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How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy!

February 11th, 2013 by Elly McGuinness from Natural Balance Health and Fitness


Paul Chek

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Paul Chek is a hugely respected ‘guru’ of the health and fitness industry who has spent many years dedicated to helping others achieve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health; fitness; and high-end athletic performance. ‘How to eat, move and be healthy’ enables you to create a customised plan of action to achieve and maintain your optimal level of health and performance.

As a health and fitness professional who is committed to helping people to live the most balanced lives they can, in the most natural way possible, I have used this book like a ‘bible’ over the past few years of my life in fitness. I cannot recommend it enough and encourage all of my clients to follow the holistic principles outlined in this book.

‘How to eat, move and be healthy’ first takes the reader through some comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle questionnaires to help determine what areas of their health require the most urgent attention. Guidelines are then provided to assist the reader to create a personalised eating plan, and at this point many of the scary truths about what we are putting into our mouths are highlighted. After reading this section I believe the majority of people would seriously reconsider their routine of highly processed cereal, toast, and milky coffee each morning!

Chek then moves on to helping you build a personalised exercise programme that fits your needs. Exercise progressions allow you to work at the correct level to achieve results, there are exercise solutions for those days when you feel like absolute ‘rubbish’ and the exercises can be done with little or no equipment.

The final section of the book helps you to fine tune a healthier lifestyle to fit your routine. If you don’t think that your sleep patterns, stress levels or digestive system have anything to do with why you feel awful or can’t burn body fat, then this part of the book is essential for you. By this point readers should feel inspired to overcome unwanted symptoms such as acne, acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, headaches and joint pain by eating the right foods and taking care of themselves. The real life case studies and famous quotes throughout the book inspire action – if you are ready to lose weight, overcome a health challenge, or just live an optimally healthy lifestyle, then order this book today!



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