Question & Answers

All frequently asked questions are shown below. If you have a new question, please contact us. We will periodically update the page to reflect new questions.

What are the Aims of the Directory?

  • To develop a community of natural health practitioners and provide relevant services to assist those businesses in their success.
  • To encourage individuals to undertake natural healing and personal development by providing up to date and easy to access information.

What services do you provide?

We provide an ever expanding range of services which currently include the following:

  • Extensive listing of Practitioners
  • Powerful search facilities (by Modality, Speciality and/or Location)
  • Modality and Speciality Descriptions
  • Workshop and Group session listings
  • Event listings
  • Regular Newsletter
  • Blog
  • Notice Board for Practitioners
  • Access to Articles and Book Reviews
  • Free Practitioner listings for now and forever
  • Networking Group for Practitioners

How are you different from other online directories?

There are a few factors that distinguish us from other directories:

  • Our aim is to develop a community and to increase awareness of natural health.
  • We are based locally. Our initial focus has been on Christchurch and we will be expanding to the remainder of the South Island.
  • It is free for Practitioners to list their business now and forever. We want to encourage as many practitioners as possible to list so that the public are able to make informed choices about their natural health.
  • All Practitioners are given equal exposure. Site users are not influenced by enhancement features based on how much a Practitioner is prepared to pay.

Do you check qualifications?

No. It is my belief that qualifications are not always an accurate indicator of the ability and skills of an individual. Therefore, I encourage Practitioners to include all the Modalities they use whether they are qualified or not. This gives potential clients a clearer view of what the Practitioner can provide.

I appreciate that in some cases qualifications are essential and, therefore, I encourage Practitioners to include their qualifications in their Business Description.

How can you provide this service for free?

I am passionate about natural health and this directory was something I was guided to create. The core functions of the Directory do not generate any income, and I view this as my gift to the community.

We have chosen some people to partner with to give you easy access to their products and/or services. If you like these people as much as we do and choose to purchase any of their offerings, then we will invest any funds we receive from them back into this website.

How do I list my business?

Fill in the online form with as little or as much information as you choose.

If your question is not answered here, please contact us.