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Living Feminine Essence is inspired by the potential for every woman to connect deeply to herself, to her heart, body and soul; to her creative expression, journeying passionately and tenderly through her biggest relationship - the one to herself - into a new place of openness and authentic relating. I extend the invitation to travel through & beyond the layers of personal self, unveiling the essence of who you are. Letting go of concepts of what it is to be woman and feminine, discover a profound well of life that is deeply nourishing and truly creative. Learn to engage life from a new place; one that is open, heart-centred and free. Discover the inner power and stability to fully BE yourself, to love, to create, to truly communicate and live the radiant essence you are, in your unique way.

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Heart Sessions – Heart sessions open the space for you to connect to the core of the heart. They facilitate greater openness, presence and love. Through gentle guidance into self exploration and The Form – Reality Practice, you begin to uncover the mystery of Feminine essence – passion, power, tenderness and connection.

Evolutionary meditative practice, The Form – Reality Practice expands your consciousness beyond the ‘norms’, beyond concepts of yourself and life. Being held in an open, nourishing space gives you the opportunity to dive deep, discovering the core of your heart. From that pure deep space new possibilities arise naturally into your life and relationships. You reignite the spirit of life within you.

Soul Retreats – Soul retreats offer the opportunity to deeply explore the true nature of yourself as Feminine – who ‘She’ is in her unique body, mind and heart as YOU. – and beyond… Open up to your infinite creative potential and capacity for deep loving. Move beyond concepts of love into free flow, allowing your inner radiance to dance. All Soul Retreats incorporate teaching of The Form – Reality Practice.




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