E[xcel] … to surpass, exceed, transcend

Think of your mind as a computer, in fact a v-e-r-y powerful computer - infinitely more powerful than the largest super computer made by man. Just as your laptop or desk computer runs programs to perform tasks - so does your mind. Programs that have been part of you since you first saw the light of day. Some that have served you but have outlived their usefulness - some that have actually held you back - and some that are helping you get to where you want to go today. What if you could harness the true power of your mind by doing a 'clean up and defrag' of that very powerful computer between your ears? You want to make changes in your life and you want to make them quickly - that's where we come in - to guide and empower your subconscious mind to bring these changes in to being.

Business Description

We use Hypnotherapy to motivate clients to:
– Eliminate negative or unwanted habits
– Facilitate the learning process
– Improve memory and concentration
– Develop self confidence
– Eliminate stage fright
– Improve athletic ability
– Reduce and manage stress
– Overcome call reluctance for sales people
– Focus on positive thoughts and desired outcomes

In general, we help people cope with the normal problems of everyday living by utilising various techniques of hypnotherapy and progressive relaxation.




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Address Victoria Street
Christchurch 8144
Phone029 200 7821

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