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As an Intuitive Healing Practitioner of over 12 years experience, I have learned that in order for there to be complete Healing and Freedom we need to Cleanse the Soul, Release the Past and Heal the Present. Wholeness includes complete healing at the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual or Soul Level, hence the Mind Body Spirit aspect of Insight Healing intuitively guides you to uncover any blocks or resistances in all these areas. Your soul loves you and wants you to be free and will easily and beautifully guide your own insight and inner tuition to clear these completely.

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Insight Healing gives you Crystal Clear Clarity of the way forward in Peace and Harmony. Accessing the deepest blocks and resistance that keep us from this Freedom and Joy is the innate ability of every single one of us. It is our Birth right ! Insight Healing facilitates this ability and allows you to completely clear all that is unseen easily and quickly and move on in full physical and emotional wellbeing, living the life you have always wanted Joyously !

Trained as an Accredited Journey Practitioner with Brandon Bays, an NLP Practitioner with Richard Bolstad and Past Life Regression Practitioner with Dolores Cannon and a Reiki Master Teacher, you have access to designing a healing process using these modalities to suit your individual needs.

In order for there to be complete healing we need to Join the Dots of our lives and gain a deeper understanding of who we really are and why we are here; our Life’s Purpose. Insight Healing teaches you to access your own insight or intuition to uncover what is blocking or resisting you from living as a full expresssion of your Life’s Purpose.

In order to fully understand what needs clearing we need to look at the whole picture of our DNA. Understanding what we have brought with us to heal this time round and gain Insight into why we are the way we are and even why events have happened in our lives, allows us to truly open to the HOW of letting anything that is not for our highest and best go and moving on in complete Freedom and Joy !!

The good news is Healing at the deepest level does not require ongoing treatments and processing ! One or at the most two processes is all that is required and you will gain some tools you can take with you on your continuing Journey to enlightened awareness.

Insight Healing is a fun and easy process that will allow you to heal old cell memories and baggage which has held you back for years ! It facilitates healing on all levels of beingness and awakens you to experience crystal clear clarity of the way forward.

During the process I am intuitively guided to use whatever modality best suits the outcome you most want from this Healing and tuning into your Intuition the session is uniquely and individually tailored just for you. I have healing testimonies of people healed of cancers, bone deformities, Crohns, Migraines and many other maladies and all have gained emotional Freedom as well !

Call me and find out how this would best work for you and set yourself free from any physical or emotional blocks that are holding you back.




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