Intune Massage and Feldenkrais®

At INTUNE you will find qualified and experienced practitioners. See us for Sports, Deep Tissue, or Relaxation Massage. Feldenkrais® sessions address postural habits and muscular skeletal related conditions.

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Improve your health and well-being at INTUNE. At INTUNE you will find qualified and experienced practitioners you can fully trust. See us for a tailored Sports, Deep Tissue, or Relaxation Massage. Consider our popular Feldenkrais® sessions to address postural habits to improve ease of movement, sports performance, and overall well-being using a neuromuscular approach.

The INTUNE Studio is located in a tranquil setting and invites you to relax as soon as you turn onto our driveway. All ages are welcome: our youngest client is just three months young, and also our senior clients are regularly amazed how much they can improve daily activities with a little bit of our help.

Phone, email, or text inquiry essential prior booking. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Kat and Steve.




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Address 205 Musselburgh Rise
Andersons Bay
Dunedin 9013
Phone03 742 1232
Mobile022 645 1024

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