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FutureGym introduces a simple yet highly-effective ‘easy to practice’ self-help posture and movement correction programme that teaches people of all ages and fitness conditions how to relieve pain and retain strength, mobility and OPTIMAL beauty and performance throughout the aging process.

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Restore OPTIMAL physical condition in a timeframe unmatched by any other programme or service when you practice FutureGym. This is not just a crazy wild-card promise – It’s what we guarantee.

What makes the FutureGym method so highly-effective? It’s neuromusculoskeletal. It addressess the brain, nerves, muscles and skeleton at the exact same time; an essential requirement for ending muscular pain, improving physical appearance, and restoring muscle function and performance.

FutureGym uniquely ignites both alpha and gamma motor-neurons AND promotes visual motor rehearsal which makes your exercise time very efficient indeed.

By conditioning and retraining muscle function during FutureGym’s posture correction process the most attractive muscle tone is achieved. Muscles are conditioned from the inside out whilst held at maximum length, restoring beautiful functional form. No other program operates at this advanced level or delivers as many Practice Benefits.

The FutureGym Method:
• Reaches deep into the centre of all core muscles individually, including the deeper muscles which underlie the larger surface muscles not reached by other programs. This allows individual problem areas and physical misbalances to be directly targeted and improved.
• Reconditions the whole body from head to toe in equal measures of physical dimension, and works in symmetrical precision across sagittal, frontal and transverse planes, addressing all interlocking helical bone, joint, and muscle structures with accurate precision.
• Retrains muscles to evenly support the weight of the skeleton in stationary positions and in motion, repetitively, resulting in smoother acceleration into movement with an increase in movement accuracy and precision.
• Addresses the brain, nerves, muscles and skeleton simultaneously, improving posture and movement behaviour, enhancing physical appearance and promoting visual motor rehearsal allowing results to be retained easily.
• Uses 100% of available energy in the area being conditioned. Results are fast and because the positions are stationary and require no-effort they can be performed by people of all ages and fitness levels with no risk of injury.
• Incorporates accurate pelvic floor engagement with skeletal alignment precision and uses tiny myofascial movements that penetrate deeply to separate the thin fibrosis tissue that covers every organ, muscle and muscle fibre, releasing muscle tension and promoting muscle length and relaxation.
• Incorporates an internal pulsing method that improves circulation and strengthens and conditions the whole body from the inside-out. Motor-relearning is promoted via stimulation of the nervous system, delivering dynamic sustainable improvements to automatic brain, nerve, and muscle signal response activity.
• Integrates all essential elements for reliable pain-relief, posture correction, performance enhancement, and body-sculpture, and presents them in such a way that they are easy to understand and apply with only the simplest knowledge of anatomy.


The technology age has caused significant changes to our posture and movement behaviour and activities that were once meeting our physical requirements are now proving to be less than effective.

Today, no one has the time available to practice all of the necessary disciplines required for restoring optimal physical condition, nor do we have access to effective posture correction, pain relief, and injury prevention systems or training, and this is reflected in our increasing demand for healthcare services and country’s rising healthcare deficit.

Problems continue because no one else can do the work required to us (or for us) and there are good reasons for this.

The only way to restore optimal physical condition and move through pain into a new pain-free zone is by working our body directly ‘as a whole’, conditioning it from the inside outwards and addressing our neuromusculoskeletal motor-relearning requirements as we personally identify they are required. This type of recognition is only possible when we undertake the required diagnosis and improvement activity directly ourselves. This is the main reason why pain continues *60-80% of the time when external products and therapies are used for rehabilitation, and *20-40% of the time following surgery. Traditionally, these methods attempt to fix the problem ‘not the cause’ and fail to correct the false loads that have been placed on the skeleton. (*ACC)

Today ‘more than ever’ we need to learn how to take self-responsibility for our physical well-being.

In the next ten years there will be twice as many people aged 65 years and over to every person under 20 years of age. This means the average workforce age will increase, as will the demand on our healthcare services, and we will witness an epidemic escalation of what we are experiencing today in healthcare shortages if nothing changes.

As a solution, FutureGym introduces a simple yet highly-effective ‘easy to practice’ self-help posture and movement correction programme that teaches people of all ages and fitness conditions how to relieve pain and retain strength, mobility and OPTIMAL beauty and performance throughout the aging process.

Easy to perform and proven effective over 10 years, our formula has exceeded the expectations of more than 5000 people globally and the results have been consistent.

We’re confident you’ll discover the FutureGym programme delivers more benefits than any other single programme alternative, and that you’ll love the visual motor rehearsal element which allows experienced students to retain good physical conditioning simply by thinking about our exercises.

As amazing as this sounds… it’s why we call it FutureGym!

FutureGym will show you ‘your body is your future gym and it has everything you need’.

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