House of Sound and Healing

Eva Mason is highly trained in many techniques for natural healing. They include Holistic Pulsing, Energy Healing, Environmental Clearing and Sound Healing. Her work encompasses these techniques and others and transcends them. Out of her vast experience in the healing arts and her highly developed intuitive faculties, she has evolved unique and powerful ways to gear healing to an individual's needs and goals.

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Holistic Pulsing
Tuning into a client’s own body rhythms, the healer applies gentle rocking motions to the clothed body, to bring about deep relaxation and unify the body’s tissues, organs and energy systems for overall balance and harmony.

Energy Healing
Working with the energy fields that surround and permeate living systems, the healer uses refined senses to see where stagnant energy needs clearing, blockages need releasing and the energetic profile or the person needs unifying. She then carries out the work without touching the physical body.

Energetic House and Property Clearing
Transform the energy of your environment and thrive. Clear negative emotions, geopathic stress, electromagnetic smog and other unhelpful energies. Welcome in new transformative energy to promote a life of fulfillment, harmony and prosperity.

Sound Healing
For thousands of years, in every culture in the world, sound has been used to heal the body and uplift the spirit. Resonant notes can set the body’s cells and molecules vibrating with profound healing effects. Toning the sound of the gong and drumming can dispel negative emotions and even re-arrange the body’s molecular structures for powerful healing.




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Phone03 329 9727

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