How I Came To Be Writing A Blog About Natural Health

Monday, November 1, 2010 by Amanda

My role models growing up weren’t exactly conducive to a healthy lifestyle. My fathers’ favourite meal, when he was on his own, was steak and chips followed by sultana pasties. My mum was very focussed on doing the best for her children and this involved providing whatever treats she could on a low income. As finances improved so did the treats and they were nearly always edible.

At primary school, being a little overweight, I was always chosen last for team sports and this did nothing for my confidence. Swimming was my only real saviour and because I already knew I wasn’t any good at sports, I was only ever average at swimming.

Roll on boarding school where the nutritional value of the food was questionable – not that I even knew to question it. Our most frequent discussions were on what delectables we would buy when our afternoon out came about. Mine were often savoury – potato fritters slathered in salt – followed by something sweet such as a spoon or 10 of raro or jelly crystals.

University just added alcohol to the mix and had me strolling across the road to the dairy the next morning for a pie and coke for breakfast. In my third year, in an attempt to lose weight, I very religiously went to the gym 5 mornings a week and put on weight!

I had an active social life and when I started working I even managed to introduce a social club at work. This meant drinks (cask wine) on a Friday afternoon at our meeting and then being allowed to leave work early to go to the pub if we bought our boss a jug (beer) at happy half prices.

In my mid twenties, I lost 20 kgs eating a vegetarian diet and not drinking for 8 months. If the program ever focussed on the health benefits of eating well, and it probably did, I didn’t hear this. It was all about weight for me until after I had our first daughter at 35. Then I started to discover that getting up off the floor wasn’t always easy.

I suddenly had a very powerful reason to become healthy – one, so that I could do everything I wanted to with my daughter and two, so that I didn’t pass my bad habits on to her. However, I had a lifetime of habits to break and progress was slow.

I started to see a remedial massage therapist come kinesiologist and she helped with some of my physical issues and the occasional emotional one. A chiropractor was next on my list when I put my back out getting my daughter into the carseat one day when she was about 1. When I became pregnant with our second daughter, I saw an osteopath regularly as a preventative measure. I also starting seeing a kinesiologist and later added tapping (EFT) to the mix. The more I tapped, the less I seemed to need the others, and as I peeled back the layers of my past conditioning, I became more and more committed to natural health care. Helped along by several visits to the doctor, only to be told “just keep an eye on it” or “try this”. My confidence in my past choices wavered and I had a great alternative waiting.

When my youngest daughter was about to start at a Montessori preschool, I started to think about how to best spend the few extra hours I might find myself with. After throwing around a few ideas that always seemed to come up with strong resistance in at least one area, a friend introduced me to a guided meditation on discovering your ideal product or service. During the process, I discovered that a directory listing of practitioners was the next step to fulfilling my life purpose. Once I decided to go with this insight, I realised that the other ideas I had were limiting for me in one way or another and hence the resistance.

Three months later, I was able to launch this website to the public with 100 practitioners already listed. Everything just seemed to fall into place. During the process of creating it, I made the commitment to myself to use solely natural health care for myself and my family. With the help of a naturopath friend, replaced the pamol and vicks with natural products and I haven’t looked back.

So there is my short, or not so short, version of how I became passionate about natural health and have started to implement this in my life. This blog will continue to detail the journey I take, and realisations I have along the way, in a way in which I hope you will find informative and easy to read. My next blog will start to explore my weight issues and what I plan to do about them. I will also intersperse this with other topics which I hope you will find interesting.

I would love to hear your stories on how you first got introduced to natural health or where you are on your journey.

2 Responses to “How I Came To Be Writing A Blog About Natural Health”

  1. Nick says:

    Like a lot of people, I found cynicism the best reaction to “natural” remedies. But for whatever reason (well, I was getting too many aches and stiff joints for my liking) I got interested in alternatives to pharameuctical and prescribed remedies.
    Somehow, magnets got mentioend by someone, and I quickly discovered that many of the marketers of these products were prone to exaggeration and actually knoew very little about the topic – aside from how to make a lot of money.
    I read a lot, spoke to a lot of people – and made myself a magnetic underlay, more in hope than belief.
    6 weeks later, my wife questioned my ability to bend down and tie up my shoelaces. 3 months later, my doctor halved my blood pressure medication. Somehow, something worked.
    Magnetic therapy is natural, it’s safe and it doesn’t interfere with other treatments. And if you buy the right product, it works out very good value over a long period.

  2. Amanda says:

    Lovely story. It’s a shame that anecdotal evidence is not more widely accepted as there are thousands of stories like yours about all sorts of natural remedies. There are some people now conducting research that holds up scientifically and it’s great to see. In general, it costs more to produce natural products and, therefore, the companies providing them are not making the same profits that pharmaceuticals are. Hence, limited funding for conducting research. I take my hat off to the people who are championing the natural products for us.

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