Make Your Heart Sing

Want more from life? Holistic life coaching works with your mind, body and soul to transform the way you approach and think about your life, relationships and work. Through a gentle process of renewing your mind and connecting with your heart, new insights emerge that enable you to bridge the gap between how your life is right now and how you’d love your life to be.

Business Description

Explore your inner space and find joy!

Holistic life coaching is designed to empower you to transform yourself – and your life – through awareness and self-knowledge.

People often hesitate to look inside themselves in case they find something disagreeable. We search for love, joy, peace, abundance and fulfilment outside of ourselves, not realizing that all of that and more is already within us just waiting to bubble forth! All the answers are within you, and your truth and wisdom emerge as you explore your inner space. I will inspire, guide, support and gently challenge you on your amazing and exciting journey of self-discovery as you enter your centre and connect with the beautiful truth of who you are at your heart.

My passion is inspiring people to awaken to their own authenticity and personal power. I specialise in coaching people to transform their energy and create a firm foundation for a magical filled-full life. I am a fully-trained professional life coach with a diploma of Holistic Life Coaching. Please see my website for more information about me and my training.

A safe, supportive space is provided for you to explore your options, gain clarity, find new perspectives, increase your vitality, feel good about yourself, be inspired, calm your mind and grow a happy heart.




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Address St Albans
Christchurch 8052
Phone03 355 2297
Mobile027 241 9237

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