This organisation is based on the strong evidence provided by the science of positive psychology, that we are all able to increase and sustain a higher level of emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing. A team of academic and professional consultants is available to support you individually and organisationally to provide presentations, course programmes and workshops that use and apply this science to encourage flourishing lives.

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Alison Ogier-Price
Senior Consultant
MSc Psych,Crt.Ad.T,MNZAPP

I specialise in the application of the principles of the science of positive psychology to organisational well-being, and professional and personal development. As a corporate project manager, business analyst and training consultant for more than 15 years, I gained extensive experience in supporting the management, development, training and implementation of business and information technology solutions, and developed a deep understanding of the stresses and pressures of personal and work environments on wellbeing and life satisfaction. I continue to apply this knowledge, and my ongoing academic research and studies into wellbeing, to the education, empowerment and optimisation of human functioning and experience.

My qualifications include Master of Science Psychology, B.A. Honours Psychology, B.Commerce Psychology, and Certificate in Adult Teaching. I am a founding member and editor of the New Zealand Association of Positive Psychology. I am frequently engaged to speak on applied positive psychology at national counselling and psychology conferences, as well as organisational seminars, and I continue actively to develop programmes of wellbeing based on the latest research for the good of sustaining positive psychological health.

Positive Psychology in Practice

Positive psychology is a field of research that has grown out of the idea that psychology should not just focus on what is wrong with our lives and how to fix it, but also on what is right and how to increase it, in effect, a science of happiness, wellbeing and resilience.

Training courses that incorporate this science are available through presentations, workshops and programmes, and can be customiesd and applied to any personal or organisational environment.

Current courses include:
• The Science of Happiness (6 week evening workshop OR 2 Saturday workshop)
• Stress Management for Life (1 day)
• Coaching Skills for Innovative Leaders (2 day)

Please see our website for more information on these courses.




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