Michelle Coles

Michelle has many years experience working with Trauma, Grief & Loss, Relationship Breakdowns & General Counselling with both adults & children. Having educated and supported over 100 families in the grief & loss process, Michelle is effective in providing empathy, clarity & understanding to the situation. Creativity, fun & a sense of adventure are integrated with Michelle's enthusiasm and passion for our individual potential.

Business Description

I am a Holistic Counsellor and Mind Body Medicine Practitioner. I work with Australian Wildflower Essences from the Living Essences range. My area of interest and experience is working with Trauma and Grief. I find the combination of counselling with flower essences very effective in healing emotional trauma.

My aim is to provide a comfortable environment where the client feels supported, listened to and understood in a confidential setting. This setting provides a strong foundation for healing the past, and exploring new perspectives and possibilities for a brighter future.

Underpinning my philosophy to counselling is that I believe every client inherently possesses a storehouse of inner wisdom and knowledge, and my role is to facilitate access to this.

Flower essences are not an essential ingredient in this process, however over 90% of my clients recognise how valuable they are in developing a wiser perspective, remaining motivated and staying positive on their healing journey.

The Holistic approach I take aims to incorporate all aspects of a client’s life to enhance the progress of the healing journey. Clients are helped to make favourable changes where necessary, to their diet, physical activity and home and work environments.




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Address Health & Awareness Centre
186 Bealey Ave
Christchurch 8011
Phone022 158 8948
Mobile022 158 8948

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