the energies of those around you and in turn has a flow on effect for the entire planet.

Energy is all there is – Einstein




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