Healthy Dogs

April 13th, 2011 by Tony Glentworth from ZeroToxic NZ

Pets and Chemicals

Removing grocery store brand cleaning and personal care products from our homes is probably the easiest thing we can do to prolong the health of our pets. Animals are more exposed to toxic chemical vapors which tend to accumulate on the ground. A study found higher levels of chemicals in dogs and cats than in humans. Pets are unable to avoid chemicals on the ground where dust, dirt and pesticides concentrate. It is up to their human companions to make healthy choices for them.

Healthy Dogs

The Melaleuca Wellness Guide lists fifty ailments that affect dogs. The remedies are recommended by veterinarians and pet lovers. Dogs appear to do quite well when treated with Sol-U-Mel, Renew Bath Oil, and diluted T36-C5. CAUTION: T36-C5 Melaleuca oil needs to be diluted with a carrier oil like coconut, Jojoba, or olive oil. There is an increased risk of an adverse reaction the stronger the dilution, the longer it is used, and the larger the area covered (even more so if your dog is light haired or gray). It is better to use a weaker dilution initially over the affected area and only use for the duration of the first aid application as stated.

Antiseptic Wash

T36-C5 Melaleuca Oil is a natural antiseptic for your dog. Bathe wounds, bites, and scratches with an antiseptic wash made by adding 2-3 drops of T36-C5 mixed with 3 drops of carrier oil, added to a bowl of warm water, agitate the water well to mix and apply with cotton ball. Bathe the area twice a day to help stop infection.


Painful inflammation of the joints usually causes a dog to limp on one or more paws. Replenex glucosamine is formulated to work in both humans and animals to assist in the recovery of movement and pain free exercise.


Bathing your dog could not be simpler with ProCare Professional Pet Shampoo. All you need is a teaspoon of the product and shampoo away! Rinse well and your dog’s coat will remain in very good condition. Melaleuca Original Shampoo also has Melaleuca oil which discourages pests, and is an excellent solution if you don’t have ProCare shampoo on hand.

Coat Conditioner

In between bathing your dog, keep its coat healthy and pest free by mixing 3-5 drops of T36-C5 in 1 ½ cups of carrier oil. Jojoba oil may be a little more expensive but it really does make a difference to the coat. Store this mixture in a dark glass bottle, in a cool place. Sprinkle a few drops all over the coat, especially around the neck area and comb through the fur.


In many areas spring is the start of flea season. If your dog is prone to pick up fleas, the best thing you can do is keep the fur well groomed and bathed every week with the following mixture: For every 2 teaspoons of Melaleuca Original Shampoo add 1 teaspoon Jojoba oil. Mix well. Shampoo your dog, avoiding the eyes, and rinse well. Apply coat conditioner (previous tip) between washes. As a flea repellant add some Brewer’s yeast to your dog’s food. Some pet owners swear by it.


We give our pets love and affection. Pets give back more than we realize. A study published in a psychology journal showed that those who had pet dogs tended to have better health than the average person. Here’s to good health!

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