Marketing Magic

5 Easy Steps to a Thriving Business


Transform mundane Marketing into Magic

with your clarity, confidence and creativity


Do these sound familiar?

  • Marketing is a dirty word and even the thought of it stresses me out

  • I don’t have a consistent flow of clients into my business (And I don’t know how to get them)

  • Networking events make me really uncomfortable and I avoid them like the plague

  • There’s so much help I can give people but they don’t seem to understand

  • I don’t know where to start in promoting my business


Imagine if you could …
Create a thriving business by easily and effortlessly attracting clients you love to work with
That’s exactly what I’ll be sharing with you in the “Marketing Magic” Program.


You will discover how to:

  • Be crystal clear about who your ideal clients are and where to find them (Module 1)

  • Talk directly to your ideal clients so that they are compelled to work with you (Module 2)

  • Serve more people by turning sales into a service which feels natural and authentic (Module 3)

  • Magnetise your ideal clients so that they understand clearly what you have to offer and how it’s going to help them (Module 4)

  • Turbo charge your business by increasing your visibility, impact and income (Module 5)

The program will step you through the process so that at the end you are able to convey a powerful and consistent message in all your marketing. You will do the work as you go so that you can jump out of bed each morning with excitement knowing that you are fulfilling your life purpose.

Traditional marketing can be extremely complex and daunting and is best done by a professional Marketing organisation. However, there are fantastic strategies available to help you market yourself in an authentic and congruent way. Increasing your visibility, impact and credibility will allow you to serve more and earn more.


This 3 month Gold program combines:

  • 5 Modules packed with proven strategies and exercises to explode your business in a new and exciting way (90 Minute Live Teleseminars)

  • 5 Accountability Calls to enable you to maintain direction and focus throughout the program (60 Minute Live Teleseminars)

  • 6 months of Hot Seat Calls where you can get feedback on your burning questions or what you are working on at the time (60 Minute Live Calls)

  • Recordings of all teleseminars for review at your leisure

  • Comprehensive workbook which includes exercises, scripts and a summary of key points

  • 5 Laser coaching sessions with Amanda to tailor the information to your unique situation and ensure you get the full benefit from the program (30 Minute Phone Call)

  • Private Facebook group for peer support and sharing with a group of like minded people

You will also get a Bonus Teleseminar which will enable you to connect deeply with the people you interact with and turn them into raving fans.


The program is starting on the 16th October at 6.30am so if you’re ready to step up and join me …
The investment for the Gold Package described above is $797.
If you are not so sure you are ready to turbo charge your business transformation, then the Silver Package may suit you better. With the Silver Package, you get everything in the Gold except the one-on-one coaching sessions that will help you to apply the techniques you learn and accelerate the transformation you desire.
The Silver Program includes the 5 live teleclasses, the 5 accountability calls, the 6 months of Hot Seat Calls, recordings of all the teleseminars, the comprehensive workbook, and the Private Facebook group.
The investment for the Silver Package is $497.


Are you ready to have a thriving business?

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