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I have 20 years experience in the healing field. I enjoy helping people resolve their issues and to move forward in their lives. Healing cover a range of modalities: Health kinesiolog­y, soul power, touch for health, N.L­.P, spiritual healing, oracle card readings, house clearings. Areas serviced: Christchurch, House clearing can be done in surrounding areas,. Absent healing can be done for anyone world wide. Availability: Monday to Friday 9 to 5 and evening are available on request and Saturday mornings can be requested if necessary.

Business Description


This introduces you to your spirit guide/s and guardian angel and you learn what role they play in your life.

This also includes a future oracle tarot card reading.


This makes your house feel calm,relaxed and a great place to live in.It clears away energy left by previous owners / renters, any lost spirits and resolves geopathic stress issues.


In your session I use a wide range of modalities I have studied. Muscle testing guides me as to what technique to use to create a smooth effective tailor made healing to resolve your issues and move ahead in life.

During the session you may need to go back to some point back in your past that needs healing or a past life or the session may be in the here and now. Many tools are used: For example: magnets, a range of tuning forks, crystals, colour, holding accua-pressure points, essential oils, vibrational essence kits may be used in the session.

These sessions have been shown to help with most illness, emotional and mental issues and spiritual concerns.

• back ache or injury
• Head aches
• Migraines
• Insomnia
• Asthma
• Digestive issues
• Disturbed reactions & intolerances to food and environmental substances
• Sinus issues
• Pain
• Cancer
• Tiredness
• Vertigo
• Poor concentration
• Poor memory
• Phobias/fears
• Relationship breakups
• Lack of self esteem & confidence
• Learning difficulties
• Improving sports performance
• Achieving goals
• Achieving better results and school / university/work
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Anger issues
• Fear of failure / success

and much, much more!

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Address 27 Broken Run
Christchurch 8025
Phone03 942 1435

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