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Margaret is a licensed & Certified Louise Hay Heal Your Life Facilitator and Workshop Leader, who empowers you into release limiting thoughts and behaviours, so you can create self love and healing. Join me for some amazing workshops where we examine simple ways to make your life happy and healthy. Learn how to release negative emotions, improve your health, strengthen your relationships and have more prosperity. You'll be amazed at the transformations that can occur! Explore Louise Hay's simple techniques in a safe, relaxed and fun environment.

Business Description

Would you like to experience a life changing workshop based on the philosophy of Louise Hay?
This is a power event which has been attended by thousands of people, just like you, worldwide
Are you happy with your life or would you like to make some positive changes?
Are you ready to make positive changes in all areas of your life?
Give yourself the gift of a life changing experience..
Understand your family dynamics and barriers to Love.
Learn to bring affirmations into your heart and not just in your mind, and bring about positive changes.
Learn to love yourself and others more fully.
Improve your health, relationships, prosperity, and bring more peace into your life.
Work with body, mind, emotions and spirit to transform your life.
Release negative emotions blocking you from living joyfully and creatively.
Discover your own personal power, strength and inner wisdom and learn the skills to make dramatic changes in your life.
You can achieve your dreams!
Imagine the life you dream of, you can achieve your dreams.
Meet new like-minded friends
Have lots of fun and nurture your inner child
Do you wish your life was different? Have you heard of Louise Hay and would love to know more about her simple methods for changing your life?




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Address 37 Clare Rd
Christchurch 8014
Phone027 225 3273
Mobile027 225 3273

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