For Practitioners

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The power of this website is in having as many practitioners listed as possible so that clients can make informed choices. We have provided powerful search facilities that allow clients to find the practitioner most suited to them. Initially, our focus will be on practitioners and potential clients in Christchurch with expansion to the remainder of the South Island based on demand. If you are based outside of Christchurch, please list your business now so that we are able to gauge interest from other areas.

List Your Business

Please review the List Your Business form for the content you will be required to enter. Take the time to write a short and compelling blurb (a few lines) and a full description of your business to include with your listing. The blurb is the first impression that people will have of you and what it is that you can do for the client. Remember to focus on “what’s in it for them” or the benefits that the reader will get from having you as their practitioner. Our suggestion is to type your blurb and description into a wordprocessor (eg. Microsoft Word) and then copy and paste into the Directory Listing when you are ready. There is a facility to add a logo or photo to your listing. The photo will need to be in jpg or gif format with a maximum size of 256KB.

Please read our Terms & Conditions prior to creating your listing. You will be asked to accept these before submitting your listing. If there is a modality or speciality that we have not specified, please contact us to have it added to your listing.

Our aim is to provide a site which is useful to you as a practitioner, as well as to potential clients, so if you have any suggestions or requests for the site, please contact us.

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List Your Event or Workshop

Using the List Your Event or List Your Workshop forms, you can enter event or workshop (or group session) details. Generally, an event will be something covering multiple modalities and/or days. Events do not require you to enter a time or facilitator/tutor. However, you can enter this information into the Event Description if appropriate. Workshops are suitable for listing both workshops and group sessions.

Listings are FREE for both Events and Workshops for South Island Practitioners who are already listed in the Directory. For those not listed in the Directory, there is a charge of $20 + GST per Workshop listing for a period of 30 days and $100 + GST per Event listing for a period of 6 months.

All listings will show on either the Events or Workshops page in date order. They will be linked to the Business Name and will also show under the appropriate heading towards the bottom of the Business Listing.

Events and Workshops will be published in the Newsletter which is currently going out to over 400 subscribers.

Please read our Terms & Conditions prior to listing your Event or Workshop. You will be asked to accept these before submitting your listing.

Articles & Book Reviews

For those of you who like to share new concepts and ideas and indirectly promote your business at the same time, please start to think about possible articles or book reviews to submit for the newsletter. Articles should be informative and have a definite benefit for the reader. The articles and book reviews will be linked to the Business Name and will allow you to indirectly market your business in this way.

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Notice Board

The Notice Board is a FREE service for Practitioners to list their business-related classifieds. Items will be removed after 30 days if no expiry date is given.

We look forward to your listing and hope that we are able to assist you in achieving the success you deserve from helping others.