Shyness to Confidence

Sunday 10th June from 10 am - 3pm

Do you hold yourself back in life because of shyness? Come along to this 5hr workshop and, in a safe and supportive environment, gain practical skills you can put to use immediately so you can overcome shyness and raise your confidence.

• Increase your likeability
• Get dates! Talk easily and comfortably to potential partners
• Talk confidently to a group/your boss/women/men
• Grow your business at networking groups
• Get public speaking confidence

Shyness to confidence is a continuum. That means it doesn’t matter where your current levels of shyness-to-confidence are. The skills you will learn in this workshop are applicable by degree. What that means is that no matter if you just want a confidence ‘boost’ to talk to a large audience, or you want to overcome extreme shyness and social phobia – this workshop will help.

You’ll learn;
• How anxiety and fear trap us in a vicious cycle – and how to break the cycle
• How to quiet your negative internal critic
• Practical techniques that you can put to use immediately
• Build your own personal repertoire of techniques that will overcome shyness and build your confidence in any setting

This course is even more unique because it has a ‘real-world’ element in the form of a field trip. We’ll spend the last hour or the workshop at the local shopping mall where you can watch me in real-time demonstrate the techniques taught in the course with members of the public; and have the option of trying things out yourself with me as your personal coach in the moment.

Who should come? (Note: it’s ok to bring a support person or parent if you wish)
• People with social phobias
• Teenagers who struggle to make friends
• Anyone who feels stuck and nervous speaking with others

Cost: $99.00


Alan Fayter

Workshop Location


For more information or bookings:

Contact Alan Fayter on 021 260 5486 or by email on

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Bookings essential: Yes

Registration closing date: 7 June

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